June Moone (Enchantress)

EnchantressFilming just started for Suicide Squad, but we already have an official pic featuring all the main characters! Many of them, such as Captain Boomerang or Deadshot, are already featured on this blog, while others are new entries we’ll speak about in the next days. Ladies for first, so we’ll start with the creepy girl with a half moon on her forehead: she’s the Enchantress, portrayed by Cara Delevingne. The movie’s version is certainly darker than the comics’ one, and looks like a ghost from a Japanese horror film; the new look may prove effective, we just have to wait and see, but it’s certainly different from the original one, and surely not so coloured. Let’s see together.

June Moone‘s life was a normal one: no family issues, no weird past, she was just a freelance artist, an easygoing girl who liked her job and her life as a whole. At a certain point, she met Alan Dell, a handsome and charming importer who she fell in love with, and who became her boyfriend soon after. Alan invited June to a party he had organised in the legendary Terror Castle, a haunted mansion that was the perfect setting for Halloween parties and spooky funhouses. Even if she was pretty much the scaredy cat, June accepted the invitation, and joined her beloved Alan and the others at the party. Playing a game with all the others, June lost herself in the castle, and ended up falling into a secret passage that led to an ancient chamber: the place was full of scary statues, one of which was some sort of giant talking red head; at first, June believed it was all part of the game, and mistook the red creature for an animatronic of sort, but then the thing revealed himself as the Dhazmor (later spelled Dzamor), an ancient enchantresscomics1guardian who had the task to protect our reality from demonic forces. Dzamor warned June Moone that she had been chosen to be one of the magical guardians of Earth, and that her arrival wasn’t decreed by chance, but by fate: an evil presence was awakening in the castle, and she had been led to Dzamor’s presence to receive the power to face it. With little or less choice, June agreed to be Dzamor’s agent, and the creature infused her with magic powers, fusing her with a mystical being of immense power, the Succubus. From that moment, every time June spelled the word “Enchantress”, her hair turned from blonde to black, her personality changed drastically, and she had access to vast magical powers. She first used her newfound powers to save Alan’s and the others’ lives, battling a minotaur who had emerged from a tapestry, the avatar of the “great evil” Dzamor was speaking about. During the battle, Alan found himself attracted by the mysterious witch, but June preferred not to tell him who she really was. Alan saw the Enchantress again in Cape Kennedy, where an underground monster emerged, and the mysterious woman saved his life once again.

Her new mystic abilities and knowledge brought June to obtain a job as a teacher in New Athens Experimental School, an education complex in Santa AugustaFlorida, where students were followed from kindergarten to college; June was the new parapsychology teacher. Even her new job proved to be a destined choice, as Dzamor told her the place would have been at the centre of a unique astral allignment that would have granted her nearly unlimited powers, making her an extraordinary force for good. When the Moon started approaching Earth, the Enchantress could feel her powers rise already, but the process was putting at risk the entire area, since it was causing massive earthquakes…a necessary evil to the Enchantress’ eyes, since after the ritual’s completion, she enchantresscomics2would have been able to protect reality from any kind of threat. What the Enchantress hadn’t forseen, however, was that one of the other teachers, Linda Danvers, was the heroine Supergirl, and that she had all the intention to stop the earthquakes. Just before the end of the ritual, Supergirl moved the Moon and interrupted the allignment, leaving Enchantress without the powers she had been promised from the beginning of time. The interruption of the ritual had some unwanted consequences on the Enchantress’ mind, and she became more violent and cruel: she tried to trick Supergirl in moving the Moon back, but she failed, and when she realised she would have never been the omnipotent protector she was destined to, she fell into a vengeful madness. June Moone was still a nice and caring girl, but the Enchantress was now a force without control, ready to do anything to get what she had lost (she even tried to wipe out any superpower from Earth but hers, but she was stopped by Supergirl again). After a brief time of allegiance with the Forgotten Villains, Enchantress let herself be arrested, as Julie was trying to get rid of the Succubus’ personality, feeling it was corrupting everything in her life. A chance of redemption (and of freedom) arrived in prison, where Amanda Waller offered her to be a part of Task Force X, a team of supervillains enlisted for extremely dangerous missions (hence the nickname Suicide Squad) in exchange of pardon. Even when she had the chance to leave prison, however, June stayed: the only thing she wanted was to erase the Enchantress from her life.

June Moone is a gentle and sensitive girl, romantic and passionate, an artist born; unfortunately, she’s also inhabited by a personality opposed to her own, some sort of twisted mirror version of herself, a cold and sometimes cruel being who takes possession of her body when she turns into her magic alterego. As the Enchantress, she’s an extremely powerful sorceress, able to use magic to a variety of uses (flight, energy emission and manipulation, intangibility, illusion casting, teleportation, summonings and much more), gifted with the unique ability to sense magic energy and magic users, tracking them wherever they are even from great distances or even other planes of existence. Enchantress got mad after Supergirl prevented her from fulfilling her destiny of protector of Earth, and she started to influence June’s personality and private life as well, so that now two opposite and conflicting beings inhabit the same body, fighting for control: if the gentle June Moone or the frightful Enchantress will win, only time will tell.



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