Vanessa Geraldine Carlysle (Copycat)

CopycatIn another pic from Deadpool, we see the protagonist speaking with a girl in what seems to be a kitchen of sort. The girl is Vanessa, who will be portrayed by Morena Baccarin. She’ll be one of the allies of Deadpool in the movie, and that should come as no surprise for whoever reads the comicbooks, since there’s a pretty renowned “Vanessa” in the Merc with a Mouth‘s life… and she’s exactly the one Baccarin is playing. Apart from this, we don’t know much of the character yet, not even if she’ll retain her original counterpart’s powers (surely she doesn’t display her trademark white/blue skin and hair). Anyway, as always, let’s see who she is in the comics first.

Vanessa Geraldine Carlysle was born in New BrunswickNew Jersey, daughter of Burt and Dorothy Carlysle. Vanessa wasn’t like all the other girls: she was born a mutant, gifted and cursed with amazing abilities that made her different from everyone else… and she couldn’t even hide it, since her mutation included physical traits: she had white hair, light-blue skin, pointy hears and bright red eyes. Dorothy was very protective of her daughter, while Burt had more difficulties in accepting her for what she was, to the point that, when she grew up, he kicked Vanessa out of his house, leaving her to take care of herself (Burt died little after sending away his daughter, but she knew this only years after). As anybody could expect, the life waiting for a girl living alone on the streets wasn’t really one of fun and adventure, and in fact she ended up in BostonMassachusetts, working as a prostitute. In the meanwhile, she had copycatcomics1also discovered what her mutant powers were: she was a shapeshifter, quite a useful skill if your job was walking the streets (a prostitute who could become whoever the client wanted was quite requested). It was during her time in Boston that she met Wade Wilson, a mercenary, who she eventually fell in love with. The two stayed together for quite some time, and Vanessa believed she had finally found happiness… with some risk connected: once, some assassins were sent to kill her, since they believed her to be a distraction for the man destined to become Deadpool, but luckily enough Vanessa was saved by an unexpected guest, a woman named Zoe Culloden (a now rogue agent of Landau, Luckman & Lake, a time traveling espionage agency, the same that had sent the killers). The very night after the attack, however, Wade broke up with Vanessa, apparently for no reason, breaking her heart: actually, he had found out he had a terminal cancer, and he didn’t want his lover to witness him slowly fading away. With everything in her old life reminding her of her lost love, Vanessa left Boston, searching a new start.

Vanessa harshly trained, and chose for herself the same life of Wade’s, becoming a mercenary. Under the codename Copycat she started accomplishing a contract after the other, until she got interested in Tolliver, the new employer of Wade (who had survived cancer thanks to Weapon X‘s experiments). First, Copycat used her powers to transform into Cheryl Marks, a random woman she used to seduce Mr. Foley, Tolliver’s butler. Through Foley, she learnt much of Tolliver’s organization, and when she believed she knew everything she needed, she broke up with the butler and presented the “true self” to Tolliver, being employed as his new mercenary. Tolliver copycatcomics2made good use of Copycat’s unique abilities, and she sent her as an undercover agent in X-Force, transformed into one of their own, the mutant Domino, now Tolliver’s prisoner. By touching Domino, Copycat was able to imitate not only her appearance, but even her powers and even her brain patterns, so that she could fool also a telepath like the one who was her target: X-Force’s leader Cable. Vanessa succesfully infiltrated X-Force, and everything went according to the plan, with Cable mistaking her for his old friend Domino and allowing her back into the team. Staying with the heroic mutants, however, changed Copycat’s perspective, and she started to get attached to them: she truly became friends with Cable, and she even was some sort of mother figure for the Young Mutants, a group of teenager heroes Cable had in training. Copycat/Domino arrived to the point of saving Cable’s life during a fight with the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, something that made Tolliver realize she had lost her focus on the mission: the employer sent Deadpool to force Vanessa’s hands, and in the now mutated mercenary there was no sign of the love they shared years before. Still wanting to protect her friends, Copycat/Domino convinced Cable to let their base to be blown, so that they could fake their deaths; later, she guided X-Force to Tolliver’s place, where Cable found the true Domino imprisoned and freed her. Before he could realize he had been with a fake Domino all along, Vanessa had disappeared. Now, she wanted a different life for herself, one away from Deadpool or Tolliver, one in which she could be truly herself…

Vanessa Carlysle is an independent and passionate woman, pretty resourceful and smart; despite all the hate she suffered since her childhood, she’s still capable of selfless love and care, as she demonstrated with a young Wade Wilson and even with the ones who were supposed to be her targets, the mutants from X-Factor. As Copycat, she’s able to transform in any other human being (or even animal) she knows the appearance of; if she touches someone, she’s able to replicate him or her at a genetic level, so that she becomes an exact copy of the original, brain patterns and even superpowers included. She’s also a skilled mercenary, a proficient athlete well-trained in both armed and unarmed combat. Still trying to find her place in the world, Copycat now struggles with a fading memory which is the result of Weapon X’s power-enhancing experiments: fighting for a future might be just as difficult as fighting to retain her own past…



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