WesleySome days ago, another trailer for the upcoming Daredevil tv series has been released, and we met some new characters who’ll be relevant during the show. Let’s start from Wesley, who’ll be portrayed by Toby Leonard: he’ll be Wilson Fisk‘s right-hand man, and nothing else is known about him for now. This is not his first live action appearance, though: he was in The Trial of the Incredible Hulk, even if he had been renamed Edgar; portrayed by Nicholas Hormann, he had the exact same role of Fisk’s confidante and “employee”, taking care of his business for him. He also appeared in the Daredevil movie, this time portrayed by Leland Orser and provided with a surname: Wesley Owen Welch. In the movie he was indeed Fisk’s number two, but he didn’t seem to like to be involved with Kingpin‘s affairs. All his live action versions were pretty much faithful to the comics’ one, and now it’s time for us to see who the original Wesley is.

Very little is known about Wesley’s life, not even his surname. He lived in New York City, and became a succesfull business accountant. His skill with money and numbers wasn’t paired with an equally developed morality, however, and Wesley only followed the money wherever it flowed, looking for the highest income, with no regards on how or where it came from. In his climb to the top, Wesley soon realised where the real money was, and made sure to have a wesleycomics1position and fame in the criminal world as well. His talent couldn’t be wasted on regular crooks and second rate mob bosses: he aimed to the top of the food chain, where the billions were. Soon, he made himself noticed by Wilson Fisk, a man who was known to the world as a succesful businessman and a generous philanthropist, but who secretly was the Kingpin, the head of NYC’s criminality, and of a good part of the whole American underworld. Fisk apreciated Wesley’s professionalism and competence, and hired him as his personal business assistant. Wesley’s task was not an easy one, as he was supposed not only to oversee the actual business empire of Fisk (quite a wide one, which included one of the world’s most important spice dealing industries), but also to provide his help even in the Kingpin’s activities, something that he didn’t like much not because of moral issues, but because he was afraid he might have been linked to his boss’ illegal traffics. Despite his reluctance, however, Wesley was loyal and efficient in both the legal assignments and in the not-so-legal ones.

Being the most powerful and dangerous mob boss in the West Coast, Kingpin had some remarkable enemies, superheroes included: one of the most determined in bringing him down was Daredevil, who had foiled many of his plans and ruined many of his business. When a drug dealer obtained from Karen Page the secret identity of Daredevil (the blind lawyer Matt Murdock), he delivered it to Fisk, who used the information to start an all-out war against his nemesis, ruining his life and leading him on the verge of madness. Wesley accomplished any order he was given, sending this or that enforcer to attack Murdock in his private life. Daredevil understood that Kingpin was wesleycomics2behind all the recent attacks only when his home was bombarded: being revealed at last, Fisk allowed himself to get tough on Murdock, and he ordered Wesley to make contact with the high-ranking officers working for him in the U.S. Army. Wesley did as he was told, and had a corrupted officer send to New York the super soldier created with Fisk’s money, Frank “Nuke” Simpson. Nuke had been engineered to be a second Captain America, but he was a violent and uncontrollable psychopath, and his battle with Daredevil wrecked an incredible destruction. Within Fisk’s conglomerate, some associates expressed doubts concerning his obsession with Murdock, and Wesley disposed of them, usually with “peaceful” methods such as coercion to make the unloyal ones leave the conglomerate, as he did with Mr. Switzer. Nuke ended up destroying much of Hell’s Kitchen, to the point that the Avengers intervened. Wesley feared that too much attention would have exposed Fisk’s involvement in the urban war, and tried to cover his boss’ tracks, but it was too late: Daredevil, Captain America and reporter Ben Urich investigated on Nuke and on the new Project: Rebirth, and publicly denounced Fisk’s involvement with it. The Kingpin avoided capture, but he wasn’t seen as a noble philanthropist anymore: Wesley’s job had suddenly become even more complicated…

Wesley is an intelligent and cunning man, who uses his remarkable skills to make himself indispensable to his boss. Sly and efficient, Wesley follows the Kingpin wherever he goes, ready to carry out any order coming from him. Despite he prefers not to mess too much with the illegal activities of his boss, Wesley is perfectly able to accomplish tasks regarding the underground world as well, and he’s resourceful enough to always avoid direct involvement in the most delicate situations: just the man the Kingpin needs to mantain his and his company’s anonymity.


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