Regina Monroe

Reg MonroeSooner or later we’ll finish with all the new characters introduced in The Walking Dead, I hope. But while we’re at it, let’s meet another guy who made his debut in Forget. During the welcoming party, Deanna Monroe introduces Rick Grimes to her husband, Reginald “Reg” Monroe, a nice guy who apparently is the one who built the first wall around the Alexandria Safe-Zone. Just as Deanna was a male in the comics, Reg was actually a woman, but his/her name hasn’t been changed much, going from Regina to Reg. Everything else, of course, remains to be seen, even if Reg seems to be a fusion between some elements of both Regina and her husband from the comics. Anyway, let’s see together who the original “first lady” of the Alexandria Safe-Zone is (warning, spoilers ahead).

Not much is known about Regina’s early life. She was married to Douglas Monroe, a Congressman from Ohio, and had a son from him, Spencer. Since her husband was often away for work, Regina was the one to raise their son, and they developed a strong relationship one to the other. With time, it became clear that Douglas wasn’t exactly the most faithful of husbands, quite the opposite, and that he cheated on Regina as often as he could. Regina was no fool, and after a few attempts to save her marriage she perfectly understood that she was the only one interested in doing it; she however decided to stay with her husband, both for the sake of Spencer (who joined her in despising Douglas) and for preserving Douglas’ political image. Soon enough, however, all these things lost their value, and the Outbreak began: dead people started rising again to eat reginamonroecomics1the living ones, and the world’s government collapsed facing a plague nobody was able to stop. Douglas and Regina found each other again in the midst of chaos, and reunited in protecting their son and each other. After a couple of months outside, trying to survive in a place or another, an old friend of Douglas named Alexander Davidson invited the former Congressman and his family in a town he had fortified. The Monroes accepted the offer, and they arrived to the Alexandria Safe-Zone with a bunch of other survivors. When Douglas started leading the new community with Alexander, Regina realised pretty soon that he was using his position as a leader to resume his old habits, and to hit on every single attractive woman in the Safe-Zone. As an obvious response, Regina resumed her grudge towards her husband, but once again she chose to mantain the facade, and while privately Douglas and Regina nearly loathed each other, in public they were always the perfect and smiling couple. When Alexander was exiled and Douglas became the only leader in the community, this uncomfortable position was made all the more necessary, and Regina found herself struck in a political marriage with no love (irony wanted that even politics didn’t exist anymore at that point…).

Despite the grudge she held towards her cheating husband, Regina helped him nevertheless with the government of the Alexandria Safe-Zone, and even assisted him in dealing with the newcomers, deciding if they were fit for the community or not. She was also the one who organised welcome parties for the new citizens of the Safe-Zone, so that everybody could meet and know each other. She usually trusted her husband’s judgement on people, as well as she trusted Aaron‘s ability to understand if someone was a good or a bad person, but she started having some doubts reginamonroecomics2when the recruiters brought to the Safe-Zone Rick Grimes and his group, a larger than usual bunch of survivors who had lived a lot of time in the outside world. Rick’s people were more violent and used to a savage world than Regina liked them to be, and believed that Rick himself would have soon overthrown her husband from leadership (she was confirmed in this suspects by some other residents). Douglas, however, refused to listen to her warnings, and allowed the new group to stay, even granting some of them authority positions. Regina could do nothing but accept this, but kept her distrustful attitude. Soon after, one of the suppliers, Scott, was fatally wounded by a walker while on duty, and the community gathered to mourn him. During the funeral, an enraged Pete Anderson stormed in, wanting to kill Rick for exposing his abusive nature to everybody else and for making his wife Jessie leave him. Regina, as she always did, stepped in and tried to calm Pete down, talking him out of his rage, but the man was beyond salvation, and sliced her throat with a kitchen knife without even blinking. Regina died in a few moments, and she was later stabbed in the head to prevent reanimation: only when she died, Douglas fully realised how much he cared for her.

Regina Monroe is a realistic and pragmatic woman, who knows priorities and tries to stick to them. She loves her son Spencer deeply, and has a good relationship with him (despite he’s often annoyed by her interest in his sentimental life), and she has quite a complicated relation with her husband Douglas: despite she knows he constantly cheats on her, and doesn’t love her anymore, she can’t help herself from feeling something for him still, and despite she despises the old lecherous man he has become, she still loves the man she married, and she stays by his side, helping him with a political ability able to rival his own.



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