Victor Von Doom (Doctor Doom)

Dr. DoomThe latest trailer for The Fantastic Four gave us a first look to the movie’s villain, Doom, who’ll be portrayed by Toby Kebbell. The character is one of the most popular, charismatic and iconic villains of the entire Marvel Universe…and they’re ruining him. Ok, I won’t judge the film before watching it, but the premises aren’t good at all: Kebbell will portray an anti-social blogger named Victor Domashev, who follows the heroic quartet to the N-Zone and is mutated in a robotic being known as Doom. Kinda sucks. Not that the previous versions were any better: the 1994 unreleased movie’s one, portrayed by Joseph Culp, was actually the best one, a megalomaniac monarch living in a gothic castle and planning to conquer the world. Naive, ok, but close to the source, and effective. In Fantastic Four and Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer, the role was assigned to Julian McMahon, and he portrayed a billionaire businessman who was turned into a metal being capable of harnessing electricity by the same space storm that mutated the Fantastic Four. All hopes of seeing a Doom closer to the original one faded after the first production notes, but maybe they’ll do something good with what they have…maybe. In the meanwhile, let’s see who the real Doctor Doom is.

Victor Von Doom was born in Haasenstadt, a city in the Eastern European state of Latveria. He was the son of Werner and Cynthia Von Doom, two gipsies of the Zefiro class, a people persecuted by King Vladimir‘s government. Victor’s family lived on the run, and when he was four years old, the sorceress Cynthia foolishly made a pact with the demon Mephisto to obtain the power of fighting back the king’s soldiers: she was granted her wish, but at the price of the nearby village’s children’s lives. Horrified by what she had done, she let herself be captured and slained by the soldiers, and Victor lost his mother. Werner did his best to raise Victor on his own, and to hide from him his mother’s mystic books and artifacts. When the gipsies started avoiding speking of Cynthia, Victor was drdoomcomics1the only one speaking in her defense, showing quite a strong character for being just a boy. This attitude of him intrigued Valeria, a girl who became his friend first, and when they grew up his girlfriend. In the meanwhile, the queen had fallen ill with cancer, and Werner was summoned to try and cure her: when Werner inevitably failed, the king ordered his death, and the healer and Victor were forced to escape on the mountains, where Werner died protecting Victor from the cold. Victor swore revenge for his parents’ death, and was entrusted to Boris, a friend of Werner’s. Victor studied his father’s science, but secretly also his mother’s dark arts, and as a young adult he mastered them both. With his skills, Victor became the Zefiro’s protector and leader, and he earned a fortune by tricking the Latverian nobles by selling them not-so-magic artifacts and potions. One night, a guard cornered him to arrest him for his frauds: with a gun pointed at him, Victor reacted, and strangled the man with his own hands; that night, Victor Von Doom died, and someone new was born, the true heir of Cynthia. Victor started nurturing ambitions of world domination, so that he would have never suffered again as during his childhood and adolescence, and this new character of him scared away Valeria, who left him; Victor labeled her weak, and sent her away in turn. Alone, he faced Latveria by himself…until a scout from State University, in the United States, noticed his scientific prowess and offered him a scholarship. With a chance of leaving Latveria, Victor accepted.

A young genius, Victor Von Doom immediately entered in competition with State University’s best student, Reed Richards, and was obsessed by proving himself better than him. Even more, he was obsessed with creating a machine that would have allowed him to travel in other dimensions in astral form: he wanted to enter Mephisto’s Hell to free his mother’s soul. Victor worked on military robotics for the Army, so he was allowed to operate in a private lab: his results impressed his professors, but he also terrified all his fellow students. When he was finally readt to test his machine, Richards, who read his notes, warned him of a miscalculation, but Von Doom angrily ignored him: Reed, however, was right, and after a brief yet terrifying visit to Hell, Victor’s machine blew up. Only a minor scar remained, but Von Doom believed his face to be horribly disfigured, and started hiding it with bandages. State University expelled him, and Victor decided to leave the United States: first, he made all the inventions he had made for the military explode, so that they wouldn’t have used any of his genius. Using the money drdoomcomics2from the military and his scientific and magical skills, Von Doom started traveling Europe, in both space and time (he had built a rudimentary Time Platform that allowed him to visit other eras), expanding his knowledge and his abilities; during his travels, he fought with Reed Richards for the first time in Egypt over a mystical artifact, the Claw of Bast, and met Valeria in France, where she tried to convince him to come back to Latveria. Instead, Von Doom decided to search the Himalayas for a lost order of monks. When he found their hideout he was barely alive: the monks took him in, and healed his frost wounds. The monks were masters of both magic and technology, like himself, and in five years he learnt all their secrets, surpassing their most proficient masters; he built an armor for himself, a hyper-technological one that was also mystically enhanced, and protected him from the haunted dreams he had about his mother, and cut him out of the world’s emotions, making him a being of pure logic. Now naming himself Doctor Doom, Victor put the mask of his armor on before the metal got cold, thus disfiguring his face more than before; he ignored the pain, and soon became the master of the monks. Leading his new people, he came back to Latveria, where he started a rebellion and led the Zefiro to victory: he personally slew King Vladimir, obtaining vengeance for his parents, and exiled Prince Rudolfo, the heir to the throne. Now, Doctor Doom could claim Latveria for himself, and as the new king, he would have transformed the country in a scientific utopia…the rest of the world would have soon followed.

Victor Von Doom is an absolute genius, a man whose brilliance is just as wide as his ego. Ambitious, proud, arrogant, self-aware to the point of considering himself the only worthy human being ever born, Von Doom rules his country with an iron fist, molding it to his own idea of the perfect state. He’s nearly uncapable of empathy, both for natural attitude and for his armor’s effects, and he sees everything and everyone as pieces of a cosmic puzzle he’s the only one able to solve or even to understand…and most of the times he’s right, at least for the last part. As Doctor Doom, he’s easily one of the most powerful (and dangerous) human beings in the universe: his mastership over magic allows him to cast a number of spells bringing him almost on equal ground with Doctor Strange or Brother Voodoo, while his knowledge of science and technology allowed him to build an impenetrable armor that compensates the few lacks of his magic skills; he also built a number of devices, from death rays to time machines, that grant him an unmeasured power…with his diplomatic immunity giving him an effective shielding against most of American superheroes. A sensitive artist and musician, with a taste for melodramatic statements and theatrical entrances, Doctor Doom is without a doubt one of the greatest threats ever born for the free world, a king who recognizes no one superior to him…and who may be right about that.



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