OliviaTime for the second character appeared this week on The Walking Dead. When, in RememberRick Grimes and his group enter Alexandria Safe-Zone for the first time, they have to give all their weapons to a woman, who then brings them to the armory. The woman in question is Olivia, portrayed by Ann Mahoney, and she’s a known face for the comics readers. If everything goes as in the comics (and that’s not something we can take for given…) she’ll become a recurring character for the next episodes (and maybe seasons), as many other residents from the Safe-Zone. In the meanwhile, let’s see together who she is in the comics.

Absolutely nothing is known about Olivia’s early life, not even her surname. We can assume she lived somewhere near Alexandria, or even within the city, and that she led a somewhat normal life, since no particular event has ever been told about her. When the Outbreak began, Olivia found herself wandering around trying her best to survive as anybody else, but unlike most people, she was lucky enough to meet Douglas Monroe and his newborn community, the Alexandria Safe-Zone, a town in which the residents tried to recreate a world similar to the one prior to the apocalypse. Balanced and responsible, Olivia was appointed with the task of inventory manager, a “job” that soon expanded to the storage of weapons and control of the armory. Everytime the recruiters found new oliviacomics1people who could become residents of the Safe-Zone, Olivia was in charge of taking their weapons and putting them into the armory, keeping a log of the inventory. In the Safe-Zone, Olivia found something similar to her former life, she got a new best friend, Barbara, and she even developed a crush on Douglas’ son, Spencer Monroe (even if she decided he was secretly gay the moment he seemed impervious to her advances). Being her task pretty delicate, Olivia tried her best to be friendly and accomodating with the new residents, and when Rick Grimes’ group was introduced to the community, she stood in Michonne‘s defense against Douglas, who wanted to take her sword away: Olivia remarked that if the sword was to be considered a “proper weapon”, Douglas should have confiscated even her kitchen knives and all the work tools just as long and sharp as the katana, thus convincing the leader to let Michonne keep her sword. This way, Olivia brilliantly managed to avoid unuseful tensions from the very beginning.

Despite her acting friendly and cheerfully, Olivia believed the new group brought troubles along, and she wasn’t exactly wrong about it. First of all, she got the proof that Spencer wasn’t gay at all the moment he started hitting on Andrea and other young, female residents (but she remarked to Barbara that, if Spencer was like his father, things would have gotten interesting, since Douglas was renowned to be unfaithful and lecherous). Things got more serious when a herd of walkers attacked the Safe-Zone following the invasion attempt from The Scavengers: during the oliviacomics2attack, Olivia went into hiding, too terrified to do anything but whining. When Rick and his group repelled both the invaders and the walkers, Douglas asked him to become the new leader, and the former sheriff ordered everybody to train with guns, so that everyone would have been able to fight in case of another attack: Olivia trained with Maggie Greene under Andrea’s tutelage, but she wasn’t exactly comfortable with it, quite the opposite. Being force to learn how to shoot meant, for Olivia, that more violence was forseen, and she didn’t like it at all: that’s why she joined Spencer and Nicholas in their conspiracy to kill Rick. Olivia, however, didn’t want him dead, she just didn’t like him as a leader and wanted him out, but she was eventually convinced to follow the men’s line. When the conspirators realised they had been overheard by Glenn, Nicholas attacked the boy and tried to kill him, with Spencer doing nothing to prevent it, quite the opposite: among the conspirators, only Olivia tried to stop Nicholas, and that’s the only thing that saved her when Glenn escaped and was able to warn Rick about the assassination conspiracy: since she was the only one showing some morality, she was chosen by Rick to be one of the few people he could trust in the Safe-Zone, a bridge of faith that helped the woman accepting him as the new leader of the community.

Olivia is a cheerful and happy-looking woman, with quite a taste for gossip and a lively attitude. She loves the Safe-Zone because of the peace it managed to assure to her and the others, and she despises all kind of violence, to the point she’s completely unable to defend herself, refusing to brace a gun. Although her pacifism gives her a strong morality, it also becomes some sort of naivety the moment, despite her pragmatism, she fails to understand how the world has changed after the apocalypse. Nevertheless, she proves more than once to be an irreplaceable member of her community, and a trusted ally who can tell right from wrong even in extreme situations.



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