OlympiaFirst episode of Powers also meant first case to be solved for the protagonists: in Pilot, the famous corpse the Powers Divison has to deal with doesn’t belong to Retro-Girl as in the comics (in the show, she’s still pretty much alive), but to Olympia, portrayed by Adam Boyer. We learn very little of him during the episode: we know that he was a renowned libertine and womanizer, and that his wife was ok with it; he was killed when his already super-strong heart got a pick up by a new drug, the Sway, just when he was… entertaining himself with teenager Calista Secor. We also know that, despite his youthful appearance, he was 72 years old… and that’s more or less everything we know about him. In the comics as well we learn what we know of him just after his death and, as for everyone else in the show, his story his pretty different. Let’s see together.

Speaking of popularity in The City the first image everyone had in mind was that of Olympia: beautiful, strong, charming, the superhero was among the most beloved and followed in the world, a real celebrity who made his way to the top. Very little is known about his early life: he was a Power, gifted with immense strength and the look of a Greek god (hence the name). He was a new generation superhero, one of the many appearing after Diamond and many of his companions abandoned the public scene. He made his debut as a hero in Denver Airport, where a bunch of terrorists had taken hundreds of hostages: with no regards for his own olympiacomics1life, and showing an impressive heroism, Olympia single-handedly defeated all the terrorists and freed the hostages, getting all the spotlights for himself. After this marvelous debut, Olympia kept his profile high: he became an associate of Retro-Girl, one of the most popular superheroines of all times, and often teamed up with her covering the spot left empty by Diamond’s disappearance. He even became the leader of the Golden Ones, a super group of A-leaguers that even increased his popularity: with the Golden Ones, Olympia got the best super-fights and the most heroic deeds, and in no time his celebrity reached its peek. Olympia was well aware of it, and despite enjoying being among the most popular superheroes ever, he always took care that his secret identity remained secret, and that his private life was never exposed. Olympia, in fact, had a wife (her name, as well as his own, is never revealed), and he obviously wanted to protect her and to keep her away from all the dangers a superhero’s life brought along (especially gossip).

His greatest concern, however, wasn’t exactly his wife’s well-being: Olympia was famous and popular, and he knew how to exploit the situation. Just as a rock star, Olympia started collecting groupies in every city he went to, using his natural charm and his fame to win the heart (mostly the body) of the girls he met. In the seven years he was active, Olympia had sex with hundreds of young girls, and he even built a “love nest” for his meetings with his lovers. All the secrecy he managed to maintain on the situation risked to crumble the moment one of his groupies olympiacomics2published her story in a book, I’m with the Cape, where she told the world she’d been in a relation with Olympia for three years. The hero’s public image risked to suffer from this kind of revelations, especially considering that the press had gone wild and started to investigate on other self-proclaimed paramours. Olympia tried to divert the public attention from the matter with an interview, but the journalist obviously didn’t ask him about anything else but his sexual life, and Olympia eventually left before time… without denying anything, however. This was more than enough for the hero’s wife, who learnt of her husband’s infidelity through the press: she committed suicide after reading the interview, but Olympia never knew about it. When his wife was dying at home, he was in a squalid motel room with one of his groupies. This time, however, something went wrong, and years of superhuman deeds asked for a retribution: his heart just couldn’t keep up with his body, and during the intercourse Olympia had a heart attack, and died. The groupie ran in fear, and the police found the hero’s body naked and without the sign of any trauma. Deena Pilgrim and Christopher Walker found Olympia’s black book with all the names and addresses of his groupies, and started investigating what they believed to be a murder: the scandals Olympia was trying to hide while he was alive, would have been all revealed after his death.

Olympia is, in every sense of the term, a superstar, a man who baths in celebrity and popularity every day of his life. He undoubtedly acts as a hero and shows a great deal of selflessness to the crowds, but he only does what he thinks may rise his popularity. A rich playboy, he has a nearly uncountable collection of groupies, attracted by the promise of “herculean sex” with such a famous superhero. As the leader of the Golden Ones, Olympia possesses an incredible strength and the ability to fly; he’s also invulnerable, at least on the “outside”: not all of his body is superhuman, and his rather normal heart just can’t keep up with all the heroic exploits. Olympia’s life is just as his body: shiny and beautiful on the outside, frail and decaying on the inside…


Susan Lawton

Susan LawtonLast week’s episode of Arrow introduced us to another couple of new characters, although it’s unlikely we’ll see them again. In Suicidal Tendencies, for a change, the flashbacks of the episode are about Deadshot‘s past, and we see him before he became an assassin for hire, as a soldier coming back home with PTSD. It’s during these flashbacks that we meet his (ex) wife, Susie Lawton, portrayed by Erika Walter. In the show, the poor woman tries her best to stay at her husband’s side and to help him deal with his traumatic experience, but she eventually gives up in order to protect their daughter Zoe and asks for a restrictive order towards her estranged husband. In the comics, Susan is actually the name of Deadshot’s first wife, but she’s not Zoe’s mother: there’s another son. Let’s see together.

Little is known about Susan’s early life, not even her maiden name. She met Floyd Lawton before he became a world-known assassin, and she fell in love with him. Eventually the two of them got married, and lived together in Gotham City (not exactly the best place on Earth to start a family). Thanks to Floyd’s family wealth, the newlyweds lived a well-off life, and they even had a butler, Stevens. Soon, Susan got pregnant, and she and Floyd had a beautiful son, Edward: they were happy. Lawton’s scars from his past, however, proved to be too much for him to susanlawtoncomics1handle, and when in the city a vigilante, Batman, started to fight crime on his own, something changed in his mind, and he resolved to become a vigilante himself… just a little bit more lethal. Susan followed with apprehension her husband’s evolution from a violent vigilante to a mercenary and a killer, and after Floyd, who now named himself “Deadshot”, went to jail for the first but surely not the last time, she gave him an ultimatum: either he renounced to this new man he had become and came back home with her and Eddie, or she would have left him without looking back, along with their son. Despite Floyd loved her and Eddie with all his heart, the Pandora’s box he had opened by becoming Deadshot couldn’t be closed again, and he found himself unable to do what his wife was asking him. Sad and heartbroken, Susie decided to protect Eddie by sacrificing her marriage, and she obtained divorce from Floyd; she moved to New York, where she raised Edward on her own.

Despite their divorce, Susan still loved Floyd, and decided not to change her married name, even if she didn’t expect any kind of reconciliation. This, however, proved to be a grave mistake: Deadshot had entered the Suicide Squad, a secret black ops squad working for the government, and he received the task of killing his former associates from a gang. The remaining ones, paid by a mysterious contractor, kidnapped Eddie in order to blackmail Lawton and to force him to complete an old contract (the murder of his very father, George Lawton). Scared, Susan called Floyd asking him for help, but she was disappointed in her expectations: instead of negotiating with the criminals, susanlawtoncomics2Deadshot hunted them down one after the other, murdering them (he even found out that the contractor and mastermind behind all that was his mother, Genevieve Pitt, who wanted to kill her ex husband). When he found Eddie, however, it was too late: the man who had kidnapped the child was a pedophile, Wes Anselm, who had raped and accidentally killed Eddie. Deadshot executed him without a second thought, but the knowledge of her baby’s murderer’s death brought no relief to Susan, who was understandably distraught upon knowing Eddie had been killed. The woman fell into a deep depression, and decided she couldn’t live with the pain of her son’s loss: soon after her last meeting with Floyd, she committed suicide. Floyd proved to be still attached to his first wife, and when his second one, Michelle Torres, had to hide herself, the assassin told her to use an alias, suggesting the name “Susan” for her: in a way or another, he brought the mother of his first son always with him.

Susan Lawton is a perfectly normal woman, maybe a little bit “too normal” for a world such as her husband’s one. She is a loving mother to her son Eddie, and despite she condemns her ex husband Deadshot’s life, she still loves him as well, unable to let go of the feelings she had for him when he was simply Floyd Lawton. Despite her feelings, however, she knows that living with Floyd would have put at risk Eddie’s life, and she decided to sacrifice her wedding for her son’s safety. All in vain…


Detective KutterAnother character directly from Powers: in the first episode Pilot, another detective from the Powers Division is introduced, and he immediately clashes with rookie Deena Pilgrim: it’s Detective Kutter, portrayed by Justice Leak. Kutter is not exactly the nicest guy in the precinct, and he’s not exactly the most popular either; he’s the one who, in the second episode of the series, scolds Pilgrim the most for the results of her inexperience on the field. Kutter is a secondary character in both the tv show and in the comics, but there’s something to say about him nevertheless: let’s see together.

Very little is known about Kutter’s early life, not even his first name. He lived in Chicago, and became a cop. He then studied to become a detective in the Homicide Department, and when a new division, the Powers Division, was opened following a massive battle between superhumans that caused a lot of damage to people and property, Kutter was moved to that one. He served under Captain Cross, and arrived right at the beginning of the division’s activity. His first partner was a newcomer to the Department, a man who detectivekuttercomics1presented himself as Detective Christian Walker. Kutter and Walker didn’t exactly got along, and the first one’s sharp and rude character didn’t match with the second’s usually composure, nor Kutter’s intrusiveness was exactly the perfect companion to Walker’s personal secrecy. Eventually, however, Kutter and Walker managed to work together, and the detective even found out the real identity of his new partner: Walker was the former superhero Diamond, who had lost his powers in his final battle against his nemesis Wolfe due to one of Triphammer‘s inventions, and who had joined police afterwards. What happened exactly between Kutter and Walker at this point has never been clearly revealed, but apparently Kutter couldn’t resist the temptation, and revealed to a few people his partner’s secrets and past. Obviously, Walker didn’t take well this intrusion in his privacy, and asked and obtained to be reassigned. Cross gave Kutter another partner, while Walker preferred to work alone from that point on.

The relationship between Kutter and Walker became obviously edgy, and the latter’s “isolation” only worsened it. When a rookie, Deena Pilgrim, expressly asked to be assigned to Walker, the former hero got a new partner, and Kutter had a new target… unfortunately for him, Pilgrim was just as direct and foul-mouthed as he was, and on their first meeting Deena called his goatee “chin pubes”. Despite his harsh character, Kutter proved more than once to be a good detective, solving some major cases on his own (most remarkably, Red Hawk‘s murder). When, following the actions of a deranged superhero, the government declared all Powers illegal, however, Kutter’s job became even detectivekuttercomics2more difficult, since prohibition only augmented the number of illegal uses of superpowers. Also Kutter’s private life was a mess, since he was collecting annoying girlfriends one after the other. It was during a phone call with one of those (the girl believed he was using his work as an excuse to ignore her) that Kutter was called to a crime scene involving a man named James Claremont, an unregistered Power with unbreakable skin who got killed by an unknown assailant. Kutter ordered the officers and the photographers to look for Powers’ activity nearby, then joined the coroner in the autopsy. Something quite unexpected happened at this point: Claremont woke up in the morgue, confused. While the coroner went into panic, Kutter stayed in control of the situation, and told Claremont he was the detective investigating his “murder”. He then proceeded to question the Power, asking him who he was and why he wasn’t registered: Claremont, angry and confused, casually waved a hand towards him, telling him to shut up. That simple gesture was more than enough to decapitate poor Detective Kutter, who didn’t even realise what had happened until his head touched the floor.

Detective Kutter is, simply and roughly put, a dick. Few people can stand his crude character and his rude behavior, his constantly being a foul-mouthed bastard with anyone in any situation. He is, however, a very competent and skilled detective, intelligent and intuitive, able to manage also complex investigations. He just has an unmatchable talent for saying the most inappropriate things in the worst moments possible.

Dante Ramon

Dante RamonLast episode of The Flash introduced another new character, albeit just a secondary one. In Rogue TimeBarry Allen‘s unexpected time travel caused some major changes in the story as we had seen it the week before, most notably he saved (without even realizing it) Cisco Ramon‘s life by capturing the Weather Wizard and thus letting him go to his brother’s birthday… even if it’s not clear which one of the two experiences Cisco would have preferred. His brother, Dante Ramon, portrayed by Nicholas Gonzalez, is not exactly the world’s best bro, and his parents prefer him to Cisco in everything: he’s a pianist… and not much else, actually. Despite their rivalry, the Ramon siblings’ feelings for each other are further explained when Captain Cold kidnaps Dante to force Cisco to work for him, thus redeeming the “bad” big brother a little. In the comics, Dante is a secondary character as well, but he has a totally different story and personality. Let’s see together.

Born in DetroitMichigan, Dante Ramon was an orphan who lived with his older brother, Armando, and his younger one, Cisco. The three of them spent most of their time on the streets, hanging around and taking care of each other; Armando especially was the one always ready to look after his younger brothers, and the two remaining Ramons looked pretty much up to him. During one of their usual games, however, something unusual happened: a danteramoncomics1warlord from another planet, Darkseid, was attacking Earth with his army of Parademons, and a Boom Tube (some sort of teleportation-tunnel) connecting our planet to Apokolips opened in their neighborhood. Cisco, curious and incautious, approached it for fun, but Armando, foreseeing the danger, pulled him away from it just in time, as a Parademon emerged from the tube and slain him. Dante couldn’t do anything but watch, as his older brother got killed by an alien monster, and his younger one went in and out the boom tube. Apokolips’ invasion was repelled by the combined effort of Superman and other Earth heroes, but the Ramons suffered a great loss nevertheless: not only Armando had been killed, but Cisco himself had been genetically altered by the tube’s radiations, that gave him superhuman powers. Dante and Cisco spoke about the new situation a lot, and when the younger Ramon decided he was alive for a reason, and that he would have honored Armando by using his new powers for doing something good, Dante couldn’t do anything but to support his brother, and to be proud of the man he was becoming. Dante helped Cisco become a hero, and they patrolled the streets of Detroit together, saving people thanks to the boy’s new powers. This life went on for a few years, until Cisco was approached by Dale Gunn, a secret agent from A.R.G.U.S. who told him they had captured the Parademon who had killed Armando.

Cisco killed the Parademon, and then accepted Amanda Waller‘s offer to become a member of the Justice League of America, specifically trained to take out The Flash in case the hero became dangerous. Dante didn’t trust Waller nor A.R.G.U.S., and tried to talk Cisco out of it, but in vain. Eventually, it turned out Dante was right: when Cisco, nicknamed Vibe, refused to kill Gypsy, a superhuman he was supposed to apprehend and who had surrendered already, Waller ordered the Suicide Squad to capture both Gypsy and Cisco, and Deadshot knocked danteramoncomics2Vibe out. Distrusting A.R.G.U.S., Dante was keeping an eye on the situation, and now knew he had to save his little brother, who had been brought to Amanda Waller’s secret prison for superhumans, The Circus. Dante contacted Dale Gunn, and claimed he had six friends ready to send emails to every newspaper in the country to expose A.R.G.U.S.’ dealings with metahumans if he didn’t help him, or if something happened to him. Not wanting to take the risk, Gunn accepted to help him break Vibe out of the Circus, and he gave him a Dog-Soldier armor to enter A.R.G.U.S. unnoticed, then accompanying him to the Circus. When Dante found his brother’s prison, he used an energy gun to destroy the cell, thus freeing Vibe. In the following chaos, however, an A.R.G.U.S. security guard shot Dante in the back, severely wounding him. At the sight of his big brother hurt, Cisco lost control, and unleashed a destructive wave strong enough to bend reality’s tissue (this burst of energy, unbeknownst from the brothers, brought back to Earth Armando, who had survived his encounter with the Parademon, but who had been brainwashed and transformed into the villainous Rupture). Gunn used his nano-nurse to provide first aid to Dante, then he put him back into the Dog-Soldier armor, that would have kept him alive long enough to reach a hospital. Semi-unconscious, Dante left A.R.G.U.S. base wounded yet victorious: he had challenged the world’s most dangerous espionage agency, and had won, saving his little brother’s life.

Dante Ramon is a smart and good-hearted guy, who deeply cares for his brother Cisco, especially after Armando’s “death”. He has no superpowers of sort, but he’s extremely resourceful and clever, enough to fool an agency like A.R.G.U.S. and to free almost by himself his brother from one of the most strictly guarded prisons in the world. With Armando gone, Dante is the older one in the family, and he’ll do anything to protect his little brother… even going against the most powerful and dangerous people in the world.

Emile Cross

Captain CrossIn the meanwhile, Powers has been released, and it’s now running on Play Station Network. Of course, there are some characters to speak about (although not so many: the show is taking a different direction from the comics, and that makes the story enjoyable and surprising also for comics’ readers). In Pilot, we met three characters we didn’t see in trailers or promotional images: let’s start with a human one, Captain Cross, portrayed by Adam Godley. In the show, he’s an old school cop who apparently hates all Powers, and leads his unit following the idea that all superhumans are dangerous… thus clashing at least with a couple of guys in the department. In the comics, his relations with Powers are not so universally negative: let’s see together.

Emile Cross was a hard-nosed cop in Chicago, who entered the Homicide Department sometimes around the ’70s as a detective. That wasn’t exactly a good period for being a policeman, as the city had become crowded with superhumans, called Powers, both heroes and villains. Problem was, that heroes and villains caused massive damage in equal measure during their battles. From the day Cross was promoted to the rank of detective, his job couldn’t be more captaincrosscomics1complicated: with time, more and more cases were connected to the activity of this or that Power, making the police’s work all the more difficult (tracking down a bullet to the shooter was easy, an eye-laser burnt was another thing entirely). Even arresting criminals became extremely complicated due to their unnatural abilities, and policemen were often helped by the “good” Powers to arrest the villains they couldn’t handle on their own. Being things like this, the Homicide Department was expanded, and a new Powers Division was created: this new agents and detectives were specialized in hunting down and arresting criminals with superpowers, and were given their weapons by Triphammer, a superhero and an inventor. Due to his experience and his skills, Cross was promoted captain, and put in charge of the new Division. Obviously, most of the time police needed the help of the superheroes nevertheless, despite their anti-Powers equipment. It was during this kind of team-up that Cross met Diamond, one of the most famous heroes of that time, and the two worked together in taking down some of the “evil” Powers.

Something completely unexpected eventually happened: during a massive battle between nearly all supervillains and superheroes ever, Diamond fought with his life-long nemesis Wolfe, and both of them lost their powers because of one of Triphammer’s inventions, the Drainer. While Wolfe was arrested and locked into an isolation cell for the rest of his life, Diamond disappeared for a while. The only one who knew something from the former hero was Cross himself: the ex-Power in fact helped him with a difficult case Cross was dealing with at the time, a case involving another Power. Working together, Cross realized that his division would have made captaincrosscomics2good use of someone with Diamond’s experience, since despite he had lost his abilities he could still think like a Power, foreseeing their moves and making it easier to arrest them. When the job was done, Cross accepted Diamond’s request of a place as a detective in his unit, and, being indebted to him for his help, he pulled the right strings to have it done. Working with Diamond, who now went by the name Christian Walker, wasn’t exactly easy, and despite owning the captain a big favor the former hero took his time to learn and take orders from Cross, but eventually things started working properly, and the two of them worked together for twenty years. Walker and his new partner, rookie detective Deena Pilgrim, worked on many cases under Cross’ supervision, and the captain even had to fire Walker after he fought with FG-3, a federal team who had killed his lover Zora (he would have hired him again when his replacement got killed in action). Eventually, the Powers Division got shut down, but Cross’ experience and knowledge proved to be vital still, and he was hired by F.B.I., who now managed all the Powers-related cases. For Cross, war wasn’t over yet.

Captain Emile Cross is an intelligent and professional police officer, whose life is dedicated to his Department. Over the years, he gained a lot of experience dealing with Powers, and this makes him quite irreplaceable in the law enforcement. Despite he’s not on the field anymore due to his age, Cross is more than able to run his entire team from behind a desk, thanks to quite a brilliant strategic mind… and some advises from the Powers working for him.

Father Lantom

Father LantomTime for the last character appearing in Daredevil trailer. At a certain point, we see Matt Murdock in a confessional, speaking to a priest, who remarks that some other men’s evil don’t make his actions (or himself) good. That’s Father Lantom, portrayed by Peter McRobbie. Considering the role the protagonist’s faith has in both the comics and the upcoming show, it’s pretty positive that we’ll see him pretty often. This version of Lantom appears to be considerably older than the original one, and his relation with Murdock is something new entirely, since in the comics he’s linked to other characters. Let’s see together.

Very little is known about Father Lantom’s early life, not even his full name. Born in New York City, he felt from a still young age God‘s calling in his life. Belonging to the Catholic Church, he attended seminary, and after a few years he became a priest. Despite being still pretty young, Lantom was assigned to an important church such as St. Patrick’s Cathedral, the sit of New York’s archbishop. Living in a city such as New York wasn’t exactly the regular assignment for a priest, and with so many super-powered heroes and villains around, some of which Catholics, Lantom had the chance to meet and to act as an adviser to some of the most peculiar superhumans around, opening St. Patrick’s doors for them (among the heroes who seldom hanged around the Cathedral, the most fatherlantomcomics1remarkable were probably the blind vigilante Daredevil and the mutant Nightcrawler). The only one Lantom was personally involved with, however, was Tandy Bowen, best known as the superheroine Dagger. Being a Catholic herself, Tandy frequented St. Patrick’s Cathedral and befriended Father Lantom. Dagger even introduced Lantom to her boyfriend and partner in crime fighting, Tyrone Johnson, aka Cloak, whom the priest befriended as well. One night, however, something unexpected happened: apparently, Cloak assaulted Dagger, sending her into a coma. The hero claimed he had been framed, and he sought refuge in St. Patrick’s Cathedral, where Lantom chose to believe him and to hide him for the time being. When Tyrone visited his girlfriend at Saint Vincent Hospital, however, the doctors recognized him as the patient’s assailant, and they called the New Avengers to arrest him. Cloak, wanting to clean his name up and to punish the real attacker, asked for the help of the Runaways, a group of teenager heroes: when they agreed to help him, Cloak used his teleportation powers to bring them all to St. Patrick’s Cathedral, where they met Father Lantom.

Despite some perplexity at the beginning, and a little verbal fight with the newcomers (one of the Runaways, Nico Minoru, even tried to quote the Bible to Lantom, but he took her sentence for a zen motto), Lantom eventually agreed to assist the Runaways as well, and while most of the team went in search of Dagger’s attacker, the priest gave shelter to Cloak and to the youngest among the heroes, Molly Hayes. Lantom also visited Tandy in the hospital, monitoring her progresses and referring to Tyrone, who obviously couldn’t go to her anymore. His presence, fatherlantomcomics2however, didn’t go unnoticed, and one of the hospital workers told Captain America, who was hunting Cloak, that Lantom was the only visitor apart from Tyrone. This information led the Avengers to the Cathedral, where Lantom was confronted by Cap, Iron Man and Wolverine, who now knew he was hiding Cloak somewhere. The priest tried to keep the trio out of the church, but his efforts were in vain; when Wolverine entered the Cathedral, however, the super-strong Molly punched him out of it, telling Cloak to run away. Tyrone, however, was tired of hiding, and surrendered to the Avengers; right in that moment, however, Spider-Woman and Luke Cage got attacked in Dagger’s hospital room by the real culprit, the one who had impersonated Cloak, the same worker that had spied on Lantom and referred his moves to Captain America: Reginald Mantz, a deranged fanboy who had fallen in love with Dagger and who wanted Cloak out of the scene. Both the New Avengers and the Runaways were transported by Cloak to the hospital, leaving Father Lantom alone in the Cathedral. Luckily enough, the heroes managed to defeat and depower Mantz, and soon Cloak & Dagger came back to their regular life: after an adventure such as this one, Lantom understood that his work as a pastor in NY would have been much more complicated than expected.

Father Lantom is a normal man, a priest trying to live his vocation even in such an unusual environment as a superhumans-crowded New York City. Despite proving to be honest and loyal, Lantom also nurtures some prejudices, especially towards teenagers, as he demonstrated while first approaching the Runaways. Despite this, he’s also a man ready to recognize his mistakes, and he “redeemed” himself by protecting and assisting the young heroes the best he could.


BruceIf this week’s episode of The Walking Dead didn’t introduce any new character, the last week’s one actually did. In Spend, we see Abraham Ford working in the construction crew along with some other guys. One of these, when he sees Abraham saving Francine from the walkers despite the protocol, decides to intervene and to cover him by shooting some undead by himself: that’s Bruce, portrayed by Ted Huckabee. As for now, we didn’t see much of him, but he looks like he’s ready to accept the change in leadership in the construction crew after the incident with Francine, as he admires Abraham for what he did. Waiting to see what he’ll do next, let’s see who this newcomer is in the comics.

Similar to many others, nothing is known regarding Bruce’s life prior to the Outbreak, not even his surname: we can only assume he lived nearby Alexandria, or even in the town, but nothing else is certain, not if he had a family nor what kind of job he had. Anyway, when walkers started eating people alive, this kind of things didn’t matter a lot anymore. Bruce went on the run, as everybody else on the planet, and he joined a group of survivors, trying to keep himself and others alive. He spent some months going from a shelter to another, until he met Aaron, a man who invited him to a “safe place”. With nothing to lose, Bruce followed the recruiter and arrived to the Alexandria Safe-Zone, a town protected by a solid wall in which people were trying to get a life after the world’s end. Bruce was allowed to stay by the brucecomics1community’s leader, Douglas Monroe, and he was assigned a job in the construction crew, the group that took care of repairing the Safe-Zone and expanding it depending on the necessities. He worked under the supervision of Tobin, one of the first residents of Alexandria, who from time to time assigned different tasks to his team: when one of the supply runners who were outside, Scott, launched an SOS, Tobin gathered his team, armed them and went on the rescue. Bruce was among the ones who came to save Scott, meeting there Aaron, his boyfriend Eric, and a large group the two had just recruited, the one led by Rick Grimes. Their forces united managed to repel the walkers and to save everybody’s life, so that all of them could go back to the Safe-Zone in one piece (more or less). With so many new people in the Safe-Zone, it was inevitable that some of them ended up in the construction crew, and so it happened, with Abraham Ford joining Bruce, Tobin, Holly and the other two members of the team.

Unlike many of his “fellow citizens”, Bruce didn’t see the Safe-Zone as a perfect community, quite the opposite, he recognized several flaws in Alexandria’s government: first of all, he knew perfectly well that some of the women had exchanged sexual favors for high-ranking positions in the community, thanks to Douglas’ lecherous nature; plus, he always had the shadow of a doubt that the ones belonging to the construction crew weren’t just the fittest guys for the role, for experience or for physical built, but rather they were just the ones Douglas considered to be the most expendables, thus continuously exposed to lethal risks without a second thought. Bruce never shared his perplexities brucecomics2with anyone but the new guy, Abraham: he instinctively trusted him, and became friends with him believing him to be “different” from all the others in the Safe-Zone. It turned out Bruce was right: when during a day at work Holly was attacked by some walkers, Tobin ordered everybody to flee and to leave the woman to her destiny; the only one who refused and actually managed to save Holly was Abraham. Bruce and the others started respecting him more than they did with Tobin, and the latter himself recognized he had more leading skills than he had. On Tobin’s request, Douglas named Abraham the new leader of the construction crew, and Bruce had nothing to say against it, quite the opposite. Serious troubles began when Rick Grimes, who served as the new “sheriff” of the town, was forced to execute Pete Anderson, a resident who had gone mad and become dangerous: the shot attracted the attention of a nearby group, The Scavengers, who attacked the Safe-Zone in an effort to conquer it. When the bad guys tried to demolish the walls, the residents didn’t know what to do, and Rick and Abraham were the only ones who defended the walls from the enemies’ assault. Inspired by his friend, Bruce joined him, and was the very first one among the zoners to give a hand to Alexandria’s new defenders. He had always been different from the others anyway: he had finally found someone he felt to be more alike to.

Bruce is a down-to-earth and solid man, a good guy who found his place even in the midst of chaos. Smarter than he looks, he’s one of the few who can see through Alexandria Safe-Zone’s appearance of a perfect, Utopian community resurrecting after the end of the world. He’s one of the few zoners who know how to defend themselves, since he’s spent more time outside than most of the residents. Reliable and intelligent, Bruce is a man anybody can count on.