Joshua Austin

Joshua AustinTime for another character seen in the Outcast trailer, and specifically that creepy boy that whispers to the protagonist “I know you…” the moment he enters his bedroom: that’s Joshua Austin, who’ll be portrayed by Gabriel Bateman. Apparently, his role in the show will be pretty much the same as in the comics: the possessed boy who serves as “training ground” for our amateur exorcist, protagonist of the series. If the character will be further developed in the series, or left behind just like in the comics, it remains to be seen, but in the meantime, let’s see everything there is to know about one of the creepiest antagonists in Outcast so far.

Joshua Austin was a perfectly normal boy in a perfectly normal family: he was the son of Roger and Betsy Austin, and he lived with his parents and his little sister in a pretty house in RomeWest Virginia. Joshua’s life was exactly the one of any other boy his age, until he started to…change, in quite a traumatic way. The boy, in fact, had been possessed by a powerful demon who was now inhabiting his body, setting his own soul aside. At first, Joshua just became moody and aggressive, then his changes became more and more perplexing, worrying his parents, who joshuaaustincomics1thought of some major psychological disorder. Then, the demon got hungry. In the middle of the night, Joshua went to the kitchen, and started eating everything he found…until the food ended, and he was still hungry. When the boy’s mother entered the room, Joshua started chewing his own finger, eating all the flesh to the bone. Understandably in shock, Betsy, a devout church-goer, finally feared that what disturbed her child was something more than psychological or nervous disorders, and resolved to ask for the help of the local pastor, Reverend Anderson, an expert exorcist. Anderson met the boy in his room, where he had been locked by his family: it was plain that the demon possessing him was very powerful, and strongly resisted to the ritual. The pastor told many times Betsy to leave the room, but she refused to abandon her baby…getting kicked in the face from one side to the other of the bedroom when her “little baby” started levitating over his own bed. With Joshua nullifying Anderson’s attempts to exorcise him, the pastor obviously needed help…some help that had just arrived in town.

Reverend Anderson came back with Kyle Barnes, a man who had left Rome fifteen years before and who had come back recently…and who Joshua claimed to know (at least, the demon inside him knew). Joshua told him he knew who he was, and that he was an “outcast”, but before Kyle could answer, the boy suddenly jumped from his bed, attacking him. Joshua was incredibly strong, and easily overpowered the grown-up man: the demon tried to move from Joshua to Kyle, but Anderson intervened, pulling the boy off his friend…and getting punched away in the process. Joshua had overpowered both his exorcists, and the two of them retreated…for the moment. After a few joshuaaustincomics2minutes, they came back in the room, and opened the window, letting sunlight in: Joshua was hurt by the light, and tried to hide behind the bed, but Anderson and Kyle cornered him. Trying to defend himself, Joshua bit Kyle’s arm…only to find out that the man’s blood was poisonous for the demon. Realising this, Kyle dropped some of his blood on the boy, and the demon, in pain, left his body, finally freeing him. Joshua could apparently come back to his old life. Some time later, however, Reverend Anderson realised that he had failed nearly all the exorcisms he had performed…and there was obviously some doubt about the results of Joshua’s one too. Kyle Barnes visited the Austins, and after being thanked over and over by Betsy and Roger, he had a little chat with Joshua. The boy seemed perfectly normal, and when Kyle touched him (something that apparently hurt demons), he didn’t even flinch. He was indeed free.

Joshua Austin is a normal boy, who loves his parents and sometimes fights with his sister. As a possessed kid, however, he developed an unnatural cruelty, a certain sadism and even masochism; he also gained an unnatural strength, and some sort of allergy for light and for sacred symbols, as well as for the blood of the “outcasts”, people born to fight against demons. In Joshua’s body, a fierce battle is taking place, a fight between a pure soul and the evil demon keeping it hostage.




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