Dante Ramon

Dante RamonLast episode of The Flash introduced another new character, albeit just a secondary one. In Rogue TimeBarry Allen‘s unexpected time travel caused some major changes in the story as we had seen it the week before, most notably he saved (without even realising it) Cisco Ramon‘s life by capturing the Weather Wizard and thus letting him go to his brother’s birthday…even if it’s not clear which one of the two experiences Cisco would have preferred. His brother, Dante Ramon, portrayed by Nicholas Gonzalez, is not exactly the world’s best bro, and his parents prefer him to Cisco in everything: he’s a pianist…and not much else, actually. Despite their rivalry, the Ramon siblings’ feelings for each other are further explained when Captain Cold kidnaps Dante to force Cisco to work for him, thus redeeming the “bad” big brother a little. In the comics, Dante is a secondary character as well, but he has a totally different story and personality. Let’s see together.

Born in DetroitMichigan, Dante Ramon was an orphan who lived with his older brother, Armando, and his younger one, Cisco. The three of them spent most of their time on the streets, hanging around and taking care of each other; Armando especially was the one always ready to look after his younger brothers, and the two remaining Ramons looked pretty much up to him. During one of their usual games, however, something unusual happened: a danteramoncomics1warlord from another planet, Darkseid, was attacking Earth with his army of Parademons, and a Boom Tube (some sort of teleportation-tunnel) connecting our planet to Apokolips opened in their neighborhood. Cisco, curious and incautious, approached it for fun, but Armando, foreseeing the danger, pulled him away from it just in time, as a Parademon emerged from the tube and slained him. Dante couldn’t do anything but watch, as his older brother got killed by an alien monster, and his younger one went in and out the boom tube. Apokolips’ invasion was repelled by the combined effort of Superman and other Earth heroes, but the Ramons suffered a great loss nevertheless: not only Armando had been killed, but Cisco himself had been genetically altered by the tube’s radiations, that gave him superhuman powers. Dante and Cisco spoke about the new situation a lot, and when the younger Ramon decided he was alive for a reason, and that he would have honored Armando by using his new powers for doing something good, Dante couldn’t do anything but to support his brother, and to be proud of the man he was becoming. Dante helped Cisco become a hero, and they patroled the streets of Detroit together, saving people thanks to the boy’s new powers. This life went on for a few years, until Cisco was approached by Dale Gunn, a secret agent from A.R.G.U.S. who told him they had captured the Parademon who had killed Armando.

Cisco killed the Parademon, and then accepted Amanda Waller‘s offer to become a member of the Justice League of America, specifically trained to take out The Flash in case the hero became dangerous. Dante didn’t trust Waller nor A.R.G.U.S., and tried to talk Cisco out of it, but in vain. Eventually, it turned out Dante was right: when Cisco, nicknamed Vibe, refused to kill Gypsy, a superhuman he was supposed to apprehend and who had surrendered already, Waller ordered the Suicide Squad to capture both Gypsy and Cisco, and Deadshot knocked danteramoncomics2Vibe out. Distrusting A.R.G.U.S., Dante was keeping an eye on the situation, and now knew he had to save his little brother, who had been brought to Amanda Waller’s secret prison for superhumans, The Circus. Dante contacted Dale Gunn, and claimed he had six friends ready to send emails to every newspaper in the country to expose A.R.G.U.S.’ dealings with metahumans if he didn’t help him, or if something happened to him. Not wanting to take the risk, Gunn accepted to help him break Vibe out of the Circus, and he gave him a Dog-Soldier armor to enter A.R.G.U.S. unnoticed, then accompanying him to the Circus. When Dante found his brother’s prison, he used an energy gun to destroy the cell, thus freeing Vibe. In the following chaos, however, an A.R.G.U.S. security guard shot Dante in the back, severely wounding him. At the sight of his big brother hurt, Cisco lost control, and unleashed a destructive wave strong enough to bend reality’s tissue (this burst of energy, unbeknownst from the brothers, brought back to Earth Armando, who had survived his encounter with the Parademon, but who had been brainwashed and transformed into the villanous Rupture). Gunn used his nano-nurse to provide first aid to Dante, then he put him back into the Dog-Soldier armor, that would have kept him alive long enough to reach a hospital. Semi-unconscious, Dante left A.R.G.U.S. base wounded yet victorious: he had challenged the world’s most dangerous espionage agency, and had won, saving his little brother’s life.

Dante Ramon is a smart and good-hearted guy, who deeply cares for his brother Cisco, especially after Armando’s “death”. He has no superpowers of sort, but he’s extremely resourceful and clever, enough to fool an agency like A.R.G.U.S. and to free almost by himself his brother from one of the most strictly guarded prisons in the world. With Armando gone, Dante is the older one in the family, and he’ll do anything to protect his little brother…even going against the most powerful and dangerous people in the world.



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  2. […] more so when he finds out who’s the guy behind the mask of Rupture: the Eart-2 version of Dante Ramon, his own brother, always portrayed by Nicholas Gonzalez. Rupture came to Earth-1 to seek revenge […]

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