David Alan Angar (Angar the Screamer)

Angar the ScreamerNo new character from this week’s episode of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., but the trailer for the next one gives us a glimpse of a couple of villains worth speaking of. The first one is the guy wearing the Hannibal Lecter-like mask (and he looks pretty horrible without it): his name is David A. Angar, and he’ll be portrayed by Jeff Daniel Phillips. In the episode One of Us, Angar will be found by Calvin Zabo through S.H.I.E.L.D.‘s Index (a list of people with metahuman abilities), and recruited in the team he forms to exact his revenge on Phil Coulson. In the comics, he’s a villain as well, and it seems his powers will be pretty different this time, being something like a super-scream of sort (like Banshee in X-Men: First Class). Waiting to witness his debut in the MCU, let’s see who he is in the comics.

David Alan Angar was born in San FranciscoCalifornia, and when he was still a teenager he became a hippie and fled from home. He became also a radical social activist, dedicating his life to subvert present social order, believing it to be a criminal superstructure stealing freedom from people. Soon, however, Angar realised that his message of “peace & love” lacked the power to be heard by people, and he started looking for that power. He stumbled upon a lawyer, Kerwin J. Broderick, who made him an offer he just couldn’t refuse: Broderick had been angarthescreamercomics1given alien technology by Moondragon, a priestess from Titan, machines able to grant human beings superpowers. Despite the risk, Angar volunteered for the experiment, and had his vocal cords bombarded with what Broderick called hypersound. As a result, Angar gained the ability to use his now superhuman scream to cause hallucinations into anyone who heard him, and to mind-control them to a certain extent. Moondragon had given Broderick her technology so that he could create powerful allies to help her in her battle against Thanos the Mad Titan, but the lawyer wasn’t as honest as the alien believed him to be, and had his own agenda: he offered Angar a job as a killer for hire, and the hippie, who easily abandoned his idealism to embrace much more capitalist ambitions, accepted his offer rather than Moondragon’s. He chose for himself the battle name Angar the Screamer, and accepted the first assignment from Broderick: to kill the superhero Daredevil, who was a threat to the crooked lawyer’s business. Angar stalked Daredevil for days, inducing allucinations in the hero (who was particularly vulnerable to his sound-based powers), and when he finally confronted him directly, Daredevil was easily defeated, but he managed to escape. When Angar managed to track down Daredevil once again, he was accompanied by the Black Widow: the killer used his powers to make them fight each other, but eventually they snapped out of his control and defeated him instead. Angar managed to escape with his powers, but something that Daredevil told him during the figh still lingered in his mind, and he decided not to be a murderer, never coming back to Broderick again.

For some time, Angar enjoyed the freedom he had always wanted, and started traveling the country with his new girlfriend, Janice. He was eventually contacted once again by Broderick, who had convinced Moondragon that San Francisco had become a stronghold for Thanos, having her assist him in creating new superhumans; one of these, an artificial being named Terrex, approached Angar to convince him to join him and the others in the conquest of the city, and killed Janice as a demonstration of strength. Hurt and furious, Angar apparently agreed to angarthescreamercomics2join Broderick once again, and witnessed the lawyer’s merging with Terrex. When Moondragon realised she had been fooled, however, she summoned some heroes (Daredevil, Black Widow and Captain Marvel) to destroy her own creations, and surprisingly Angar joined them as well, wanting to take revenge for Janice’s death. During the battle, Moondragon used her psychic powers to augment Angar the Screamer’s super voice beyond any limit, so that he could cast his illusions even over the nearly all-powerful Terrex. As a result, Terrex was brought to self-annihilation, and he unwillingly killed himself by embracing the unlife. Following the battle, satisfied with his revenge, Angar abandoned the other heroes, and refused to become a hero himself despite having helped them this once. He resumed his old habits, and used his powers for personal benefit only, becaming a robber (always trying to stick to Daredevil’s advice to never be a murderer). He even allied with other “supervillains” to raise the stake, and helped Khumbala Bey to battle Iron Fist…or at least, he tried to, since the martial artist easily defeated them both, and only the intervention of Rafael Scarfe, a cop, saved Angar’s life. Later, Angar battled Iron Fist once again, this time teaming up with one of his cruelest foes, Master Khan: during the battle, Angar the Screamer used his powers to brainwash an army, using them against both Iron Fist and his ally Colleen Wing. Colleen however proved to be more than enough for Angar and his men, and she sliced him with her sword, incapacitating him. He however managed to escape capture once again, ready to wreak havoc somewhere else…usually finding some hero on his way.

David A. Angar is essentially an anarchist, a man who lives following his every single whim and who systematically ignores any kind of rule or law. He has however his own principles, as odd as they may be, and despite he ignores the most basical rules of cohabitation, he’s deeply caring with the ones he choses as his companions (Janice was the first one, but the most famous is undoubtedly his lover and partner in crime Melissa “Screaming Mimi” Gold). As the Screamer, he possesses superhuman vocal cords that allow him to scream reaching an incredible amount of decibels, thus being able to damage permanently the hearing of the ones too close to him; his scream is also able to cause allucinations and sometimes amnesia manipulating the brain chemicals of whoever listens to it, thus making Angar able to manipulate anyone with the products of their own subconscious. Angar is not exactly evil: he lives thinking only of himself, taking what he likes (or what he needs) from time to time, without the slightest regard towards society and its rules.



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