StoneLet’s go now to the seventh episode of Daredevil. In Stick, the authors put one of the tastiest easter eggs of the series: at the end of the episode, in fact, Stick is seen reporting to his master, a giant scarred man seen only from behind, portrayed by Jasson Finney. That man is Stone, and it is revealed that he’s the one who gave Stick the mission of dealing with psycho kid Black Sky, and who called him back once the task was complete. This is not Stone’s first live action appearance, as Bob Sapp portrayed him in Elektra. Oddly enough, this version of the character fought for The Hand rather than for The Chaste, and he had some superhuman ability, since his skin was impenetrable to anything, and he also had super strength. Sapp’s version has nothing to do with the comics’ one, while Finney’s version is surely closer to the original, even if there’s a difference already despite his brief cameo: in the comics Stone is not Stick’s master, but the opposite. Let’s see together.

Stone’s past is shrouded in mystery, and even his real name has never been revealed, since he gave up his former identity the moment he became a ninja. In the world, the forces of good and evil always fought for supremacy, and when a powerful demon enlisted a mystic shinobi clan to found The Hand, the forces of good answered with the creation of The Chaste, a group of ninjas whose sole purpose of existence was to destroy The Hand. As all the warriors who wanted to join The Chaste, Stone had to locate the shinobis’ refuge, lost in a remote wilderness, and to face the harsh entrance exam, that only a few survived to: he had to climb The Wall, a sheer cliff impossible to climb for any normal human, a natural barrier that served both for separating The Chaste from the rest of the world, stonecomics1and for revealing the hidden potential of the ones asking for membership. Stone made it to the top, showing from the very beginning a unique talent and a nearly unlimited potential. Considering his results, he was greeted directly by Stick, the leader of The Chaste, and he became one of his pupils. Stick taught Stone and the others the ways of the chi, the inner life force, and his pupils gained special abilities depending on their own chi: Stone managed to turn himself hard as stone (hence the name), becoming invulnerable to any incoming attack, if he was aware of it. Even among the other students (blades-wielder Claw, archer Shaft, pyrokinetic Flame, levitating Wing and shuriken-user Star), who obtained remarkable successes, Stone emerged as the best one, the most proficient in both martial arts and the use of chi, and Stick rewarded his talent by teaching to him some of The Chaste’s hidden techniques, namely the ones aimed to manipulate life and death themselves. When Stick decided his pupils were ready to become true shinobis of The Chaste, Stone was selected as his right-hand man on the field, the one who would have inherited, one day, the leadership of The Chaste.

The battle between The Hand and The Chaste had engulfed Asia for centuries, but now it had moved to new countries and new cultures, and often Stick was in the United States to spy on the enemy and to mold new warriors in a land destined to be the set of the final battle between the shinobi groups. Finally, during one of his many travels, Stick summoned his pupils in New York City for the long-awaited battle against the forces of The Hand. Stone led Shaft and Claw to the new continent, and joined there Stick, his other pupil Daredevil, and another female warrior, the Black Widow. The four ninjas of the Chaste managed to kill Kirigi, The Hand’s deadliest warrior, and burned stonecomics2his body to prevent his resurrection. Shortly after, however, the entire group was attacked by nearly fifty ninjas, and Claw got killed; Stick knew nobody would have survived with those odds, and joined hands with Shaft to perform an ancient ritual that would have sucked the life force out of their enemies, at the cost of the performers’ lives; Stone asked his master to join him in the ritual, but Stick ordered him to bring to safety Daredevil and Black Widow, thus allowing The Chaste to survive. Albeit reluctantly, Stone obeyed his master, and while he saved Daredevil’s and Black Widow’s lives, Stick and Shaft sacrificed themselves, destroying all the enemies in the process. During the battle, Stone had gathered some intel on The Hand, and had learnt that they planned to resurrect Elektra Natchios, one of their deadliest warriors, and an ex lover of Daredevil: together, they decided to interfere in the ritual, and while Daredevil dealt with The Hand ninjas, Stone used his forbidden techniques to restore Elektra to life, healing her soul in the process. Using Daredevil’s love for her, and a fraction of his own life force, Stone resurrected Elektra, freeing her from The Hand’s mind control. The ritual, however, heavily weakened Stone, and he was left for dead by both Daredevil and Elektra. But the ninja survived, and as the sole living member of The Chaste, he resumed his world traveling in the titanic effort of bringing down The Hand on his own, looking for talented youngsters he could train as disciples.

Stone is a serious and taciturn warrior, completely devoted to the cause of The Chaste and loyal to his master and companions. As all the shinobi from The Chaste, Stone is a master in the manipulation of life force, chi, and is able to use it to harden his body, making it invulnerable to any attack he sees coming; he’s also an extremely proficient martial artist, expert of both armed and unarmed combat. He’s also capable of using telepathy to communicate, and his senses are so sharp that he’s able to detect an enemy even before Daredevil. Stone also masters The Chaste’s secret techniques, that allow him to manipulate chi to a greater extent, draining life from others and absorbing it, or giving it back to the dead using his own. Implacable and relentless, Stone fights a solitary war against a formidable force for evil, and he’ll never stop until either he or his enemies are destroyed.



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