Christopher Weiss (Slipknot)

SlipknotFinally, time for the last character appearing in the group photo from Suicide Squad, and one of the lesser known guys in the team. At the far left of the picture, you can see a man with ropes hanging from his costume: that’s Slipknot, portrayed by Adam Beach. For his live action debut, Slipknot sports a more grounded look than in the comics, where he changed from a black full-costume to a purple one, but always with mask and everything. Not much is known about this secondary villain’s role in the movie, but it’s pretty positive he’ll serve as cannon fodder… Well, let’s wait and see. In the meantime, let’s see who he is in the comics.

Not much is known about Christopher Weiss‘ early life: he was born in the United States, and he lived and worked somewhere in the South. Pretty smart, he was a chemist working for a big company, and it was during his work that he developed and extremely powerful adhesive that, if applied to any substance, was able to make it harder and more durable than titanium. Weiss knew that, if he commercialised it, he would have earned from it just as much as his company allowed him to, so he decided to leave his job and to work as a free-lancer…but not exactly in the same field of expertise as before. With a hard training that made him a remarkable gymnast and martial artist, Weiss put himself on the market as an assassin for hire, using his adhesive on ropes to make them the perfect tool for murder. He also created the masked identity of Slipknot, knowing that a super name and a costume would have increased his chances of being employed. His schemes actually worked, and he was hired by the 2000 Committee, a secret group of extremely rich and influent people who aimed to the conquest of the United States by the year 2000. Slipknot answered directly to the slipknotcomics1orders of Henry Hewitt, one of the few named members of the Committee. When the heroes Firestorm and Firehawk started messing with the Committee’s business, Slipknot received the order to kill the first and to kidnap the latter, as Firehawk was the result of the Committee’s experiments. While other agents abducted Firehawk, Slipknot engaged Firestorm in combat, and managed to subdue the extremely powerful hero with his ropes, demonstrating  the strength of his adhesive. From inside Firestorm’s mind, however, renowned scientist Martin Stein found a flaw in Slipknot’s formula, so eventually the hero was able to defeat Slipknot and to run and save Firehawk. With his contract failed, Slipknot didn’t receive any payment, and lost his contacts with the 2000 Committee, losing this way also his most remunerative client.

Angered for his ruined “career”, Slipknot allied himself with Firestorm’s nemesis, Multiplex, who was gathering a team of villains to finally take on Firestorm. The battle was much shorter than Slipknot or even Multiplex imagined, and most of the villains ended up in police’s custody. Locked up in Belle Reve, Christopher Weiss was recruited by Amanda Waller in the new formation of her Suicide Squad, responding to a serious threat: the Manhunters, superpowered robots from space, had attacked Earth with the intent of “judging” and erasing human race. The Squad had the task of escorting Baby Huey (the nickname of an extremely powerful, experimental bomb) to the Manhunters’ base, to end the war once and for all. The enemy base was in the swamps, and some of the Squad slipknotcomics2members, the most untrustworthy, were given an explosive armband ready to explode if they tried to escape taking advantage of the chaos. Of course, Slipknot was among the ones with the armband. During the trip, however, Captain Boomerang told Weiss that the armbands were fake, just a psychological tool for preventing them to escape. Slipknot pretended not to believe his teammate, but now he had some doubts himself on the effectiveness of the explosive. When the team reached the Manhunters’ base, it was clear from the very beginning that Slipknot’s talents in strangling people was useless against non-breathing robots, and he decided to trust Boomerang’s words and to run away in the swamps. Unfortunately, Boomerang just wanted to see whether the armbands were real or not, and he had picked Slipknot as the perfect guinea pig to verify his theory: when Weiss got far enough from the others, the armband activated, and the explosion confirmed to Captain Boomerang that the explosives were actually real and functioning. Slipknot was later found by a teammate, the Duchess, barely alive and with his right arm missing: he was brought back to Belle Reve. His missing arm was later replaced with a bionic limb, and Slipknot was ready to go on mission again…not that Waller was eager to use him again on field: he would have rot in prison for a while…

Christopher Weiss is a brilliant scientist but a cruel and greedy man, driven by a limitless ambition and a vindictive character. As Slipknot, he’s a well-trained assassin with a remarkable ability in hand-to-hand combat, specialised in strangling his victims with ropes hardened by his special adhesive, that makes them stronger than titanium and just as durable, enough to bind even the nuclear man Firestorm. Mean, deceiving, coward enough to be dangerous if cornered, Slipknot is a ruthless killer, who has no regards for anything that is not his own personal gain.



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