BruceIf this week’s episode of The Walking Dead didn’t introduce any new character, the last week’s one actually did. In Spend, we see Abraham Ford working in the construction crew along with some other guys. One of these, when he sees Abraham saving Francine from the walkers despite the protocol, decides to intervene and to cover him by shooting some undead by himself: that’s Bruce, portrayed by Ted Huckabee. As for now, we didn’t see much of him, but he looks like he’s ready to accept the change in leadership in the construction crew after the incident with Francine, as he admires Abraham for what he did. Waiting to see what he’ll do next, let’s see who this newcomer is in the comics.

Similar to many others, nothing is known regarding Bruce’s life prior to the Outbreak, not even his surname: we can only assume he lived nearby Alexandria, or even in the town, but nothing else is certain, not if he had a family nor what kind of job he had. Anyway, when walkers started eating people alive, this kind of things didn’t matter a lot anymore. Bruce went on the run, as everybody else on the planet, and he joined a group of survivors, trying to keep himself and others alive. He spent some months going from a shelter to another, until he met Aaron, a man who invited him to a “safe place”. With nothing to lose, Bruce followed the recruiter and arrived to the Alexandria Safe-Zone, a town protected by a solid wall in which people were trying to get a life after the world’s end. Bruce was allowed to stay by the brucecomics1community’s leader, Douglas Monroe, and he was assigned a job in the construction crew, the group that took care of repairing the Safe-Zone and expanding it depending on the necessities. He worked under the supervision of Tobin, one of the first residents of Alexandria, who from time to time assigned different tasks to his team: when one of the supply runners who were outside, Scott, launched an SOS, Tobin gathered his team, armed them and went on the rescue. Bruce was among the ones who came to save Scott, meeting there Aaron, his boyfriend Eric, and a large group the two had just recruited, the one led by Rick Grimes. Their forces united managed to repel the walkers and to save everybody’s life, so that all of them could go back to the Safe-Zone in one piece (more or less). With so many new people in the Safe-Zone, it was inevitable that some of them ended up in the construction crew, and so it happened, with Abraham Ford joining Bruce, Tobin, Holly and the other two members of the team.

Unlike many of his “fellow citizens”, Bruce didn’t see the Safe-Zone as a perfect community, quite the opposite, he recognised several flaws in Alexandria’s government: first of all, he knew perfectly well that some of the women had exchanged sexual favours for high-ranking positions in the community, thanks to Douglas’ lecherous nature; plus, he always had the shadow of a doubt that the ones belonging to the construction crew weren’t just the fittest guys for the role, for experience or for physical built, but rather they were just the ones Douglas considered to be the most expendables, thus continuously exposed to lethal risks without a second thought. Bruce never shared his perplexities brucecomics2with anyone but the new guy, Abraham: he instinctively trusted him, and became friends with him believing him to be “different” from all the others in the Safe-Zone. It turned out Bruce was right: when during a day at work Holly was attacked by some walkers, Tobin ordered everybody to flee and to leave the woman to her destiny; the only one who refused and actually managed to save Holly was Abraham. Bruce and the others started respecting him more than they did with Tobin, and the latter himself recognised he had more leading skills than he had. On Tobin’s request, Douglas named Abraham the new leader of the construction crew, and Bruce had nothing to say against it, quite the opposite. Serious troubles began when Rick Grimes, who served as the new “sheriff” of the town, was forced to execute Pete Anderson, a resident who had gone mad and become dangerous: the shot attracted the attention of a nearby group, The Scavengers, who attacked the Safe-Zone in an effort to conquer it. When the bad guys tried to demolish the walls, the residents didn’t know what to do, and Rick and Abraham were the only ones who defended the walls from the enemies’ assault. Inspired by his friend, Bruce joined him, and was the very first one among the zoners to give a hand to Alexandria’s new defenders. He had always been different from the others anyway: he had finally found someone he felt to be more alike to.

Bruce is a down-to-earth and solid man, a good guy who found his place even in the midst of chaos. Smarter than he looks, he’s one of the few who can see through Alexandria Safe-Zone’s appearance of a perfect, utopian community resurrecting after the end of the world. He’s one of the few zoners who know how to defend themselves, since he’s spent more time outside than most of the residents. Reliable and intelligent, Bruce is a man anybody can count on.



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