White Canary

The last new character appearing in the Legends of Tomorrow trailer…is an old one. We already met Caity Lotz‘s Sara Lance as Laurel‘s cheating sister, who arrives on Lian Yu little after Oliver Queen and who is later welcomed by the League of Assassins as The Canary after the second near-death experience. Well, the Canary was killed during this season…but Sara is coming back thanks to the Lazarus Pit (it’s still unknown who will use it on her), and she will join the new team of heroes and villains with a brand new identity: the White Canary. Apparently Sara will suffer some sort of personality change during the resurrection, and her new self will be represented by a new costume and battle name. In the comics, the White Canary is a pretty recent character, and her true identity is pretty much different…it’ll be fun to see how Lotz will portray her, but it’s more than likely that the show’s version won’t be as villainous as the comics’ counterpart. Let’s see together.

The woman known as White Canary was born in China, in the Saanxi Province, in a small house along the legendary Silk Highway, an ancient road on which some of the most skilled and powerful martial artists dwelled. White Canary herself was the daughter of Si Fu Huang, an undefeatable master who raised his own children to be his successors, teaching them the ways of his kung fu; Si Fu, however, only wanted male heirs, so he had every female newborn killed upon birth. The White Canary’s mother died during childbirth, and upon finding she had given birth to a girl, Si Fu ordered the midwife to drown the baby into a nearby river. Despite her will to save the girl, the midwife obeyed Si Fu, and brought the newborn to the river…but something unexpected happened: a whitecanarycomics1single lighting bolt hit the woman just before she could drown the baby, and while the midwife died on the spot, the baby was left unscathed. Si Fu Huang understood that some divine power wanted the girl to live, so he decided to make one single ecception, and to keep the girl. He had named all his children (twelve in total) after the signs of the Chinese Zodiac, but he didn’t name her, keeping her a secret from the outside world. Si Fu trained the girl with her brothers, and transformed her into an ecceptionally skilled martial artist. She was the thirteenth heir to Huang, always hiding in the shadows, never revealing herself: when Huang died, his sons stepped into the world as the Twelve Brothers in Silk, a group of infallible assassins hired all over the world. Their sister witnessed their rise from behind the curtain, but she also witnessed their fall: during a mission, the Twelve Brothers came into conflict with an American heroine, the Black Canary, a proficient martial artist who proved to be a worthy opponent to them. In her final battle with the Brothers, Black Canary summoned in Gotham City a small group of heroes, forming a team that defeated the once-unbeatable Chinese warriors. After their defeat, the Twelve Brothers scattered around the world…but they were soon to be found.

Seeing Black Canary as the one who had shattered the pride of her family, Si Fu’s daughter finally chose a name: she would have been the White Canary, the heroine’s reverse. She didn’t only blame her newly found nemesis for her brother’s failure, however: it was their weakness that caused their defeat in the first place. She tracked down each one of the Twelve Brothers in Silk, and she beat them to death one after the other. This wasn’t such a hard task for her: with years of practice, White Canary was a more proficient martial artist than each one of her brothers, and the assassins, by the way, trusted her, so they didn’t see her attack coming. After punishing with death all of her brothers, White Canary took upon herself the task of succeeding where they had failed, so that she could have been whitecanarycomics2able to restore the pride of Huang’s legacy. She traveled to Gotham City, and she spent time collecting any possible information on a number of heroes and villains, including secret identities and personal data; then, she sent it to Oracle, the intelligence operator of the Birds of Prey, the group Black Canary was a part of. To the briefcase containing the files she added a note, in which she declared she would have killed a person from those files once every hour, until the Birds of Prey stopped her. While Oracle summoned her teammates, White Canary allied with one of the men on her list, Oswald Cobblepot, the crime lord known as The Penguin; Penguin accepted her services in bringing down the Birds of Prey, and he hired also the mercenaries Savant and Creote, two members of the team that defeated the Twelve Brothers, to fake their deaths at the hands of White Canary. Penguin then lit a different version of the Bat-Signal, displaying the symbol of the Birds of Prey, and when the heroines arrived, he pretended his life was threatened by White Canary (she even stabbed him to make everything seem more believable). As the Birds of Prey “saved” The Penguin, White Canary finally faced her enemies, but she defeated Black Canary, the Huntress, Hawk and Dove and Lady Blackhawke without the slightest difficulty. The fight was interrupted by the arrival of GCPD and a local tv station troupe, but White Canary had proved her superiority: she then challenged Black Canary to find her and fight her alone, while The Penguin carried on his plan to destroy the rest of the team: the last of Si Fu Huang’s children would have had her vengeance, finally.

White Canary is a deadly and mysterious woman, a warrior born who allows herself no weakness or flaw. She’s blindly devoted to her father’s cause, and she feels upon herself all the burden of a legacy she’s now alone to bring. She’s a nearly undefeatable warrior, extremely skilled in hand-to-hand combat and in the use of weapons, to the point she’s able to single-handedly defeat all the Birds of Prey with no effort. Determined and cold-hearted, White Canary will resort to any means and will stipulate any alliance to kill the woman she considers responsible for all her family’s misfortune: the Black Canary.



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