Waylon Jones (Killer Croc)

Killer CrocAlmost at the end of the characters revealed in the first Suicide Squad official pic: this time, we’re speaking of the biggest one, Killer Croc, portrayed by Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje. Not much is known about his role in the show, apart from the fact that he’ll be a mass-murderer recruited in the Suicide Squad (as most of his teammates, by the way). This is the first live action appearance of one of the most popular Batman‘s villains, one of the few ones who never made it to the big or small screen, apart from animation. The look resembles the very first one Croc had in the comics, while he still resembled a human being, albeit with fangs and scales (he would have later “evolved” in a humanoid crocodile, with tail and elongated snout): if he’ll suffer some other transformation during the movie, it remains to be seen. In the meanwhile, let’s see who Killer Croc is in the comics.

Life was never easy for Waylon Jones: he was born in Florida, in a slum in Tampa, and from his very childhood he developed quite a unique medical condition, a form of atavism that made him look like some sort of mammal-reptile hybrid, with his body covered with greenish scales. Waylon’s mother died during childbirth due to the baby’s unique conformation, and his father fled, abandoning him; the one who took care of the baby was Waylon’s aunt, a violent alcoholic who hated the child, and who often beat him and abused him, calling him “lizard boy” and similar. Even in school, young Waylon was constantly bullied for his appearance, and things got worse while growing up, since his body took unusual proportions, making him look even uglier. Once, after the umpteenth provocation from one of the usual bullies, Waylon snapped and attacked him: the killercroccomics1other child barely survived the experience, and Waylon was sent to reform school, where he spent eight years. Even there, he was mocked, ridiculed and abused by both the other children and the personnel, and his despisal towards “normal” humans grew. When he turned eighteen, he got out from reformatory, came back home, and killed his drunken aunt in cold blood. After some time spent in prison, he found a job in a moving carnival, where his appearance and his odd abilities made him a superstar: he became famous as Killer Croc, and spent his time wrestling with alligators for the joy of the public. In the circus, he even found the thing cosest to a family he ever knew, and for a time he forgot about his hatred for humanity as a whole. His soul, however, had been already corrupted by decades of abuses and despisal, and soon the simple life in the circus looked less and less appealing for him: Waylon wanted something more, he wanted money, he wanted power, and he wanted fear and respect from the ones who had always humiliated him. In that moment, he decided he would have become the greatest criminal ever seen.

Following the money, Killer Croc arrived in Gotham City, where he used his many talents (not only his strength, that was far above the one of a normal human, but also a keen intellect and a cruel determination) to make his way in the city’s underworld. Through fear and violence, he managed to create a real army of lackeys and henchmen, who he used to unbalance the forces already at work in Gotham; he committed many murders to make a statement (among these, he also murdered Joseph and Trina Todd, prompting their son Jason to become the new Robin). It was inevitable, however, that sooner or later he would have clashed with the city’s protector, Batman: when the Dark Knight first approached Croc, however, the latter was dressed with a heavy raincoat and a large hat, so that the hero killercroccomics2believed him to be just another crime boss like many others he had faced before. When Killer Croc showed his face, things became a little bit harder for Batman, and in their first fight Croc’s strength and brutality proved to be more than enough to submit even the Dark Knight. Their battle became quite a prolonged one, but eventually Batman got the upper hand, and managed to defeat the monstrous rival; Waylon Jones was arrested and sent to Arkham Asylum, where the personnel subjected him to a heavy electroshock therapy, that left him scared in both body and mind. From those days, Croc kept having terrifying nightmares, and his psyche suffered a major breakdown. The experiments had on Waylon also had the effect of making his mutation go further: Croc’s body kept growing bigger and bigger, with his scales becoming harder and his strength increasing, but he also lost contacts with his own humanity, and his intellect constantly diminished the more the reptilian part of his brain took control. Croc escaped from the prison thanks to Ra’s al Ghul‘s intervention, and he worked for him for a little while kidnapping Alfred Pennyworth following his scheme without questions; after that, he took refuge in Gotham’s sewers and abandoned subterranean highways, becoming the lord of the city’s underground (literally speaking). In his hideout, Killer Croc kept mutating, becoming more and more dangerous as his human self disappeared, leaving place to a reptilian, blood-thirsty monster…

Waylon Jones was a ruthless sociopath and a criminal mastermind, a violent man fighting his way to the top of Gotham’s criminality; now, he’s only a brutal killing machine, a cannibalistic monster who only aims at the top of the food chain. As Killer Croc, he’s extremely strong and durable, and his senses are much more evolved than human ones; he’s also an expert swimmer and a remarkable hand-to-hand fighter, able to make the better use for his body mass, sharp teeth and claws in combat. He also developed some sort of healing factor, much like a lizard’s one, that allows him to heal faster than usual and even to grow back lost limbs. One of Gotham’s most dangerous criminals, Killer Croc is a man-eating monster who turned the pain he had to suffer in pain he gladly and sadistically inflicts to others.



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