Catherine Jane Grant

Cat GrantTime for the second character appearing in Supergirl trailer: Kara Danvers is seen working in the media conglomerate CatCo as a personal assistant to the company’s founder and CEO, Cat Grant, portrayed by Calista Flockhart. Cat appears to be the one to name Supergirl for the media, a Devil Wears Prada-like character with quite an attitude. This is not Cat’s first live action appearance: Tracy Scoggins portrayed her in Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman, where she was a flirtatious reporter from Daily Planet, who often tried to hit on Clark Kent in a pretty direct and shameless way. She also appeared in Smallville, but she was split into two different characters: in Season 9, Emilie Ullerup portrays a Cat Grant going on a blind date with Clark Kent, a girl who’s later hired as the host of a TV morning show; in Season 10, Keri Lynn Pratt portrays a different version of the character: a single mother on the run from her abusive ex husband, she was named Mary Louise Shroger, and she adopted the “Cat Grant” pseudonymous to protect her son. She was hired by the Daily Planet and became Clark’s new partner for a while. In the comics, she’s some sort of a mix of all these characters: let’s see together.

Catherine Jane Grant was born in Los Angeles, the perfect city for a young woman like her, naturally fascinated by the world of stars and by secret love stories. She grew up to become a journalist, and was hired to write a gossip column that, with the years, became extremely famous just as much as it was controversial. Cat also met the one she believed to be the man of her life, Joe R. Morgan, and faithful to her own idea of love, she married him with all the passion and rush she liked to speak about in her column. Unfortunately, Joe wasn’t exactly the perfect man, quite the opposite, and he showed to be an abusive alcoholic who brought also his wife into drinking. Cat had a son from him, catgrantcomics1Adam, who she loved as nobody else before or after: it was to protect him that she decided she would have left Joe and found a better future for what remained of her family. Cat obtained divorce, and six weeks after she moved to Metropolis, another city just as alive and gossiping as Los Angeles. Her fame preceded her, and she had no difficulty in obtaining the same job she had in L.A., this time working for the Daily Planet, the city’s most important newspaper. From the very first day on the job, Cat impressed her colleagues (especially the male ones…) with her direct approach and plain speaking, a shameless attitude that knew no taboo, and that was meant to intrigue men enough to obtain what she wanted… much to the women’s contempt. Behind this facade of man-eater, however, Cat was still struggling to be a good mother to Adam, and to quit drinking, in a desperate effort to fix her life. Nobody noticed this true nature of Cat, apart from one of her colleagues, Clark Kent. Clark was extremely sensitive and compassionate, and he saw through Cat’s appearance: the two of them became fast friends, and she even started dating him, in what ended up being a short-lived relationship. Cat, in fact, soon realized that Kent was actually in love with Lois Lane, even if he didn’t want to admit it to himself, and that he was more interested in saving her than in dating her. Despite things ended pretty soon between them, however, they remained good friends.

Despite her “true nature” had been exposed with Clark, Cat kept acting as usual with everyone else, flirting with male colleagues (especially Steve Lombard) and upsetting female ones, particularly Lois Lane. During one of the umpteenth quarrels between Cat and Lois, the latter declared that Grant wasn’t even a true reporter, since she only wrote of gossip. Eager to prove her wrong, Cat decided to help Clark Kent in his new investigation: he was trying to link Morgan Edge, one of the city’s most important businessmen, to the criminal cartel Intergangcatgrantcomics2. Cat went undercover at Galaxy Broadcasting, the media company owned by Edge, with the idea of exposing his illicit traffics. The plan actually worked, and Morgan Edge was publicly recognized as a criminal… but now Cat Grant needed a bodyguard to protect herself from Intergang, since she was now the target of the entire cartel. The one who took the job was José Delgado, the masked vigilante Gangbuster, who proved more than once to be more than fit for the task. With a man she could trust finally at her side, Cat eventually fell in love with Delgado, and the two became a couple soon after… unfortunately, Adam didn’t like mom’s new boyfriend at all, since he still idolized his father, Joe. Despite this, the relationship between Cat and Jose lasted long, and ended only when Delgado decided to resume his activity as Gangbuster despite Cat had been the one to convince him to stop for his own safety. Eventually, Cat left the Planet and became a TV journalist: she was hired by WGBS, the same company she nearly brought to failure, hired by Vincent Edge, the allegedly more honest father of Morgan (actually, he was a criminal as well, but he retired due to the stress). Cat proved to be good at her new job, and she even got her own tv show, The Cat Grant Show. Finally, her life was starting to put itself together… until tragedy struck: a robot created by the Toyman went berserk, and started killing children around the city. Among the victims, there was also Adam. Distraught and alone, Cat had now to reinvent herself completely, trying not to fall back to alcoholism due to the pain. Becoming the CEO of WGBS after Vincent Edge’s incarceration was a good start…

Cat Grant is, undoubtedly, a strong woman, determined enough to be able to stand up again after major falls and tragedies. She’s also a far-too-direct, brazen, cheeky man-eater, who knows how to manipulate males and is more than willing to do it with all the “weapons” she has, being it her cunning spirit or her surgically enlarged breast. A devoted mother to her son Adam, she struggles to raise him on her own, and never lets her (many) boyfriends take his place in her heart. She’s also a skilled reporter and journalist, and despite she’s specialized in gossip, she’s more than able to commit to other kinds of investigation. A self-made woman, Cat is now one of the top media CEOs, an influential woman who uses her many talents to stay at the top she’s earned.



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