Bertram Larvan (Bug-Eyed Bandit)

Bug-Eyed BanditAnother suprise guest star in The Flash…and another surprise villain. In the next episode All Star Team Up, we meet Brie Larvan, an inventor and metahuman who controls an army of nano-robots, who will be portrayed by Emily Kinney. She arrives in Central City just in time to face not only The Flash, but also The Atom, briefly in town to ask S.T.A.R. Labs a help with his suite of armor. Well, in the comics Larvan is actually an inventor with a lot of tiny robots at her comand, but is not a metahuman; most of all, she’s not a “she”: he’s Bertram Larvan, another character who went through a gender swap from the comics to the screen. Let’s see together who the original guy is.

Not much is known about Bertram Larvan’s early life: he was a skilled mechanical engineer from Ivy Town, Connecticut, and he eventually put his abilities on the test trying to become an inventor. His first idea was to build a robot insect that could help controlling insect pests, preying on the parasites; he designed the tiny robot, and presented his work to some experts, but of course a functioning model was required. In order to build the model, Larvan needed financial backing, but without a working model, no bank or private investor wanted to give him bug-eyedbanditcomics1money to build his robots. Frustrated after many rejections, Larvan resolved to steal what he needed to build his first robot insect, so that later he would have been able to sell his invention and to make a fortune out of it. Once he had succesfully robbed his first bank, he finally built his first robot…but he changed his mind, since he now wanted a little bit of revenge towards the banks that had rejected his offer, ruining his life. Larvan used his first robot to rob another bank, then he built others, each one of them with peculiar abilities (a mechanical stag beetle was strong enough to bite through steel, allowing him to enter any caveau), and kept robbing banks, realising he was able to make a fortune out of his invention even without launching it on the market. Such a collection of succesful robberies asked for something more than a frustrated inventor named Bertram Larvan behind them, so he created the masked identity of the Bug-Eyed Bandit, designing a helmet containing the technology necessary to control the robot insects remotely: a new masked super villain was born.

As forseen, the Bug-Eyed Bandit’s army of robots was too much for the police to deal with, and Larvan collected another couple of successful heists. Being a supervillain, however, implied that sooner or later you had to deal with superheroes, and this happened to the Bug-Eyed Bandit as well: while trying to rob yet another bank, Larvan was confronted by the Atom, the shrinking hero. Thanks to his ability to shrink, the Atom managed to become small enough to mess with the robot’s sensors, and he eventually broke the connection between Larvan and his army. The thief was arrested, but he wouldn’t have stayed in jail for long: one of his tiny insects was more than enough to break bug-eyedbanditcomics2him out of his cell. Now obsessed with the Atom, who represented to his eyes the society that had rejected him and his work, Larvan tried multiple times to kill the hero, until he accidentally discovered his secret identity thanks to one of his spy robots: upon learning that the Atom was actually the scientist Ray Palmer, he didn’t reveal this information to other villains or to the public, but he elaborated a series of plans to attack both the hero and the man behind the mask, persecuting Palmer. Everything seemed to end when, during one of their numerous battles, Larvan tried to use on the Atom a special amnesiac gas he had invented, but ended up inhaling it himself: he lost all memories of his life up to that point, the Atom’s identity included. Sent to jail once again, Bertram Larvan was a model prisoner, since he didn’t remember to be the Bug-Eyed Bandit and had lost all villainy along with his memories. When a riot occured, however, Larvan was hit to the head during the uprising, and he finally remembered it all: humiliated and vengeful, he easily broke out of prison again, and reprised his manhunt. This time, he wouldn’t have let the Atom get away with that so easily, and he would have squashed him like the bug he was.

Bertram Larvan is a brilliant yet greedy inventor, who constantly blames society for rejecting and humiliating him, but who eventually uses this grudge just as an excuse to be a robber. As the Bug-Eyed Bandit, he telepathically controls an army of tiny insect-shaped robots of his own invention, each one with its peculiar ability depending on the species it’s modeled after (the mechanical spiders weave a highly-resistant web, the mechanical bees inject a toxic poison etc.). The Bug-Eyed Bandit has developed quite an obsession on The Atom, who he considers his personal nemesis, and he will stop in front of anything to get the “revenge” he’s looking for, both against society and against its “champion”.



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