Jack Hammer (Weasel)

WeaselTime for the other half of the picture from Deadpool, which features the poor guy Angel Dust is chocking: that’s Weasel, the protagonist’s unfortunate best friend, portrayed by T. J. Miller. In the movie, Weasel will act as Deadpool‘s weapons supplier, and he’ll help him with his mission…task…contract…thing. We actually don’t know much about the movie itself, even less of Weasel’s role, apart from the fact that he’ll obviously will have some troubles with an angry Angel Dust. But we can always see who he is in the comics!

Jack Hammer was born in New York City, the son of John and Virginia Hammer. He even had a brother, but nothing is known about him. Growing up, Jack became a student in Midtown High School, where he soon made himself known for being extremely brilliant. Unfortunately, he was also universally considered a total nerd, and even other “losers” like Peter Parker didn’t hang out with him. Jack lived his life, he had a crush on the sweet and beautiful Gwen Stacy, he tried to avoid bullies like Flash Thompson…the usual things. The occasion of his life arrived when Norman Osborn, CEO of Oscorp, offered to young researchers a prestigious job in his company. Hammer competed with Parker for it, and he even had a lot of chances to win…but then something unexpected happened: Parker gave Osborn some false reports on Hammer being a drug addict, thus excluding him from the job. Only, the man who did this wasn’t Peter Parker, but an unlikely time traveler, the weaselcomics1future Deadpool, who had become stranded in the past during a fight with the Great Lakes Avengers. Deadpool pretended he was Parker, and he boycotted Jack’s meeting with Osborn. Later, always, posing as Parker, he invited the poor boy to a bar, and offered him a friend shoulder to cry upon…but he obviously wanted Hammer to repair his teleportation device, so that he could come back to his time. Jack Hammer got the first drunk of his life, and he eventually agreed to repair his “schoolmate”‘s strange device. With his belt repaired, Deadpool disappeared, leaving Jack all alone in the bar. In the daze of alcohol, Jack Hammer realised that, with his future destroyed because of his newborn fame of drug-addict, he had but one chance in life: crime. That night, in that bar, Weasel was born.

With his new name, Jack started working on experimental weaponry, and became one of the most requested arms dealers in the country. He provided intelligence, tech and equipment to mercenaries and criminals, and made quite a a fortune from it. It was during this period that, in Canada, he met “for the first time” (as far as he knew) Deadpool, a superhuman mercenary who had just left the government-run Weapon X Program and was now working for a mysterious criminal, Mr. Tolliver. Weasel proved to be an irreplaceable asset for the Merc with a Mouth, and with time he (unfortunately) became also what Deadpool referred to as “his best friend”…with a lot of catastrophic results on Weasel’s life, the first of weaselcomics2which was the fact that his services were now an exclusive of Deadpool’s. When Tolliver died, he left a will, granting a “surprise” for the one who would have found it: of course, Deadpool wanted to participate…and he warmly invited Weasel to accompany him. The two of them travelled to Madripoor, where they found out they obviously weren’t the only ones to look after Tolliver’s will: quite a number of mercenaries, heroes and villains, both former allies and enemies of Deadpool’s, were on the hunt already. Weasel had quite a taste of what Deadpool meant with “friendship”, and he ended up risking his life a number of times while in Madripoor; one of the other mercenaries, Comcast, targeted him directly, and nearly killed him, but luckily enough Weasel didn’t only sell weapons, but was quite proficient in using them as well, and shot the attacker to the head. The hunt for the will didn’t end well for Deadpool, but Weasel miracolously survived the experience, avoiding both the enemies’ attacks and his own partner’s carelessness. Despite being quite sure that his relationship with Deadpool would have eventually led him to a horrible (and possibly hilarious) death, somehow Weasel remained with his wierdest business partner ever…trying to survive their friendship, and to find a way out of it.

Jack Hammer is an extremely brilliant man, a scientist and engineer with a genius level intellect…who has a totally messed up life. As Weasel, he’s a weapons expert, who designed and built some of the most lethal arms and gadgets Deadpool and other mercenaries use; he also specialised with providing intelligence and info to his clients…even if the number of “costumers” soon shrank to one: Deadpool. Now, Weasel tries his best to survive the attentions and the mood swings of his deranged partner.



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