Arnold Bernid Jones (Casey Jones)

Casey JonesFilming for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Half-Shell has begun, and we already have our first official image from the movie. The pic shows Stephen Amell as Casey Jones, the violent vigilante who’ll appear on the turtles’ side in the sequel. Being a huge part of the turtles’ mithology, Casey already appeared in the original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and later in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III, portrayed by Elias Koteas both times: in this version, he was a professional ice hockey player, until he got hurt and started patroling the streets with his hockey stick; he befriended first Raphael, then the rest of the turtles, and aided them in their battle against the Foot Clan. In the third movie, he took care of four imperial guards from Feudal Japan while the turtles were back in time, and didn’t do much else…luckily enough, his ancestor Whit helped his friends in the past. Amell surely has a different haircut from the original Casey Jones, but doesn’t lack the physique for portraying the character: waiting to see what he’ll do with him, let’s see who the most popular ally of the Ninja Turtles is in the comics.

Arnold Bernid Jones, “Casey” for everybody, was born in New York City, in Brooklyn, a neightborhood that in those years was renowned for its violence and criminality. Casey’s father, Herb, had a shop, and tried to live a normal life with his family. One night, when a young Casey was helping his father in the shop, one of the local gangs, the Purple Dragons, broke in and started to destroy everything, a message for the entire neighborhood stating they were in command. Herb tried to stop them, but he was killed by the Dragons’ leader, Hunter “Hun” Mason. Casey tried to attack the hulkling criminal, but he was severely beaten; when the Purple Dragons burned down the shop caseyjonescomics1and kidnapped Casey’s mother and sister, however, the boy decided he wouldn’t have given up, and followed the gang to their hideout, where he challenged Hun. The criminal didn’t take the boy’s threats seriously, of course, but Casey proved to be tougher than he looked, and he managed to stab the man to the neck with a knife, albeit failing to wound him seriously. Hun, enraged, beat Casey almost to death, leaving him on the pavement, a beating from which the boy emerged with serious mental and emotional disorders. Casey’s mother and sister actually survived the experience, but he wasn’t the same anymore. For some years, he lived as some sort of recluse in his own house, watching three televisions at the same time, thus eroding what remained of his sanity. With time, he became obsessed with “bad cop” movies, and fictional characters like Dirthy Harry became his only friends. Following the example of his new role models, Casey Jones found a way to exorcise his past, and decided to become a vigilante, starting a solitary war against the city’s crime: equipped with a hockey mask and a variety of sport clubs, he started patroling the streets, severely beating every robber, smuggler, gangster, drug dealer (or worse) he found on his way.

Night after night, Casey Jones sharpened his skills and his physique, and became a relentless crime-fighting machine; he used a remarkable amount of brutality, to the point that his targets could consider themselves lucky if they were able to tell anybody their encounter with him. One night like any others, Casey caught two muggers, and gave them the same treatment as always; just as he was about to finish the job, he was stopped by a “deformed man”, who actually turned out to be a giant, humanoid turtle: Raphael. Casey and Raphael immediately entered in some caseyjonescomics2sort of competition, and they fought each other several times before they realised they were pretty much alike. Eventually, the two crime fighters became friends, and they started patroling the streets together; they cooperated to bring down one of the biggest gangs in town, and learnt to respect each other…despite Raphael’s annoying preference of non-lethal methods. Casey met the rest of Raphael’s family (the other three turtles, the rat master Splinter and the journalist friend April O’Neil) when he saved his friend and the other five from the Foot Clan: a resurrected Shredder had attacked his enemies in April’s apartment, and the turtles ended up being heavily outnumbered, and outmatched by the Foot’s leader. In order to protect Raphael and the others, Casey brought the entire group to Northampton, in Massachussets, where he still owned a farm that once belonged to his grandmother. During the time in the farm, the four turtles had to put themselves together, both physically and psychologically; Casey, in the meantime, learnt to know April, and the two eventually became close, and then romantically linked. The time Casey didn’t spend with April, he spent with Raphael: during the day, they worked on an old truck, trying to fix it; during the night, they trained together, waiting for Splinter’s permission to come back to New York and destroy the Shredder and the Foot Clan once and for all. Despite the emergency, the days in the farm turned out to be the best ones in Casey’s life…

Arnold “Casey” Jones is, simply put, a disturbed individual: the physical and psychological traumas he suffered as a boy, as well as the uncountable movies he’s watched, damaged his brain, making it almost impossible for him to control his emotions, particularly his bursts of rage. As a vigilante, Casey learnt to vent his anger on crooks and criminals: self-trained in combat, armed with an arsenal of sport clubs (baseball bats, hockey sticks etc.), Casey is a force to be reckoned with, and despite his lack of any professional trainer, he’s strong and resourceful enough to face even a warrior the likes of Shredder. A sociopath and a loner, Casey Jones found his first friends in a bunch of mutant turtles: quite a summary of his weird life.



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