Lisa Snart (Golden Glider)

Golden GilderIn the meanwhile, a trailer for the upcoming episodes of The Flash has been released, and we got a first look of some new characters. Let’s start from Lisa Snart, who’ll be portrayed by Peyton List in the upcoming episode Rogue Time. She already appeared in Revenge of the Rogues, although unseen, when she freed her brother Leonard and his partner in crime Mick Rory from the armored car driving them to prison. This time, she’ll make a full appearance, eager to prove herself to her brother and to be allowed in his gang. She’s described as a shy yet sadistic girl, a trouble child who wants to earn Leonard’s approval. In the comics, her story is a little bit different: let’s see together.

Lisa Snart was the daughter of a drunken, violent ex-cop, an abusive man who often beat his wife and his children. The only person who ever stood in Lisa’s defense was her older brother, Leonard, who took a double beating everytime he defended her from their father, but never refused to do it nevertheless. Lisa’s mother was a weak woman, who never got the courage to leave her husband and to escape with her children, and the only family member Lisa and Len liked was their grandfather, who taught the two kids to become as “cold” as the ice he goldenglidercomics1delivered for a living, avoiding to show their emotions, learning not to cry or to weep so that they didn’t give their father the “satisfaction” to see them weak. When she was still a child, however, he grandfather died, and her 12 years old brother ran away from home, leaving her alone. She never blamed Len for leaving, and she decided she would have found her own way to escape her father’s grisp: while Leonard joined a band of thieves, she became an athlete, a professional ice skater. Lisa was graceful and skilled, but she became a real talent only under the tutelage of her coach, Roscoe Dillon, who taught her how to spin at incredible speeds: when Lisa grew older, she and Roscoe became lovers, and she finally was able to leave her home joining the touring company Futura Ice Show. With the stage name Lisa Star, she became a renowned athlete and performer, deeply in love with both skating and Roscoe. She even provided Roscoe some help in his other, more remunerative activity: he was in fact the supervillain The Top. Life seemed to be beautiful at last for Lisa, but tragedy wasn’t too far away: during a battle with The Flash, Roscoe Dillon met his end when his brainwaves reacted badly to his enemy’s vibrations. Enraged with the superhero, her heart broken, Lisa Snart swore she would have taken her revenge over the Scarlet Speedster, and created a new costumed identity for herself, the Golden Glider.

With no superpowers of her own, Lisa had however all of her deceased lover’s gadgets, and during the time with him she had also gained some ability in engineering. She modified her skates, and attached to them a device that created its own ice, so that she could skate in whatever environment, using her speed at best. When she learnt that her brother had become the supervillain Captain Cold, Lisa approached him, and she stole from him one of his Cold Guns, and later reverse-engineered it as a twirling baton that still had all the capabilities of the freeze-drying weapon. goldenglidercomics2She then followed Captain Cold, and foiled a couple of his attempts on the Flash’s life, since she didn’t want the hero to die that easily and quickly: she wanted him to suffer for what he had done to the Top. Patiently waiting, observing the Flash, she realised he was romantically linked to a journalist, Iris West (it didn’t take much for her to understand that under the Flash’s mask there was Iris’ husband, Barry Allen, but she didn’t want to expose the hero, she just wanted to make him suffer and then kill him, so she kept the secret). Since she wanted Flash to suffer as much as she did, Golden Glider targeted Iris, and modified her baton so that its freezing ray was set specifically on the woman’s DNA. She then tried to kill her with her weapon, but The Flash intervened just in time to shield Iris with his own body. Glider managed to escape using one of The Top’s flying tops, but failed to abduct Iris West in the process. After that, Lisa tried to use the advantage given to her by the fact she knew her enemy’s identity, but he didn’t know hers: she invited the Allens to one of her skating shows, setting a trap for Iris. During the show, in fact, she shoot with her baton, knowing it would have aimed directly to Iris and killed her, but The Flash had forseen this move, and he had asked an actress friend of his, Daphne Dean, to act as Iris’ double, so that the gun had no effect on her. In that moment, Captain Cold interrupted the show, angry to his sister because she had stolen his weapon from him. While Golden Glider and Captain Cold argued, The Flash was able to defeat and capture them both, sending the siblings to jail. Lisa’s hatred towards the hero was not easily forgotten, however, and she would have soon escaped to exact her revenge from him.

Lisa Snart is a smart young woman, who was taught to suppress her emotions but that eventually embraced them to the fullest. She’s deeply attached to her older brother, Leonard, who in turn is fiercely protective over her; all the love she felt for her boyfriend Roscoe became powerful hatred towards the superhero The Flash, who she considers responsible for The Top’s death. To get revenge, she became Golden Glider: she uses her amazing skills in skating to use at best her main gadget, a pair of ice skates able to provide ice on whatever surface she uses them on (including mid-air); the skates, united to her agility and speed, make her a fierce fighter, fast and deadly, since she uses the skates’ blades as a weapon as well. She also has a variety of gadgets, both the Top’s ones, and others of her own invention, such as a baton working as one of Captain Cold’s guns, hypnotic jewelspoisonous rings and so on. Moved by all the strength of her hatred, Golden Glider is an adversary to be reckoned with, a woman who knows far too well where to hit a man to really make him suffer: his heart…



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