Father Lantom

Father LantomTime for the last character appearing in Daredevil trailer. At a certain point, we see Matt Murdock in a confessional, speaking to a priest, who remarks that some other men’s evil don’t make his actions (or himself) good. That’s Father Lantom, portrayed by Peter McRobbie. Considering the role the protagonist’s faith has in both the comics and the upcoming show, it’s pretty positive that we’ll see him pretty often. This version of Lantom appears to be considerably older than the original one, and his relation with Murdock is something new entirely, since in the comics he’s linked to other characters. Let’s see together.

Very little is known about Father Lantom’s early life, not even his full name. Born in New York City, he felt from a still young age God‘s calling in his life. Belonging to the Catholic Church, he attended seminary, and after a few years he became a priest. Despite being still pretty young, Lantom was assigned to an important church such as St. Patrick’s Cathedral, the sit of New York’s archbishop. Living in a city such as New York wasn’t exactly the regular assignment for a priest, and with so many superpowered heroes and villains around, some of which Catholics, Lantom had the chance to meet and to act as an advisor to some of the most peculiar superhumans around, opening St. Patrick’s doors for them (among the heroes who seldomly hanged around the Cathedral, the most fatherlantomcomics1remarkable were probably the blind vigilante Daredevil and the mutant Nightcrawler). The only one Lantom was personally involved with, however, was Tandy Bowen, best known as the superheroine Dagger. Being a Catholic herself, Tandy frequented St. Patrick’s Cathedral and befriended Father Lantom. Dagger even introduced Lantom to her boyfriend and partner in crime fighting, Tyrone Johnson, aka Cloak, whom the priest befriended as well. One night, however, something unexpected happened: apparently, Cloak assaulted Dagger, sending her into a coma. The hero claimed he had been framed, and he seeked refuge in St. Patrick’s Cathedral, where Lantom chose to believe him and to hide him for the time being. When Tyrone visited his girlfriend at Saint Vincent Hospital, however, the doctors recognised him as the patient’s assailant, and they called the New Avengers to arrest him. Cloak, wanting to clean his name up and to punish the real attacker, asked for the help of the Runaways, a group of teenager heroes: when they agreed to help him, Cloak used his teleportation powers to bring them all to St. Patrick’s Cathedral, where they met Father Lantom.

Despite some perplexity at the beginning, and a little verbal fight with the newcomers (one of the Runaways, Nico Minoru, even tried to quote the Bible to Lantom, but he took her sentence for a zen motto), Lantom eventually agreed to assist the Runaways as well, and while most of the team went in search of Dagger’s attacker, the priest gave shelter to Cloak and to the youngest among the heroes, Molly Hayes. Lantom also visited Tandy in the hospital, monitoring her progresses and referring to Tyrone, who obviously couldn’t go to her anymore. His presence, fatherlantomcomics2however, didn’t go unnoticed, and one of the hospital workers told Captain America, who was hunting Cloak, that Lantom was the only visitor apart from Tyrone. This information led the Avengers to the Cathedral, where Lantom was confronted by Cap, Iron Man and Wolverine, who now knew he was hiding Cloak somewhere. The priest tried to keep the trio out of the church, but his efforts were in vain; when Wolverine entered the Cathedral, however, the super-strong Molly punched him out of it, telling Cloak to run away. Tyrone, however, was tired of hiding, and surrendered to the Avengers; right in that moment, however, Spider-Woman and Luke Cage got attacked in Dagger’s hospital room by the real culprit, the one who had impersonated Cloak, the same worker that had spied on Lantom and referred his moves to Captain America: Reginald Mantz, a deranged fanboy who had fallen in love with Dagger and who wanted Cloak out of the scene. Both the New Avengers and the Runaways were transported by Cloak to the hospital, leaving Father Lantom alone in the Cathedral. Luckily enough, the heroes managed to defeat and depower Mantz, and soon Cloak & Dagger came back to their regular life: after an adventure such as this one, Lantom understood that his work as a pastor in NY would have been much more complicated than expected.

Father Lantom is a normal man, a priest trying to live his vocation even in such an unusual environment as a superhumans-crowded New York City. Despite proving to be honest and loyal, Lantom also nurtures some prejudices, especially towards teenagers, as he demonstrated while first approaching the Runaways. Despite this, he’s also a man ready to recognize his mistakes, and he “redeemed” himself by protecting and assisting the young heroes the best he could.


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