Sarah Barnes

Sarah BarnesLast identifiable character from the Outcast trailer, but also this one is barely glimpsed in the shadows: the woman looming behind the door, pretty creepy herself, is Sarah Barnes, who’ll be portrayed by Julia Crockett. In the show, she’ll be Kyle‘s possessed mother, the first one that introduces the boy and future exorcist to the not-so-pleasurable world of demonic possessions. In the comics she has pretty much the same role, even if she appears mostly in flashbacks (at least as a speaking and walking woman, in the present she’s bedridden and catatonic). Now, let’s see who Sarah is in the comics… yup, another unpleasant antagonist coming.

Not much is known (at least for now) about Sarah Barnes’ life, albeit some facts seem to suggest that she was involved in what Reverend Anderson called the “war between good and evil”, the conflict between Heaven and Hell fought from the beginning of times. We don’t know, however, what kind of role she had in the war, albeit it’s positive she fought against the Devil and his minions in some form. At a certain point, however, she had a relation with an unnamed man, who left soon after he knew she was expecting (the nature of this man, so far, is uncertain). Sarah kept the baby, and nine months later Kyle was born. Sarah deeply loved her child, and she took good care of him for the first years of his life. When Kyle grew up, Sarah was always there for him, and they spent a lot of time together: Kyle especially loved when they drew together, and when they played tag: this one would have been, even sarahbarnescomics1in the following years, the best time of his life. As all beautiful things, however, even these “bright days” were destined to end, and something terrible happened to Sarah and destroyed her and her son’s happiness. Coming from the unknown past of the woman, a demon entered Sarah’s body, possessing her and bending her will to his own. From a moment to another, Sarah’s character and attitude changed radically, and apparently she started hating her son fiercely, beating him often, locking him in a closet, psychologically and physically torturing him. She even stopped taking care of herself, she stopped washing, she kept raving around in mumbles only she could understand. Kyle’s life became a living hell, and inside her own body, Sarah suffered for him, unable to protect him.

Sarah’s situation was believed to be affected by some sort of mental illness, and she was treated consequently, but there was a man who knew it better: Reverend Anderson, the local pastor, recognized in the woman’s symptoms the signs of a demonic possession. Kyle let Anderson in their home, and the woman’s situation was confirmed. The young pastor tried his best to fight the demon possessing Sarah, but it was too strong, and the inexperienced pastor was overpowered. During the struggle, however, Sarah attacked Kyle, and the demon inside her tried to come out her body and enter the boy’s one. At this point, something unexpected happened, sarahbarnescomics2and some force within Kyle managed to exorcise the demon from Sarah, freeing her… but also reducing her to a comatose state. Sarah was brought to the local hospital (albeit not Kyle nor Anderson told anybody the true reason behind her current state), and her son was adopted by another family. Sarah couldn’t move nor speak, and most doctors believed her to be unable to understand what was happening around her as well. The woman, however, felt everything, heard everything, once again prisoner of her body. She spent years bedridden, with Kyle never visiting her since he blamed her for the hellish childhood he had to suffer. Fifteen years passed before Kyle came to her, just after he had used his gift to free young Joshua Austin: he spoke with her, telling her all about his regrets, and still blaming her for “torturing him” even from her hospital bed with guilt. After Kyle, another man visited Sarah: he called himself Sidney, but Sarah knew who he was: the Devil himself, disguised as a human. Sidney mocked her, telling her he was sorry for her condition, especially considering how much she had fought to stop him and his friends, then left her. Unable to say or do anything else, Sarah cried, knowing she wouldn’t have been able to protect her son.

Sarah Barnes is a good and loving woman, with a past shrouded in mystery, but a good heart that is not to be doubted. While she was possessed, her personality changed completely: cruel, sadistic, hysterical, violent, she’s been a living nightmare for her beloved son Kyle, who still blames her for everything the demon she was possessed by did to him through her. Now in a permanent coma, Sarah can do nothing but cry over the ill fate of Kyle.



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