Spencer Monroe

Spencer MonroeExactly one week after the last episode of The Walking Dead, we start looking at the characters introduced in Forget (I’m pretty late, but they added quite a lot of characters recently). Let’s start with the friendly guy who tries to make Sasha feel comfortable at the party but fails miserably (not that anybody else would have succeeded, she’s in sociopath-mode right now): he’s Spencer Monroe, portayed by Austin Nichols. He’s another son of Deanna and Reg Monroe, and the brother of the not-so pleasant Aiden, but he’s also the only member of the Monroe family who didn’t suffer any changing (at least in name or appearance) from comics to show. Let’s see together.

Spencer Monroe was the son of Regina and her husband Douglas Monroe, a politician and a Congressman representing Ohio. Spencer grew up mostly with his mother, as Douglas was always busy with his work, but the life style he was used to made him become a spoiled teenager and later young man, living a lavish life at his parents’ expenses. Looking up to his father for most his life, Spencer unwillingly imitated some of his behaviors, such as his libertine nature; after adolescence, however, Spencer started to strongly despise Douglas, seeing him only as the absent father he had been for him, and as the one who kept hurting Regina by cheating on her with every single attractive girl who crossed his path. On the opposite, Spencer’s relation with his mother grew stronger with time, and despite he still acted annoyed spencermonroecomics1when she asked him of his romantic life, he deeply loved her and cared for her. The Monroes’ family issues got moved to the background the moment the Outbreak began: with dead people trying to eat living ones, everything had been reduced to a matter of pure survival. Douglas, Regina and Spencer joined a group of survivors and moved from place to place for months, until a friend of Douglas’, Alexander Davidson, invited them to join him in what would have become the Alexandria Safe-Zone. Spencer helped Davidson and his father to fortify the block, and it soon started welcoming other survivors, creating a community large and populated enough to be a small town. When Davidson was exiled because of his tyrannical behavior, Douglas became the new leader of the Safe-Zone, and he assigned tasks and jobs to everyone…and he even resumed his old habits, hitting on every single woman in the Safe-Zone. In response, Spencer resumed his old grudge against his father, and even refused to act like him to distinguish himself…disappointing some of the Safe-Zone’s girls who actually found him very attractive, such as Olivia and Barbara (the latter, frustrated by his refusals, started suggesting everybody that he was gay).

Finally, a new big group joined the Safe-Zone, and Spencer got interested from the very beginning in one of the women, Andrea. When Douglas organised a welcome party for the new group, Spencer never left Andrea for a second, carefully listening to her life, showing to be interested in whatever she had to say. He even asked her to give a demonstration of her marskmanship abilities sooner or later. Spencer eventually managed to intrigue Andrea, and spencermonroecomics2even kissed her, but she told him she wasn’t ready for a relationship, as she had just lost her companion, Dale. Spencer, however, could wait…or at least, so he thought. Soon after, things started to break apart in the Safe-Zone: one of the inhabitants, Pete Anderson, was exposed as an abusive husband and father by the new group’s leader, Rick Grimes; vengeful, Pete tried to kill Rick, but murdered Regina instead. Blinded by rage, Spencer knocked Pete down, and watched as Rick executed him. After that episode, Douglas became depressed, and left leadership up to Rick, something Spencer was initially content with, since he believed that Rick would have been a stronger and more capable leader than his father. Then, a violent group attacked the Safe-Zone, and the following battle attracted a herd of walkers that invaded the town through a breach in the walls. Upon learning that Andrea had been isolated in the clock tower by the zombies, Spencer joined Glenn and Heath to bring her supplies. Eventually, the four of them jumped from roof to roof until the found themselves outside the Safe-Zone, looking at the destruction inside it, wondering on how they could help anybody else. At that point, Spencer showed his true colors, and told Andrea they could just leave, the two of them, leaving everybody else behind without a second thought (his own father included). Disgusted by him, Andrea punched Spencer, telling him that whatever may have been between them was now over forever. When the survivors managed to repel the herd, reconquering the Safe-Zone, it was clear that Andrea would have never spoken to Spencer again. Suddenly, Spencer started to dislike Rick’s group, and agreed to join Nicholas in his plan to overthrow Rick…

Spencer Monroe is a charismatic and fascinating guy, but also a spoiled and self-centered young man, and egotistical brat who thinks of himself prior than of anybody else, family included. He loves his mother Regina, and despises his father Douglas, blaming him for not being with him during his childhood, but enjoying pretty much everything that he has been giving him all his life. A good marksman himself, Spencer is however a coward and a weak man, who thinks of escape as his first resource, and seldomly cares for others to the point of even thinking about helping them.



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