Alura In-Ze

Alura In-ZeLet’s go on with the characters appearing in Supergirl trailer: at the very beginning of it, we witness the destruction of Krypton, as well as Kara‘s departure from her homeplanet. Warning and consoling her there’s her mother, Alura In-Ze, portrayed by Laura Benanti. Obviously, Alura dies with the planet’s explosion, but her role is a recurring one, so maybe she’ll find a way to let her coscience follow her daughter’s progresses, similar to what Jor-El did with his son. This is Alura’s second live action appearance, as the first one was in the Supergirl movie: in here, she was portrayed by Mia Farrow, and she was one of the few Kryptonians surviving in the Argo City colony. She didn’t have much of a role, apart from pleading her daughter not to follow the stolen Omegahedron to Earth (something that she obviously does). Waiting for the tv show, let’s see who Alura is in the comics.

Alura In-Ze was born on planet Krypton, in one of the biggest and most important cities of her world, Argo City. Extremely brilliant and determined, Alura managed to study her way to the Science Guild, and she soon became one of the most capable and brilliant scientists on the planet. Becoming a scientist, for Alura, also meant to embrace an extreme philosophy, and she learnt to suppress every emotion, every instict and desire, so that she could mold herself onto the image of the perfect woman of science as she imagined it: through her eyes, the universe was a cold world alurainzeecomics1of mathematical proportions and physical laws, and she dedicated her entire life to measuring and categorising it. There was one single variable she couldn’t forsee: Zor-El, a passionate artist from the noble House of El, who got interested in her and started courting her. At first, Alura reacted coldly to her suitor’s advances, but she was eventually won by Zor-El’s way of looking at the world: his universe was much more alive, complex and colourful than her own, and he completed her life with all the passions and feelings she had worked so hard no to feel anymore. Alura In-Ze fell in love with Zor-El, and the two of them got married: from that moment, Alura mitigated her husband’s sometimes rushy attitude, while he brought love and compassion to her cold-minded point of view. In a few time, they had a daughter, Kara, who grew up inheriting her mother’s brain and her father’s compassion. Alura and her family spent years of pure happiness, but that life wasn’t destined to last long, as tragedy soon befell Krypton and it inhabitants.

First, the Coluan conqueror Brainiac attacked Krypton, to make its people part of his personal collection: Brainiac used his advanced technology to shrink the city of Kandor and to bottle it, so that he could literally remove it from the planet. The Kryptonian army couldn’t prevent Kandor’s disappearance because of an impenetrable force field Brainiac used to protect his operations. Soon after, Zor-El’s brother, Jor-El, tried to convince the Kryptonian Council that the entire planet was about to blow up, but nobody believed him…nobody but Alura, who was able to confirm his researches, and Zor-El, who always trusted his older brother. Since the government was moving too slowly, Alura decided to act on her own: she obtained one of Brainiac’s drones that were succesfully destroyed by General Zod‘s army, and started studying it, looking for the secret of the alien’s technology. She had little time to accomplish anything, but she managed to reverse-engineer Brainiac’s force field, alurainzeecomics2and to use it to protect Argo City. Unfortunately, there was no time to make it bigger or more powerful, and Alura was able to save only her own city, while the rest of Krypton exploded. Zor-El, however, knew that his brother had sent his own son, Kal-El, on a distant planet, Earth, to save him: Alura then used the following years to find a way to move all the surviving Kryptonians on Earth, where they could have joined Kal. Brainiac, however, sensed that somebody was using his technology, and attacked the refugees. Alura couldn’t save her people, but she saved at least her daughter: she instructed her to guard over her infant cousin Kal, and she sent her to Earth on an escape pod. Brainiac, in the meanwhile, was assimilating all the new elements he found in Argo City to Kandor, destroying everything and everyone he found “redundant”: Alura and Zor-El were among the “lucky” ones he found interesting, and they were taken prisoners, shrunk and bottled with many others. At least, Alura knew her beloved daughter was safe, and not alone.

Alura In-Ze is an extremely intelligent woman, a scientific genius who has sacrificed her emotions and passions to achieve a purely calculating mind. With the help of her husband Zor-El, she managed to balance her feelings and her logic, but she usually ends up following the second. After years of being a refugee, Alura has become fiercely protective over her people, and she is ready to use any possible means to protect them…even extreme measures she wouldn’t have taken in consideration before. As all Kryptonians, on Earth she converts the yellow sun‘s radiations in incredible powers, such as immense strength, speed, durability and stamina, superhuman senses and reflexes, flight, heat vision, freezing breath and much more. A scientist to the bone, Alura will always follow the most logical way of action…even when it sacrifices any form of humanity or compassion.



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