Kyle Barnes (The Outcast)

Kyle BarnesIt seems like comicbook-based tv shows are produced once a week lately: recently, it’s been confirmed that Cinemax bought the rights of Robert Kirkman‘s latest work, Outcast, and the comic is ready to become a horror tv series the next season. We already have the first two posters, and our first look at the protagonist, Kyle Barnes, who’ll be portrayed by Patrick Fugit. As far as we know for now, Barnes will be pretty much the same as he is in the comics, a tormented man haunted by demon possessions since his childhood, who tries to understand what truth lies beneath his natural “magnetism” for demons and, especially, his skills in casting them out. Waiting to see if and how the tv character will differ from the original one, let’s take a look at the latter together.

Kyle Barnes was born in RomeWest Virginia, son of a single mother Sarah Barnes (he obviously had a father, but he left the moment he realised Sarah was pregnant, and Kyle never met him). Kyle grew up with his mother, and the two shared a wonderful relationship: as an adult, he would have remembered those days as the “bright house days”, the happiest in his life. Suddenly, when Kyle was still a child, something happened: Sarah changed from a day to another, she started to beat her beloved son savagely, and even to forcibly lock him in a closet, leaving him there kylebarnescomics1for hours. Kyle couldn’t understand his mother’s change, but there was someone who apparently knew what was happening: it was Reverend Anderson, the local pastor, who believed Sarah was possessed by demons. Anderson tried to perform an exorcism on Sarah, and asked Kyle to help him with his prayers, but they boy suddenly realised he didn’t want to help his mom, not after all the bad things she had done to him; during the ceremony, Sarah violently rebelled to the priest, and she ended up fighting with her own son…and then something happened, as Kyle unconsciously performed an exorcism on his own, and took the demon out of his mother’s body. As a result, however, Sarah fell into an irreversible comatose state, and Kyle found himself alone in the world: he was eventually adopted by a local family, since their daughter Megan had grown fond of him, and wanted to “take care of him”. Despite his adoptive parents treated him well, Kyle didn’t live exactly an easy life, especially because of Donnie, another adopted boy who lived with them, and who was in love with Megan: jealous of him, Donnie often beat Kyle, and made his life a living hell. Things got a little better when Donnie moved with another family, and Kyle met Allison, a girl he fell in love with.

Kyle and Allison started a relationship, and eventually they got married. Some time after they had a daughter, Amber. Unfortunately, the man’s haunted past kept tormenting him, and the same change that occured in his mother repeated itself in his wife: after some years of marriage, also Allison became possessed by demons, and she started manifesting the same “symptoms” of Sarah Barnes. Kyle, knowing what that meant, tried to free his wife from the demonic influence, but during the struggle he ended up wounding both Allison and Amber. Since Allison obviously didn’t remember having being possessed, Kyle was seen by her (and by everyone else in Rome) as a wife-beater and an abusive father, and his relationship with his family was stranded. kylebarnescomics2Despite Megan asked him to stay, Kyle preferred to leave the city, and started traveling the country. He spent fifteen years on the move, surviving with small jobs, until his steps brought him back to West Virginia, and he eventually came back to his home town. Considering himself “cursed” after what happened to his mother and wife, Kyle decided to live as an outcast, trying his best to avoid any relationship that, he knew, would have turned into tragedy. His old life, however, didn’t forget about him, and soon enough his step-sister Megan (who had married a police officer, Mark Holt, and had a daughter of her own) knocked to his door, trying to help him taking care of himself and putting his life back together. Despite initially refusing Megan’s attentions, Kyle ended up listening to her, and he accepted to at least attempt to live as a normal man…but he wasn’t: the very first day Kyle and Megan went to town together, they met Reverend Anderson, who was going to visit Roger and Betsy Austin, whose son Joshua was apparently possessed. Anderson didn’t believe for a moment it was a coincidence he had met Kyle in such a situation, and winning his obvious resistance he convinced him to follow him to the Austins’ place. Kyle proved vital in the succesful exorcism of the young boy, and it became clear for him that it wasn’t by chance that all that possessions happened in his life: following Anderson’s suggestion, he finally embarked on a personal “mission” to understand what was happening to him since the very day he was born…

Kyle Barnes is a tormented man, a dour individual who tries his best to avoid any relationship or connection with other human beings, sure that if he ever allowed himself to love somebody again, he or she would become the target of the demonic forces that have been haunting him since his childhood. He possesses the unborn ability to hurt the demons just by touching the body they’re possessing, so that he can be considered a human devil-detector; however, he also attracts demons, since the same source that gives him his powers serves as energy for the possessed ones. An outcast, a man who fights a lonely battle on the fringe of human world, Kyle Barnes desperately looks for an answer to the long enigma his life has always been for him.



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  11. […] Barnes was born in Rome, West Virginia, daughter of Kyle Barnes and his wife Allison. Her life never was a normal one, from its very beginning: when Amber was very […]

  12. […] Anderson never realised the truth…that, until he came to the woman’s house along with Kyle Barnes, a natural […]

  13. […] and pious woman, Sarah Barnes, was casted away by an unforseen force: the woman’s son, Kyle, an Oucast. Outcasts were a special breed of humans, born with particular talents that made their […]

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  16. […] that she didn’t say anything to anybody. Six months later, the family took in another boy, Kyle Barnes, who had been physically and psychologically abused by his now comatose mother: naturally kind and […]

  17. […] introduced three new characters. In The Road Before Us, Reverend Anderson is trying to prove to Kyle Barnes that his previous exorcisms were in fact effective, and he visits a man from his past, Roy […]

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  19. […] exorcised, Sherry, has gone missing, he resolves to go find her in the big city…and he and Kyle eventually find her, but she’s clearly possessed beyond redemption, and she manifests powers […]

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  21. […] portrayed by Dakota Lee. In the show, Dakota appears in episode 3, Not My Job to Judge, when Kyle Barnes and Reverend Anderson come back to the Austins’ house to ask for informations […]

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