Michael Christian Amar (Murmur)

MurmurIn the last episode of Arrow we didn’t meet any new character, but someone popped out in the promo for the next one. In the trailer for The Offer, at a certain point you can spot a creepy guy with his mouth sewn and shut, the same guy that in the next scene is seen shooting with a heavy machingun from a truck. That’s the next episode’s villain, Michael Amar, portrayed by Adrian Glynn McMorran. Amar is better known in the underworld as Murmur (and, looking at his mouth, you can guess why), and will be the next threat Team Arrow will face upon coming back to Starling City after their adventure in Nanda Parbat. Nothing else is known about Murmur, apart that he’ll be trying to fill Brick‘s shoes now that he’s gone. Let’s see together who he is in the comics, in the meanwhile.

Everything was perfect in Michael Christian Amar‘s life: he was a renowned doctor, a well-famed surgeon from Central City; he had a considerable wealth and a remarkable social status, he was respected by friends and colleagues. Then, they came. Suddenly, on an apparently normal day, Michael started being haunting by voices that followed him everywhere, and that urged him to do horrible things. The voices stopped for a single, wonderful moment when Amar, led by desperation, killed his first victim: satisfying murmurcomics1the voices made them disappear…only for a little while, though. Eager to get rid of his “inner hosts”, Amar started a brutal killing spree, abandoning work and social life and going into hiding, preying on his victims like a wild animal. In order not to be caught, he kept moving while killing, and from Central City he ended up in Keystone City. Despite having gone completely mad, Amar retained his intellect and knowledge from when he was a renowned surgeon, and this made him all the more lethal with knives and scalpels, and extremely hard to track down, since he knew how to hide his tracks. Detectives Fred Chyre and Joe Jackman started a real manhunt to stop the serial killer, but to no avail; only when forensic scientist Barry Allen joined them they were able to collect evidence enough to track down the killer and to arrest him. During the trial, another characteristic of Amar’s psychosis emerged: he was simply unable not to boast about the murders he committed, and he compulsively blurted out all the details of his crimes in front of judge, jury and lawyers. With no second thought, Michael Amar was sentenced to the death penalty, and his case closed…maybe a little bit too early.

While in the death row, Amar was diagnosed with a curious blood disease, an abnormality that made him impervious to lethal injection. Since the State was unable to kill him, Amar was sentenced to life imprisonment in Iron Heights prison. While in here, his mental sickness got even worse: since he didn’t want to incriminate himself anymore through his uncontrollable blurting, Amar cut his own tongue out, and then sewed his lips up, making himself totally unable to speak. He then created a brand new identity for himself: Murmur, the silent killer, and even tailored a costume and a thin mask for this new persona. In prison, he met Amunet Black, a supervillainess known as murmurcomics2Blacksmith: with her help, Murmur used the prison lab’s material to create a virus that led guards and prisoners to kill each other. The virus led Iron Heights into a chaos, that soon evolved in a riot: during the uproar, Murmur took his chance, and managed to escape along with Blacksmith and her new Rogues. Murmur himself became part of the team, and along with Weather Wizard, Mirror Master, Magenta, Girder, Plunder and Trickster, he participated to Blacksmith’s plan to take down The Flash once and for all. His task was to isolate Keystone City from the rest of the world, working together with Mirror Master to reprogram the radio stations’ antenna with Master’s powers. Unfortunately, the plan was thwarted by some unexpected guests (Thinker, Goldface and Captain Cold among the others), and the Rogues were defeated: Murmur managed to avoid a second arrest, and fled. Since he didn’t have any particular reason to target The Flash as a nemesis, he kept following his inner voices, and soon arrived in a city where his madness was just the population average: Gotham City. Finally, the doctor had an entire city to practice on, one in which his crimes could go unnoticed for days, since he was just one among tens of psychopaths hunting the honest and law-abiding citizens.

Michael Amar is, simply put, an utterly mad man, a deranged killer who murders his victims in the continuous and desperate effort to make the “voices in his head” stop whispering things to him. Despite his sickness, he’s still a brilliant man, with quite some knowledge on human anathomy and even chemistry; both skills, in his hand, become tools for death. As Murmur, he’s extremely skilled in the use of knives and blades in general, and he possesses scientific skills enough to synthesize viruses (his greatest creation is the frenzy virus, that modifies its victim’s brain chemistry and makes even the most peaceful individual fall under a berserker rage); his blood chemistry is quite unusual, and makes him immune to most poisons and toxins. Murmur is not exactly “evil”, he’s just a sick man who’s trying to cure himself: unfortunately, his “cure” involves chopping people up.



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