ErinStill another character from The Walking Dead today. In the episode Forget, we first meet Carol while she’s chatting about baking cookies with some other women on a porch. Among these, there’s Erin, portrayed by Tiffany Morgan. She’s later seen at the party in Deanna Monroe‘s home, and she’s the one complaining with Reg about somebody failing to read books (actually, the only book at disposal) for the book club…and of course, she looks a little bit startled at Sasha‘s burst of rage that interrupts the party. We didn’t see much of her yet, but this is consistent with the comics, since she doesn’t appear much on paper as well (actually, in a single issue). Let’s see together who this other resident is…and even if there’s not much to be said of her, as always: spoilers ahead, be warned.

Nearly nothing is known about Erin’s life, not even her surname. She lived near or even in Alexandria, but we don’t know what her job was, or if she had any family. If she had one, anyway, she lost them during the Outbreak, when dead people started raising again to eat the flesh of the living, spreading a plague like it had never been seen before. Erin joined a group of survivors and started moving in the countryside nearby the city, surviving day by day and always trying to find a safe shelter. Since most of the elders had been killed in the first days of the Outbreak (you didn’t live long if you couldn’t run), Erin found herself erincomics1being among the older people in her group despite being in her fourties still (grey hair helped), and being a very religious person she acted as some sort of moral guidance. Eventually she arrived to the Alexandria Safe-Zone, a fortified town led by a former congressman, Douglas Monroe. Erin and the unknown number of survivors from her group were welcomed within the walls, and for the first time in months she could finally live in a proper house, without the fear of being awaken at night by incoming walkers or bad people trying to steal what she had. Even if she wasn’t the oldest person in the Safe-Zone (Douglas himself was older, as well as his wife Regina) Erin was still regarded as a wise woman, and she became friend and confidant of many people in the Safe-Zone. She was respected and asked for advises, and she found her place and dimension in her new house by acting as some sort of psychologist, summed to the many small works the Safe-Zone required from time to time apart from the permanent ones.

The peace in the Safe-Zone was a refresh, but it didn’t last long. A new, large group was welcomed in the Safe-Zone, and this time the survivors had spent much more time than anybody else in the world outside the walls. Little by little, the experience the new residents had matured outside led them to important positions inside the town, and many started distrusting them, especially their leader, Rick Grimes, who had become the new “policeman” in the Safe-Zone. When Pete Anderson, the community’s doctor, went mad and killed Regina Monroe, Douglas ordered erincomics2Rick to execute him, then he fell into a deep depression and left the leadership to Rick himself. From that point, things excalated quickly: the shot attracted the attention of The Scavengers, a hostile group who was passing nearby, and the battle that followed between the two groups of survivors was noisy enough to lead a herd of walkers to the Safe-Zone: the zombies entered through a breach in the wall caused by the Scavengers, and decimated the population. Only Rick’s group knew how to behave, and their intervention repelled both invasions. While many started fearing Rick even more, Erin saw him as a blessing, arriving to consider him a gift from God, some sort of heavenly protector for the Safe-Zone residents. Erin believed that violence would have struck the community nevertheless, and that it wasn’t caused by Rick or by his group, and she perfectly understood that without them the town would have been reduced to ashes. Violence, of course, didn’t stop, and a new hostile group, even more dangerous than the Scavengers, The Saviors, targeted the Safe-Zone: during one of the many fights, Rick’s son Carl went missing, taken hostage by the Saviors’ leader Negan. When Rick made finding his son a priority, Spencer Monroe started distrusting him even more, wanting to make a deal with Negan to take him out, and Erin tried her best to convince him that Rick always had in mind the best interest for the entire community, not only his own. Unfortunately, her words fell unlistened…

Erin is a very religious woman, who always tries to read her life and the world’s events as God’s will. Nice and wise, she’s trusted and respected by everyone in the Safe-Zone, and she provides counsel and moral help to whoever asks for it. Her best efforts in reassuring people and in talking them out of bad ideas, however, is not always enough to prevent them from doing something very stupid…


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