Denise Cloyd

Denise CloydNew pics emerged from Season 6 of The Walking Dead, and there’s one new character who will most likely be at the centre of the stage for a while: Denise Cloyd, who’ll be portrayed by Merritt Wever. In the show, she’ll be one of the doctors in Alexandria Safe-Zone (apparently, she was “too busy” with her patients to appear during Season 5), and after Pete Anderson‘s untimely demise she’ll be even more vital to the community. Waiting to see which side Denise will chose in the upcoming civil war inside the Safe-Zone, let’s take a look at her comicbook counterpart.

Not much is known about Denise Cloyd’s life prior to the Outbreak: she lived in the city of Alexandria, and worked as a general practitioner in an unspecified hospital. Of course, when the dead started rising driven by hunger for the living’s flesh, she found herself compelled to complete her studies on her own, practicing on the hundreds of wounded people ending up in her hospital. Denise specialised as a surgeon, making herself indispensable for anyone around her. It has not been revealed when or why she left the hospital, but she eventually arrived to the Alexandria Safe-Zone, a small community led by Douglas Monroe, a former politician who was trying to rebuild some sort of civilization in the midst of the zombie apocalypse. Being a doctor, Denise was more than welcomed to join the survivors’ group, and she became the third doctor in the Safe-Zone (after Pete denisecloydcomics1Anderson and an unknown second one), and the only surgeon. Of course, this meant a lot of work for Denise, who opened a clinic and became the first person contacted for emergencies. When Scott, one of the supply runners, fell from a rooftop and injured his leg, his best friend Heath brought him to Denise, and she fixed the wounded limb the best she could; that same day, quite a big group led by former sheriff Rick Grimes had arrived in the Safe-Zone, and Douglas had organised a party to welcome them. Denise only showed up for some moments, as she wanted to keep Scott in check, and she briefly spoke with Heath only. Unfortunately, despite the intervention had gone well, Scott’s wound became infected, and Denise needed antibiotics to cure him: Heath tried to bring the medicines in time, helped by Glenn, a guy from the new group, but it was too late, and Scott eventually died from the infection. The man was stabbed in the brain to prevent reanimation, and buried (along with Pete Anderson, who had been killed by Rick under Douglas’ orders), but the story had put Denise and Heath in contact, and the two started a romantic relationship.

Denise’s next patient was Eric, one of the recruiters, who had been stabbed by a woman he was trying to bring to the Safe-Zone. She patched him up, this time succesfully saving him, but as violence kept increasing in the Safe-Zone after the arrival of Rick’s group, it was only a matter of time before things got worse. When the increasing number of roamers became a problem, Heath decided he would have left once again in search of supplies, along with other three runners; Denise didn’t like this at all, but she eventually agreed, and let her man go. Soon after, however, the roamers managed to destroy a wall and to enter the Safe-Zone, killing many inhabitants. Denise tried to save Morgan Jones, who had been bitten, but the man eventually died, bringing Rick to the decision of leaving the denisecloydcomics2community; instead of listening to him, however, Denise decided she would have come back to her clinic, trying to save whatever she could, and Michonne accompanied her to protect her. As soon as she made it to her office, Denise was reached by Rick, who brought her another emergency: his son, Carl, had been accidentally shot in the head, and was dying. Denise frantically operated on Carl, while Rick and Michonne did their best to keep the roamers outside of the infirmary. The woman miraculously managed to saved Carl’s life, even if the boy was now permanently disfigured. She listened to Rick’s horrifying tales about the fate of some of the deceased zoners, and she assisted him while he watched over his son; only after days she managed to kick him out of the clinic for his own health, taking upon herself to nurse Carl during his coma. She participated to the funerals of the victims of the zombies’ attack, sad for the many losses, but happy that Heath had made it back home alive and well. Just as she had forseen, increasing violence brought more wounded people, and with an all-out war with a hostile group approaching, Denise would have soon regretted the times in which the roamers were the only threats to the lives of her patients…

Denise Cloyd is a strong and serious woman, able to mantain her cold blood even in desperate situations. A doctor and the only surgeon around, she’s a vital member of Alexandria Safe-Zone, and she gained the trust of every single member of the community with her professionality and disponibility. Denise deeply cares for her community and her patients (especially for Heath…), and she’s also ready to embrace violence to protect them.



  1. […] in the infirmary, Heath also deepened his friendship with one of the community’s doctors, Denise Cloyd, and the relation between them grew to become something more than a simple friendship. In the […]

  2. […] the remaining horse, he rushed to the Safe-Zone, where Eric was entrusted to one of the doctors, Denis Cloyd. Denise managed to save Eric’s life and to stitch his wound, but Aaron felt awfully guilty […]

  3. […] When Glenn, the group’s scavenger, came back from Atlanta with an alive Rick, Carl finally saw his family reunited. His coldness towards Shane became even harsher, since he saw that Shane was now seeing his former partner as a rival to Lori’s attentions, despite the two had spent just a night together. Even if he was just a child, Rick, along with Shane, decided to teach Carl how to shoot, realizing that, in a world crowded with blood-thirsty zombies, it was indispensable to be able to protect oneself and the others. Carl proved to be a skilled shooter, and rapidly learnt to master guns and rifles. He proved his skills by saving Lori from a zombie, shooting it in the head from quite a distance. He also had to protect his father, when Shane, gone mad, tried to kill him: having followed the two men who were fighting, Carl saved Rick, and shot Shane in the neck, having him drown in his own blood. This event made Rick understand how much Carl had grown up, surely before time, and made him see him under a new light; the same happened with Carl towards Rick, but in a worse way: when the camp ended up being attacked and destroyed by walkers, resulting in many casualties between the survivors, the boy started to blame his father for his friends’ death, and started to believe that Rick was too weak to guide the group. The survivors, anyway, was forced to move, and faced many new threats, which costed them other casualties. Carl himself faced many desperate situations, and came close to be killed twice, every time by humans: when he was shot by Otis, a farmer who took him for a zombie, an occasion in which he was saved by Hershel Greene; and when he was shot in the head by Douglas Monroe, the leader of Alexandria Safe-Zone, a near fatal wound that took away his right eye and a piece of his face, and that didn’t kill him just because of the immediate intervention of doctor Denise Cloyd. […]

  4. […] to wait to get back in shape, and he was taken care of by one of the community’s doctors, Denise Cloyd. Unfortunately, albeit he hadn’t been bitten or even scratched by the walkers, his leg […]

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  6. […] was among the people that moved to Alexandria Safe-Zone to help him, and when the local doctor, Denise, was deliberately infected with the zombie virus by The Saviors, he took her place and assisted the […]

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