TobinTime for another character among the many appeared recently in The Walking Dead. In Forget, when Carol is “spying” on the armory, a couple of men arrive and ask Olivia to sign out some weapons, since they’re going out. One of them even boasts with Carol about his gun, and offers himself as a teacher for her…clearly not even imagining that she’s far a better shooter than he is, in all probablity. He’s later seen at the welcome party speaking with Deanna Monroe, and more recently he’s been added to the construction crew. He’s Tobin, portrayed by Jason Douglas, and he’s coming directly out of the pages of the comics: let’s see together.

As usual, very little is known about Tobin’s past. He used to live in Alexandria, and he worked in a desalination plant. It’s unknown if he had any family, but he never mentioned a wife or kids, so it’s pretty much unlikely. Even if he had somebody, he lost them during the Outbreak, since when the apocalypse began he was alone, trying his best to survive. During his wanderings, he met former congressman Douglas Monroe and his family, and joined their group along with other three people (Aaron, Olivia and Heath). Together, they were invited by Alexander Davidson (an old friend of Douglas’) in a town he was fortifying, the one that would have become the Alexandria Safe-Zone: they were the first group to inhabit it, and the first ones to transform a group of survivors in a community trying to start a new life in the midst of chaos. The community started to grow, welcoming other people tobincomics1from the outside, and when Davidson was exiled because of his tyrannical behavior, Douglas became the new leader: he assigned jobs to the survivors depending on their skills and experience, and Tobin was entrusted with the leadership of the construction crew, the group of workers whose job was to expand the Safe-Zone, forseeing other people in arrival and a further development of the community. Despite it was quite a role of responsibility, Tobin didn’t like his job at all, and asked many times Douglas to change it, always being answered with a refusal. Despite his displeasure, he did what he was asked nevertheless, and led a team composed of Bruce, HollyBarnes and Richards. One day, something went wrong, and when the construction crew was scouting a land outside the Safe-Zone they wanted to start building on they were attacked by some walkers: scared to death, Tobin proved to be uncapable of facing the situation, and in the following, messy escape, Barnes and Richards got killed.

The incident became just another reason for Tobin to ask to be removed from his job and given another one, but Douglas still believed he was the fittest for the task in the community, and refused to allow him to change job. So, despite having two deaths on his conscience, Tobin kept doing the same work for years, while everything stayed the same in the Safe-Zone. Something changed when an unusually large group arrived, found by Aaron and Eric: Tobin himself escorted them to the Safe-Zone along with Bruce and some guards. The new group lived outside more than anybody else in the Safe-Zone, and they had another way of looking at things. The construction crew got a new tobincomics2member, Abraham Ford, and he proved to be a tireless worker, well-organised enough to work twice as faster as anybody else, and even with some charisma, as he helped the others to improve their technique. Tobin was pretty distrustful towards Abraham, but he admired him nevertheless. Eventually, a situation like the one that had led to the death of Barnes and Richards occured again: some walkers attacked the workers, and upon seeing Holly surrounded by the living dead, Tobin escaped with his life, leaving her for dead. Luckily enough, Holly was saved by Abraham, who later confronted Tobin about abandoning his friend and coworker: he tried to tell him it was the Safe-Zone’s rule in case of undead attack, but he wouldn’t listen, so Tobin told him Holly would have agreed with him, and asked her directly. In response, she kicked him in the groin, making him puke. Tobin’s friendship with Holly clearly ended in that moment, but it was also plain that Abraham could be a better leader for the construction crew than Tobin was. Tobin himself spoke with Douglas about this, and convinced him to name Abraham the new leader of the crew: as for himself, Tobin kept working under Abraham, this time as a simple worker, knowing at least that he was now led and protected by a man whom he admired and respected…much more than he could say about himself.

Tobin is a grouchy and whiny man, but also a hard worker and a loyal companion. His greatest limit is a paralyzing fear, which he fights with every day of his life: considering himself a coward and an unreliable leader, Tobin constantly punishes himself for all the mistakes he’s made, providing for himself in the meanwhile an excuse not to try to improve his character. Despite all his limits, however, he truly wants to be a better man, and tries to find a way of redemption day after day…



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