Axel Walker (Trickster)

Trickster IIOne of the future episodes of The Flash will be titled Tricksters, as in “more than one”, and that’s no mistake, as we will have two different people donning the same mask and identity. As we saw from the trailer, Devon Graye will portray Axel Walker, the second Trickster, who will steal the equipment and the identity of the first Trickster and use them for nothing good, obviously. In order to hunt him down and arrest him, detective Joe West will have to ask for the help of the original Trickster, who doesn’t seem to be too happy to have a copycat. Anyway, waiting to see what the battle of the Tricksters will bring to the show, let’s take a look to the original Axel Walker from the comics.

Axel Walker came from a broken family, and he lived in Keystone City with his father for most of his life. His old man had but one lesson to teach him: the world is divided between two categories, the tricksters, and the ones who got tricked. Axel grew up knowing that he didn’t want to be tricked by anyone, so he did his best to be one of the tricksters… and that eventually influenced his life more than he or his father could have ever imagined. Still a teenager, Axel started to hang out with not so recommendable companies, all in his effort to be at the top of the food tricksteriicomics1chain; he even met Amunet Black, a woman who was also the supercriminal Blacksmith: she was assembling a new version of the Rogues, which she called the Network, and she used his obsession offering him the position of the Trickster. The original one, James Jesse, had changed sides and was working with the FBI, and Axel agreed to take his place, finally getting the possibility of becoming literally one of the tricksters of the world. Thanks to Blacksmith’s help, Axel stole his predecessor’s toys and equipment, while the Thinker built some new gadgets for him. At first, the other members of the Network didn’t see this new teen Trickster well, but Blacksmith vouched for him, so he was allowed to stay. As part of Blacksmith’s plan to take over the Twin Cities, the new Trickster was assigned with the mission of stealing and/or destroying some files belonging to Hunter Zolomon (a criminal profiler and the third Reverse-Flash) and to Keith “Goldface” Kenyon (Blacksmith’s ex husband). During the mission, however, Trickster was interrupted by the new Flash, and in the following fight he suffered his first defeat at the hands of the Scarlet Speedster; he however managed to elude capture with one of his gadgets, a false glove, and watched from behind the curtains as Blacksmith and her Network were defeated and imprisoned.

Along with Walker, only Mirror Master and the Weather Wizard managed to escape from the police and the heroes: the surviving trio was soon contacted by Captain Cold, the man responsible for the Network’s fall, who offered them to be a part of his new Rogues, and they gladly joined the original team leader. Unfortunately, the original Trickster, James Jesse, had been ordered by the FBI to take down the Rogues, and he had formed another team, The Project, entirely composed of reformed members of the Rogues. When the Project attacked the Rogues, an all-out war erupted, and while fighting each other the two teams managed to involve nearly every single supervillain in Keystone and nearby and also the Flash. James targeted Walker particularly, and the two Tricksters tricksteriicomics2fought to decide once and for all who had the right to don the mantle. When The Top intervened, he restored some of the reformed villains’ old personality, James Jesse included: with none of his “heroic” inhibitions, Jesse easily defeated Walker, and before leaving him for the police to apprehend, he told him never to try to be him again. James took everything that had belonged to him from Walker and resumed his old life, but Walker still had some of his new “toys”, so it was pretty easy for him to escape from jail. His first escape, however, was short-lived, as he met The Flash soon after and was arrested again. When he escaped a second time, he answered an ad from some college students who wanted an experienced superhero to train them: Walker introduced himself and had a dinner with the students, but that same night he killed all of his “pupils”. Walker thought he could walk away with that, but he didn’t consider Detective Chimp, who used his remarkable skills (and the Helmet of Fate‘s powers) to identify him, locate him and apprehend him for the third time. Walker was still in prison when he learnt that James Jesse had been killed by Deadshot: using the occasion, he escaped once again, and joined again the Rogues. With no original to claim the identity anymore, Axel Walker was now the one and only Trickster around.

Axel Walker is an ambitious and arrogant young man, who follows his father’s lesson “trick or be tricked” to the point of making a life philosophy out of it. Pretty smart, Axel however constantly overestimates his own intellect, and underestimates others’ one, and his arrogance is his greatest flaw. As the second Trickster, he has at disposal all the gadgets and weapons of the first one, anti-gravity boots included, plus some new toys, even more lethal, that he uses in joint with the old ones. Axel Walker is not nearly as intelligent as James Jesse was, but he can be just as dangerous, compensating for the lack of con-man’s wit with a destructive and chaotic nature.



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