Moira Ann Kinross

moiramctaggertfilmThe first official images for X-Men: Apocalypse have been released, and we have some characters to speak about from there as well. The first one is an old acquaintance: Rose Byrne, who’ll return after First Class as Moira MacTaggert. In the previous movie, she was a CIA agent who became romantically involved with Charles Xavier after monitoring him and his students, in a government-run research on mutants. Moira’s first appearance, however, was “in the future”, in X-Men: The Last Stand, where Olivia Williams portrayed a version closer to the comics’ one, a scientist rather than a spy; this Moira cared after Charles’ brain-dead twin brother, P. Xavier, the body in which the telepath eventually transfers his mind in the post-credit scene. Waiting to see if this time Moira will still be working for CIA, or if she’ll finally become the scientist she’s meant to be, let’s see who she is in the comics.

Born in Scotland, Moira Ann Kinross was of noble family, the daughter of the wealthy Lord Kinross. She grew up to become a brilliant student, and went to Oxford University to study biology, with a specialization in genetics. In her college years she met Charles Xavier, who at the time was in Oxford for a doctorate; they fell in love, and even got engaged, but just before their marriage Xavier was called back to the United States, to fight in the Korean War. Moira promised Charles she would have waited for him, and her fiancé went to war…a few months later, her father called her back to Scotland. Lord Kinross, in fact, had become friends with Joseph MacTaggert, a former Royal Marine Commando who was now aiming for a political career…and who happened to be Moira’s ex-boyfriend. moiramactaggertcomics1Lord Kinross eventually forced his daughter to marry Joseph, and Moira, heartbroken, wrote a letter to Xavier in Korea, telling him the engagement was broken, and that he was not supposed to look for her again. Moira’s marriage with MacTaggert proved to be a disaster, as the man was abusive, violent, often drunk, and used to beat her a lot. Moira followed him in his travels around the world, but it was plain she couldn’t love him; one night, in New York City, Joseph lost any control, and beat her savagely, and eventually he raped her. Moira fell into a coma, and awakened only one week later: from that moment, she started living apart from her husband, and when Joseph refused to grant her divorce, she just pretended to be widowed, Living her life as if Joseph didn’t exist. That night’s rape had its consequences, and Moira got pregnant: she gave birth to Kevin, a boy who turned out to be an extremely powerful mutant, able to bend reality itself to his will. She hid Kevin from Joseph, and from the rest of the world: his powers soon drove him mad, and she was forced to imprison him on a Scottish island, Muir Island. In here, Moira created and directed a Mutant Research Centre, hoping to find a “cure” for her deranged and nearly all-powerful son.

Coming back to her old passion, Moira became a geneticist again, and her work in the research centre on Muir Island also brought her a Nobel Prize. During these years, Moira met once again Xavier, who was in England to get his umpteenth degree, this time in psychiatry. Xavier learnt of Moira’s son and her researches, and the two discussed the possibility of building a school in which they could teach young mutants to control their powers, so that they didn’t end up like Kevin. Xavier made this the project of his life, and Moira helped him create the Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters; she also helped him build Cerebro, so that the already powerful telepath would have been able to find young mutants in need all around the world. She even helped Xavier treat one of his very first students, Jean Grey, a girl who had suffered a major psychological trauma after the manifestation of her mutant powers. moiramactaggertcomics2From “the shadows”, Moira kept helping Charles in his work, but she also hid much from him: she found out that Xavier had had an illegitimate son from one of his lovers, Gabrielle Haller. The boy, David, was extremely powerful, but also a psychopath with major personality disorders, and his situation resembles closely the one of her Kevin: Moira decided to hide David’s existence from Xavier, and she hid the boy on Muir Island, hoping to find a cure for him as well. Inspired by Xavier, Moira founded a second centre near her former lover’s school, where she welcomed young mutants she had previously saved from difficult situations and adopted: the first one was a wolf-like girl named Rahne Sinclair, saved by an angry mob. Moira taught Rahne and the others how to control their powers, without the “militant” style of Xavier. Her cooperation with Xavier continued, and whenever she needed to be at the school, she pretended to be the new housekeeper (even if the X-Men soon found out her true profession). In the school, Moira fell in love with compatriot Sean “Banshee” Cassidy, and the two started a long lasting on-and-off relationship. Despite all the accomplishments in her life, however, Moira still regarded her secret son as a personal failure, as his powers and his madness kept growing inexorably…

Moira MacTaggert (sometimes mispelled MacTaggart) is a brilliant and determined woman, a skilled scientists who’s possibly the greatest expert of mutants in the world, along with a few others. She’s strong and passionate, and she puts all her energies, abilities and intelligence at the services of the causes she believes into, such as the peaceful cohabitation of humans and mutants. Moira, however, knows how much harm can come from a mutant unable to control his/her gifts, and that’s why she always has contingency plans for her pupils…the same one she used with her son, her greatest regret.



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