Queen Noir

Queen NoirTime for the last (for now) character who appeared in Powers. In the third episode, Mickey Rooney Cries No More, we’re brought to a party in Johnny Royalle‘s new nightclub, Here And Gone. Many famous Powers attend, but only one among them comes from the comics: last time we see Righteous Thunder, he’s making out with a goth-looking woman. Thunder is an original character, the woman is not: she’s Queen Noir, portrayed by Miracole Burns. In the show, she does nothing but watch while Righteous Thunder has a “little” quarrel with Deena Pilgrim…who plainly doesn’t know how to deal with Powers yet. While she has nothing more than a cameo in the episode, she has a much larger role in the comics: let’s see together.

Queen Noir’s life before becoming a superhero is still pretty much a mystery. We know, however, how she got her powers, and it’s not a nice story. The woman who would have become Queen Noir was born a normal human in a world full of Powers, and, as many others, she wanted to be one of them. However, she didn’t try any dangerous experiment or fancy drug to obtain what she wanted, but she resolved to the old ways: a black magic amateur, she casted a summoning spell, and entered in contact with a powerful demon, a son of the Devil himself. The two of them sealed a contract, and the woman sold her soul in exchange of superpowers: the demon accepted to possess her body, granting her the ability to control darkness and to merge with it. Now a Power (albeit an “artificial” one), she could finally become the superheroine she had always wanted, and created the Queen Noir persona. She made her debut in The City as a new, powerful queennoircomics1superhero, and soon she found some companions in her crime fighting: CrystalDax and Teague were other heroes like her, who joined her and decided to follow her lead in the superteam The Heroes (not much fantasy there). During her career as a heroine and as the leader of The Heroes, Queen Noir fought many villains, but one in particular became her personal nemesis, Strike. The two of them fought time after time, until they realised they were pretty much attracted one to the other: soon they became lovers, and they had sex any time they were not fighting each other (or even in the meanwhile). Their continuous flirts and adventures eventually became something more, and they started a serious relationship: Stike then told Queen Noir he would have done anything to stay with her forever, and he did, leaving his career as a supervillain for good. Queen Noir then married the man who had tried so many times to kill her, and who she now passionately loved.

The marriage wasn’t exactly a happy one, especially because now that the thrill of the “sleeping with the enemy” stuff had disappeared, Queen Noir and Strike couldn’t find the same flame between them. They stayed together nevertheless. A night, The Heroes succesfully accomplished a mission in Capital Hill, destroying a giant robot and arresting the villain controlling him, The Weasel. Queen Noir came back home, fantasizing about a dream Crystal told her she had about the two of them having sex, but she found her husband dead, killed by a mysterious assailant. The Powers Division was sent to investigate, and detectives Christian Walker and Deena Pilgrim took the case up. Everybody believed in Queen Noir’s innocence, the heroine included, but something unforseen had queennoircomics2happened: the demon inhabiting Queen Noir’s body had grown bored of his host’s life, and so he was trying to take complete control over her body to do what he liked with her powers. First thing, while Queen Noir was lost in her lesbian fantasies on Crystal, he had killed Strike. Queen Noir didn’t remember anything of it, but when a cop nearly shot her while investigating her husband’s murder, she used her powers to escape. Everytime Queen’s mind was focused on something else, the demon took control of her, so she unwillingly manipulated Teague into killing Dax, then, when the first one was arrested, she killed him herself. Later, she used her shadow-merging powers to kill Crystal right in front of the eyes of Walker and Pilgrim, then disappearing without a trace. Walker, who had obtained new powers thanks to the Millennium Guard, found her, and revealed to her everything he had learnt during his investigations (most of the info came directly from the Devil, who had arrived on Earth wanting to bring his rogue son back to Hell). Realising everything she had done of good with her powers had been undone in a single night, and that she was about to lose control over her very body whithout even realising it, Queen Noir decided to commit suicide, so that she would have sent the demon inhabiting her body to the Hell it belonged, putting an end to his killing spree and saving the day one last time.

Queen Noir is an ambitious and resourceful woman, ready to do anything to obtain what she wants. She’s a charismatic leader and a selfless heroine, but she’s also a wavering woman often pulled by several desires, sometimes even opposite ones. As Queen Noir, she possesses the ability to manipulate shadows and to merge with them, becoming a dimensionless being able to move anywhere undetected; she’s also a teleporter who can appear and disappear wherever a single shadow is casted. During the night, her powers even grow, as she’s able to manipulate anything touched by darkness. The absolute ruler of the night, Queen Noir controls any form of darkness…apart from the one which is consuming her from the inside.


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