Christine Everhart

christineeverhartfilmHi again! In these days, Marvel is promoting the upcoming Ant-Man, and a new viral campaign started, with a familiar character hosting WHiH World News and reporting news about recent facts in the MCU (like the battle in Sokovia from Avengers: Age of Ultron). The tv host is none other than Christine Everhart, the journalist portrayed by Leslie Bibb. She appeared in the first two Iron Man movies as a reporter from Vanity Fair, trying to get an interview with Tony Stark, and ending up becoming yet another one of his lovers. She also approached Justin Hammer in the sequel in an effort to discredit Stark, with not much success. In the comics, Everhart is a minor character, with a different background than the movies’ one: let’s see together.

Not much is known about Christine Everhart’s early life: she was most likely born in New York City, where she lived, and she studied journalism to become a reporter. Eventually, she showed skill enough to be hired by The Daily Bugle, one of the most renowned newspapers in town… not exactly an easy task, considering how severe and strict the editor in chief, J. Jonah Jameson, was. Christine worked her way to the top, until she was assigned to the pochristineeverhartcomics1litics session and moved to Washington D. C., where she distinguished herself as a “biter”, a reporter able to hinder any interviewee, even the most expert one. When billionaire Tony Stark, now publicly acknowledged as the superhero Iron Man, announced his bid as a candidate for the Secretary of Defense, Jameson sent Everhart to the press conference to do with Stark what she did best: to cause problems for him. One of Stark’s supporters, the President’s press secretary Artemus Pithins, tried to warn Stark against the beautiful reporter (“She’s a terrible woman. Her parents named her after an evil car”), but the billionaire proved once again to be far too easily won by feminine charm, and the press conference ended up being a disaster for him. Christine, in fact, stepped forward at the end of the conference with a question, despite Pithins and Stu Conrad (another of Stark’s supporters, working in the Pentagon‘s acquisitions) had suspended any Q&A session. Stark, intrigued, agreed to let her ask him what she wanted, all the while complimenting her on how a beautiful name she had, and Christine embarrassed him with a sudden: “Have you been hit on the head one too many times by the Mandarin?”

Despite Pithins and Conrad were quick in making Stark leave the room before he could answer impolitely, the audience was laughing already, and his credibility had been mined from his very first day of campaign. Christine, on her side, first thought of suing Stark for harassment, for the way he flirted with her during the interview, but then she chose another route, and she made a strategic alliance with a US Senator who held a grudge with Stark, Harrington Byrd. Byrd had investigated Iron Man’s secret identity years before, when the superhero’s real christineeverhartcomics2name was still unknown to the public and, especially, to the US Government, and in that occasion Stark had bluntly denied to know Iron Man’s true name, lying to a US Senator and to the American people. Christine used this to put up a real case against Tony Stark, and started an inquiry on how reliable and trustworthy the Secretary-wannabe actually was. She appeared in tv during Morning USA, where she expressed her skepticism towards the hero’s reliability, and publicly asked him to explain his previous actions and to justify all his lies against the people and the State. She also announced that she was preparing an interview with Harrington Byrd, so that she would have had the deposition of a direct witness of Stark’s deceitfulness. How could a man who had lied to his own country for so long swear to serve and protect it? What had started as a simple job had become one of Christine’s greatest opportunities, and she was more than determined to turn it into a personal battle: she would have prevented Stark’s election, and she would have used all the weapons in her arsenal to make sure of it.

Christine Everhart is a determined and strong-willed woman, extremely clever and smart. She’s made a mission out of her job, and she’s devoted to her cause with a remarkable tenacity. She’s a skilled reporter and a capable journalist, and everytime she puts her target on some politician, she never lets go until she’s reached her aim… unfortunately for the one who’s found himself in front of her mic.


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