Margaret “Peggy” Rae

Maggie LangWithout any comicbook-based tv show on air or requests, I upload the blog less often than usual these days… luckily enough there are trailers! In the last Ant-Man father’s-day-inspired trailer, we got our first glimpse of another character, the protagonist’s ex-wife Maggie Lang, portrayed by Judy Greer. In the movie, she has obtained divorce from Scott Lang and she now lives with her new husband, a guy named Paxton, and she doesn’t exactly have good memories of her first marriage. In the comics, her name is Margaret as well, but her nickname is Peggy rather than Maggie (they changed it to avoid confusion with Peggy Carter, who’s also appearing in the movie); she is Scott’s ex-wife, but she didn’t marry any Paxton, there was another guy in her life. Let’s see together.

Margaret “Peggy” Rae was born in New York City, and as a young girl she met Scott Lang, an over-the-top guy she fell in love with. The two began a relationship, and Peggy was fascinated by Scott’s adventurous life and by his rebellious attitude. Challenging her parents’ will, Peggy even married Scott, and the two lived together in New York. However, what thrilled and charmed Peggy as a girlfriend only made her worried and scared as a wife: Scott in fact was more often than not involved in criminal activities, and his peggyraecomics1abilities as a thief and as a conman always put him in trouble with the law. When Peggy got pregnant, she hoped that as a father Scott would have changed perspective and, eventually, even life, but her expectations were destined to be disappointed: not only Lang didn’t even try to walk the line, but he even ended up in jail because of it, leaving his wife alone. Peggy gave birth to a baby daughter, Cassie, and raised her as a single mother; she decided she would have waited for Scott to come out of jail, once again believing to his promises as he said he would have changed his life for his daughter’s sake. Peggy did want to trust her husband, but she couldn’t help having doubts on his intentions, and things became even more difficult for her the moment she met a gentle (and honest!) policeman, Blake Burdick, who helped her with Cassie during the time Scott was imprisoned. Before she even realized it, Peggy had fallen in love with Blake, and when Scott came out of jail clearly willing to resume his old life, she finally found the strength and will to break up with him. Not much time later, Peggy Rae got married again with Blake Burdick, and Scott was only allowed to see Cassie once a month.

Losing everything and everyone important in his life actually managed to prompt Scott to the life-change he had promised for years, but it was too late, as Peggy had now a new life of her own with Blake. When Cassie’s heart started failing, it was Scott who saved her life by stealing from superhero Hank Pym his Ant-Man suit and using it for rescuing the only doctor peggyraecomics2in the country able to save Cassie, but this didn’t change much in his relationship with his ex-wife. Peggy and Blake were happy together, and despite the woman actually recognized (and appreciated) Scott’s attempt to be a good and honest man, she found she didn’t have room in her life for him anymore. Trying to earn his daughter’s love (as if he needed to…), Scott chose to become the new Ant-Man, and started a life as a superhero, but as Cassie grew up idolizing her father, Peggy realized the dangers of such a behavior… not many years later, in fact, Scott was killed in action by an unhinged teammate, the Scarlet Witch, and Cassie decided to follow his footsteps to honor him, much to her mother’s and step-father’s horror. Despite strongly opposing Cassie’s choice, Peggy couldn’t do anything to prevent her from becoming the heroine Stature, and she constantly lived in fear of seeing her ending up like Scott. Eventually, she was proven right, as just as Scott Lang came back from the dead, Cassie was killed in battle by Doctor Doom: from that moment, Peggy embraced a rigid ant-superheroes perspective, believing that it was that kind of world, full of selfish megalomaniac in fancy costumes, that had caused her beloved daughter’s dead. As many others before her, however, Cassie didn’t stay dead for long, as a reformed Doctor Doom decided to make amend for his crimes by resurrecting his latest victim, Stature. Cassie Lang came back to her mother’s place, and as a first thing Peggy forced her to move from New York to Miami with her and Blake, so that it would have been easier for her to start a new life far away from her super-friends. Maybe, this time, Peggy would have managed to keep her daughter safe. Just maybe.

Peggy Rae tries her best to be a good mother for Cassie, while all around her the world tries to put her daughter to deadly risk. Along with her husband Blake, she deeply despises and condemns the superhero community, especially because of her direct experience with one of them, Ant-Man, her irresponsible ex-husband whose footsteps her daughter ended up following. Strong-willed and determined, Peggy just learnt that her daughter is just as tough a cookie as she is… not exactly the best premises for a peaceful new life.


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