Brett Mahoney

Brett MahoneyTime for another character from Daredevil, and for this one we go back to the first episode. In Into the Ring, we meet an officer from NYPD named Brett Mahoney, portrayed by Royce Johnson. In the show, he appears in a good half of the episodes, and he’s introduced as a childhood friend of Foggy Nelson, a cop who helps him by informing him and his partner Matt Murdock of cases their new law firm might be interested to. This marks the first live action appearance of Mahoney, who in the comics is pretty much a secondary character, and a recent one as well, appearing for the first time in 2007. Anyway, let’s see what there is to know about Mahoney.

Brett Mahoney was a hard-nosed cop working in New York City, a man used to the microverse that the streets were. When he was promoted to the rank of detective, he was stationed to the 27th Precinct, where he was assigned to a new partner, Detective Stacy Dolan. The two of them got along pretty well, and they worked well together, with one’s character compensating for the other’s. The most difficult case for them arrived when they were called to a penthouse for a murder: the scene appeared from the very first moment to be pretty confusing, without even the slightest element that could help them at least to identify the victim, who was classified as a “John Doe“. Exploring the surrounding area, Mahoney and Dolan found the only witness to the murder, Uatu the Watcher, who obviously didn’t reveal anything of what he had seen…but his presence was worrying, since the Watchers only detectivemahoneycomics1
observed events worthy of cosmic attention. Back to the Precinct, Mahoney and his partner got a massive scolding from their supervisor, Lt. Soletti, who was quite disappointed by their inability to learn who “John Doe” really was. He even threatened them to take the case from them and to call in some “specialist”, such as Code: Blue or even the Avengers. While Dolan went to the Baxter Building to ask for Reed Richards‘ help regarding the presence of Uatu, Mahoney came back to the penthouse, and found out that all the cameras in the surrounding had been stolen. He even met a homeless man, whom he interrogated: the tramp told him that he had seen a weird man observing the victim’s house from a distance for some nights in a row, and he even provided him the mysterious guy’s wallet. The documents in it proved that the man was Jaafar Yoosuf, a criminal who Dolan had arrested months before for dealing with an illegal market of superpowers. Now, they finally had a name to check.

From this point, the investigation took a weird turn: while Mahoney and Dolan were leading a SWAT team into Yoosuf’s apartment, Dolan unexpectedly opened fire on Collins, one of her own men. Mahoney could do nothing but watch as Collins responded to the fire and Dolan fell from a window, only to be saved by a passing-by Miss Marvel. Back to the Precinct, Dolan seemed to be sure Collins had opened fire first, and she denied her own shooting; things got even more preoccupying when the balistic exam on the bullets that had killed “John Doe” turned out to be from Dolan’s gun. Mahoney asked his partner for an explanation, but she still denied any involvement with a man she declared not to know; then, Mahoney showed her a video of her shooting “John Doe” twice to the chest, a detectivemahoneycomics2video that had been anonymously delivered to the Precinct that same morning. Unable to answer to the accusations moved against her, Dolan gave herself up, and she was arrested by Mahoney in person. Later, Mahoney learnt that something had happened to Dolan, as her ride to the prison was attacked by the mercenary Dominic Fortune. From that point, Mahoney didn’t know anything else of his former partner, and he believed her to be dead, especially after Jaafar Yoosuf’s corpse was found. Six months after the case, however, Stacy Dolan broke into his apartment, much to Mahoney’s surprise: he tried to ask her what she was doing, but she cut him short, giving him her personal journal, in which she recorded everything that had happened to her in thos months, secrets concerning a secret black ops team called Vanguard that was also behind everything that had happened with Yoosuf and “John Doe” (who was actually a member of Vanguard, Trenton Craft, a superhuman known as Colonel America). Dolan feared for her life, and by giving her journal to Mahoney she knew that at least somebody she trusted would have known the truth, and she would have left a trace of her own existence if she ever disappeared. Mahoney tried to stop her, but she went out through the window, never to be seen again.

Brett Mahoney is a tough man for a tough world, a skilled detective who works best when he’s in direct contact with the streets, rather than from behind a desk. Gifted with a sharp intellect and intuition, he’s also a reliable resource on the field, with experience in both armed and unarmed combat. A proficient detective and a loyal partner, Mahoney is the ultimate cop, used to do his job even in a city crowded with superhumans making old-fashioned investigations nearly impossible.


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