HeathWelcome back everybody, it’s been a while! The first photo from the upcoming sixth season of The Walking Dead has been released, and we also get our first look at one of the new characters! At first, this new season regular was named Delvin for the casting call, but now that Corey Hawkins has been chosen for portraying him, he’s been fully revealed as Heath. We don’t know much of his role in the show, apart from the fact that he’ll be a cynical man who despises any other human being, blaming nearly anyone for the current situation. In the comics, he’s a well-known and established character, who’s been featured among the protagonists for quite a lot of time. Let’s see together who the original Heath is.

As for many characters in the series, nearly nothing is known about Heath’s life prior to the Outbreak, even if he most likely lived in Alexandria or close to the city. Following the epidemic that transformed most of the world population in flesh-eating zombies, Heath joined a small group led by Douglas Monroe, a former Congressman: along with Douglas and his family, the group was composed of Aaron, Olivia and Tobin. Despite not being numerous nor strong, the group managed to survive, and Douglas was invited by his old friend Alexander Davidson to join him into a fenced suburb, a true oasis in the desert that would have become the Alexandria Safe-Zone. Being the only safe place in the country, the Safe-Zone started welcoming more and more people, and the community encreased in number…and in heathcomics1necessitites. When Douglas became the new leader, after Davidson was exiled for his abuse of power, the various members of the community were assigned with particular tasks, and Heath received his as well: because of his survival skills and his street-smartness, Douglas chose him as the community’s supply runner, tasked with searching the now zombie-crowded “old world” in search for food, medicines, weapons and ammunitions, and everything else people from Alexandria could need from time to time. The other supply runner along with Heath was his best friend, Scott, a man Heath had met in the midst of apocalypse and who he went along well with. Douglas’ choice proved to be the right one, as Heath and Scott were more than up to the task and provided the group with all the necessary things they couldn’t produce by themselves, such as antibiotics. Everything went smoothly until the day of the “accident”: while scouting Washington D.C.‘s ruins, Heath and Scott found themselves surrounded by a herd of walkers and, trying, to escape, Scott fell and broke his leg. Heath shot a signal flare to ask for help to anybody who was nearby…but the help that came wasn’t exactly the one he was expecting.

Heath was soon reached by Aaron, who was out on a recruiting mission, but also by two strangers, Rick Grimes and Abraham Ford, two men from the group Aaron was following. The four men fought the walkers away from Scott in the effort of saving him, and they were eventually rescued by the Safe-Zone’s construction crew led by Tobin, making it back to the community…along with Rick and his entire, big group. During the road back home, Heath managed to know a little the people from the new group, and started to like them, but he felt a little uneasy with their leader, Rick; that same evening, he tried to tell Douglas, who had allowed the new group to stay, to be careful of Rick, since he could become another Davidson, but Douglas reacted violently, forbidding him to name his former friend ever heathcomics2again. From that moment, although concerned for Rick’s growing power in the community, Heath preferred to spend his time in the clinic, taking care of Scott, whose broken leg was causing a massive fever. During his time in the infirmary, Heath also deepened his friendship with one of the community’s doctors, Denise Cloyd, and the relation between them grew to become something more than a simple friendship. In the meanwhile, however, Scott’s conditions grew worse, and Heath volunteered to pursue the medicines Denise needed to allow his survival. Since he didn’t want one of his best men (and friends) to go out alone, Douglas decided to replace Scott with someone from Rick’s group, specifically Glenn, a young man Heath liked. During their trip to Washigton, Heath taught Glenn much of the supply runner’s “job”, despite Glenn had some experience on his own; he even saved Glenn’s life a couple of times, the first one when the young man nearly fell from a highway, and the second from a hidden walker. In order to save Glenn, however, Heath had to shoot a couple of times, thus alerting a hostile group nearby, the Scavengers: while the two suppliers rushed back to the safe zone, the Scavengers followed them without Heath or Glenn knowing it. Unfortunately, they were too late, and Scott died for the infection. There was little time to mourn his friend, however: the Scavengers were coming…

Heath is a resourceful and smart man, able to come out even from the most desperate situations thanks to an unborn inventiveness. At first distrustful towards Rick Grimes, he’s become with time one of his most loyal supporters and trusted allies, to the point that he fought Nicholas and his followers when they tried an uprising. After the deaths of his friends Scott and Glenn, and of his girlfriend Denise, Heath seemes to have sadly embraced his “destiny” of solitude…but not if Michonne has something to say about it.



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