JosieAnd here’s another character from Daredevil, this time not a villain. In the second episode Cut Man we are introduced to one of Matt Murdock‘s and Foggy Nelson‘s favourite bars, and to its sweet and gentle owner: Josie, portrayed by Susan Varon. In the show, she’s not exactly the warmest of bar owners, and she has quite a crystal clear policy about free drinking (absolutely not allowed, of course). Her portrayal, attitude included, is pretty much the same as in the comics, with only some minor difference: she looks younger than her comics counterpart, and she’s got black hair instead of blonde ones. Everything else is pretty much the same: see for yourself…

Not much is known about Josie’s early life, not even her full name. She was born in New York City, and lived in Hell’s Kitchen most of her life. When she was young, she met a renowned boxer, Jonathan “Battlin’ Jack” Murdock, who had been abandoned by his delusional wife Maggie and who was now alone to raise his baby son Matt. Josie became a close friend of Jonathan, and she eventually started dating him, becoming the closest thing to a girlfriend the man ever had since he had lost his wife. Despite loving Jonathan, Josie never tried to replace Maggie in his or his son’s lives, so the two never moved together, despite being lovers. Josie stayed at Jonathan’s side both when he was a succesful boxer and when josiecomics1he was an old one nobody wanted to fight with, and she followed with enthusiasm his comeback on the ring (she obviously didn’t know anything of Roscoe “Fixer” Sweeney‘s machinations). She attended Murdock’s fights, but at a certain point, her man turned on to her, scaring her off; she didn’t know that Jonathan did so to protect her from the Fixer, who didn’t like the woman to win big by betting on Murdock. By sending her away, Jonathan saved her from the criminal’s retaliation, but he obviously broke her heart…and things didn’t go any better the moment Josie learnt that Murdock had been killed in an alley by Fixer’s men after winning a fight he was supposed to lose. Alone, Josie resolved to take care of herself from that point on.

Josie decided to start her own activity, and she stumbled upon an old bar that had the same name as her: Jodie’s Bar. The owner was an old man who had been the landlord since the 1940s, a barman named Jodie like her who had once been in league with a wartime masked hero, the Angel. The old Jodie wanted to retire, and the young one wanted to start an activity: Jodie’s Bar kept its name, but changed its proprietor, mantaining its role as one of the most frequented hangouts in Hell’s Kitchen. Many notorious criminals and low-lives used to come into Josie’s Bar, and they managed their illicit business in plain sight, sure that nobody, Josie included, would have ever called the police. The woman, on her side, allowed anything to happen in her place, but she had just one simple rule: no killing was allowed inside the bar, and josiecomics2whoever wanted to solve his problems this way, was warmly invited to do it outside. Since an old woman’s authority wasn’t exactly feared by the kind of clientele attending Josie’s Bar, Josie bought a shotgun to keep under the counter, so that she was able to “peacefully” convince her clients to follow that one, simple rule. Since most of her clients were criminals, the self-appointed protector of Hell’s Kitchen, Daredevil, often came to Josie’s place to collect information and interrogate some of the patrons, and the woman didn’t have any objection, especially when the hero’s targets were the ones she didn’t like at all, like the good-for-nothing Turk Barrett and his friend Grotto. Her bar also became the stage for Daredevil’s statement, when he announced himself as the new Kingpin of Hell’s Kitchen after the arrest of Wilson Fisk. In a way or the other, she was always at the centre of the action.

Josie is a woman of the world, a person who’s gone through much and who has found out for herself how to live in a world that’s never too kind with people, women especially. She’s strong-willed and determined, with quite a hard character that allows her to deal with the worst Hell’s Kitchen’s streets have to offer. Her bar is a no man’s land, in which the only law is represented by her shotgun…and nobody really wants to test her ability and willingness to use it.



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