Winslow Percival Schott (Toyman)

Winslow SchottTime for another major character appearing in Supergirl trailer: in the show, Kara Danvers will be friends with a programmer, a coworker at CatCo, who will help her with her heroic identity by providing her technical advices (as well as costume and cape). He’s Winslow “Win” Schott, portrayed by Jeremy Jordan, another well known character to the readers. Schott is better known as the supervillain Toyman, and has appeared in a variety of tv shows, albeit he seldomly preserved his secret identity as well: in Wonder Woman, his real name was changed to Orlich Hoffman, portrayed by Frank Gorshin, and he was a robotic engineer who built deadly toys to defeat the Amazon. In Superboy, he was renamed Nick Knack and portrayed by Gilbert Goddfried, while in Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman he was split into two characters: first Winslow Schott, portrayed by Sherman Hemsley, a man who created a toy able to make adults act like children; when Schott turned good, he was replaced as the Toyman by Harold Kripstly, portrayed by Grant Shaud, a childish man who kidnapped orphans. Last but not least, Schott was turned into a murderous psychopath in Smallville, where Chris Gauthier portrayed him as a former employee of Queen Industries who went mad after being fired. He was one of the main villains of the last seasons…and definitely just as creepy and scary as the last portrayal of Schott in the comics. Let’s see together.

Born in Britain, Winslow Schott grew up as an extremely smart and inventive kid, a boy prodigy with quite a talent for machines and engineering. His first functioning toy was a red and blue mechanical plane, quite a remarkable achievement for a boy still younger than ten years old; his first success, however, also resulted in his first trauma, as an older boy, jealous of his plane, stole the toy. This childish prank ended up marking Schott’s psyche, to a level he never realised but years later. As an adult, Winslow put his talent to the best use, and started working for a renowned toymancomics1toy company creating some of the most amazing toys ever seen; making children happy with his toys was just as great a joy as being able to nurture his own child’s passion, and Schott was perfectly fulfilled with his life. Eventually, however, his toy company grew bigger and bigger, until it attracted the attention of a major multinational company such as LexCorp: the bigger company bought the smaller one, and from a day to another Winslow Schott was jobless, parted from what had given a meaning to his life. The worse part, however, was that the toys he had created for the toy company were now used by LexCorp in several military projects, with the engines and the mechanics reverse-engineered to create drones and mines. Seeing this as a perversion of his own work, an unforgettable mockery that transformed things created to bring joy to children in death tools for adults, Schott lost it, and felt like when the other boy had stolen his plane just for greed and cruelty: he decided he wouldn’t have stood aside once again, letting the bully take what was his, and he started planning his revenge against Lex Luthor, the head of LexCorp and one of the most powerful men in the world. Schott created the identity of the Toyman, and built lethal toys just for the purpose of murdering Luthor: first he attempted to his life while he was in England, but Luthor was saved by the intervention of British superheroine Godiva. His first failed attempt didn’t bring him down, and Toyman followed Luthor to Metropolis, where he built other toys to resume what was now his personal mission.

In Metropolis, of course, the Toyman had to face a much bigger obstacle than Godiva: Superman, who (ironically) protected Lex Luthor more than once from Schott’s deadly toys. Schott started seeing Superman as the one and only thing preventing him from accomplishing his goal, and started targeting him as well. Eventually, he was contacted by the Intergang, and started working for them, helping the criminal cartel with some of his lethal inventions. Finally, Superman managed to arrest Schott, but this was just the beginning of a brand new era for the Toyman: it’s not clear what happened to him in jail, but it’s a fact that he suffered a major psychotic break, and his personality toymancomics2changed drastically. The once childish and candid Winslow Schott evolved into a dark and violent Toyman, and he started hearing voices in his head prompting him to act through much more brutal ways than before (he called the voice “Mother“). With a brand new look and more determined than ever, Toyman escaped from prison, but this time he had a whole new different agenda than before. “Mother” managed to convince him that the real responsible for the failure of his beloved toy company wasn’t Luthor nor Superman, but the children themselves, since they didn’t like old-fashioned toys anymore, and only played with videogames and action figures. Things became even worse when, among the many action figures that a toy company had produced taking inspiration from real life enemies and friends of Superman, only the Toyman’s one stayed unsold: apparently, children didn’t find him a good villain, since he looked more like a clown than like a killer…another offense from the kids he wouldn’t have forgiven. With a new target, Toyman started kidnapping children all over Metropolis to “re-educate” them, but things turned for the worst when, obviously, the kids tried to escape imprisonment. Toyman found them, and something in his mind snapped: he killed them all, including reporter Cat Grant‘s son Adam, and dumped their bodies into an alley in the Suicide Slum (whether the responsible was the real Toyman or a lookalike robot is still unclear). Understanding that he was not the childish and jovial villain he knew, but that he had become a dangerous and unbalanced murderer, Superman used all his resources to track him down and to arrest him. “Mother”, however, was still speaking…

Winslow Schott started as a cheerful and smiling man, living in the dream of his life; he however turned into a weird but sympathetic villain, mantaining his childlike personality, until his deteriorating mental state transformed him into a creepy, cold-blooded and brutal mass-murderer, who follows the devious voice in his head he refers to as “Mother”. As the Toyman, he’s a genius inventor, a brilliant mechanical engineer specialised in toys…or at least in devices looking like toys, most of the time killer robots, bombs and deadly traps. He also built a series of androids looking exactly like him, robots good enough to fool even Superman’s super senses, and that he uses as decoys; he also has an army of animated dolls acting as his henchmen. With such a genius driven by psychosis and revenge, the Toyman is incredibly dangerous, a perfectly normal human able to threaten even the life of Superman…



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