T’Challa (Black Panther)

Black PantherThe first trailer from Captain America: Civil War has been shown at D23, and despite that was supposed to be a private show, somebody obviously took some pictures. As a result, we have our first (low-quality) look at one of the new entries in the movie, Black Panther, who’ll be portrayed by Chadwick Boseman. We don’t know much of the Panther’s role in the movie, apart from the fact that he’ll fight in Iron Man‘s team, and that he’ll come back in 2017 in the solo movie Black Panther. Since the story of his becoming king of Wakanda will be explored in the second movie, it’s unclear what title he’ll have in Civil War (if he’ll be just a prince or if Black Panther will be a flashback origin story), but surely his costume looks pretty regal already… and he’ll sure provide some good stuff in the movie. Waiting for an official release of the pic above, let’s see who this African king is in the comics.

T’Challa was born in the rich and technologically advanced African State of Wakanda, a region which gathered most of its influence, power and knowledge from a wide source of alien metal, the Vibranium. T’Challa was the biological son of the Wakandan king, T’Chaka, and of his wife N’Yami, who died of childbirth. T’Chaka’s second wife, Ramonda, was abducted by South African white supremacist Anton Pretorius when the boy was just eight years old, so for most of his childhood T’Challa was raised by his father alone, and molded to become a strong and wise king for his country and his people. When he was about to reach adulthood, following Wakandan traditions, T’Challa as any other boy was sent alone in the jungle, in order to complete a rite of passage and learn to know his own land; despite being the prince, T’Challa refused any kind of privilege or escort (not that T’Chaka would have granted him blackpanthercomics1any), and left on his own. During his travel the obvious happened, and the young prince was targeted by a bunch of would-be-kidnappers who wanted to take advantage of his defenselessness. Despite being a skilled warrior by that time, T’Challa could do little against the superior number of the attackers, and was subdued… but he was unexpectedly rescued by a young mutant girl, an orphan named Ororo Munroe, who used her ability to control the weather to defeat the kidnappers and to free the prince. The two teenagers became fast friends, and spent some time together, until they became something more… unfortunately, their mutual attraction and romantic relation had to be interrupted when the time for T’Challa’s rite was over: he had responsibilities as a future king, and he couldn’t afford himself to love freely. The prince came back to his homecountry, but a bad welcome was awaiting for him: the adventurer Ulysses Klaw had arrived to Wakanda to try and steal the Vibranium, and T’Chaka, who tried to stop him, was murdered. The young prince, facing alone Klaw and his mercenaries, managed to use the adventurer’s sound-based weapon against him, destroying his right hand and forcing him to flee the country. Since he was so young, and he didn’t complete his training and education yet, T’Challa couldn’t become the new Black Panther (the king) yet, so his uncle S’yan took the mantle, while T’Challa left his country to expand his skills and knowledge.

T’Challa traveled to the United States of America, where he studied the Western science and gained a Ph.D. in Physics at Oxford University. He also started practicing a variety of sports and martial arts, taking care of his body as well as of his mind. Finally ready to wear the crown and to claim for himself the title of Black Panther, T’Challa came back to Wakanda, where he challenged his uncle and claimed the throne. In order to prove himself worthy of replacing S’yan, T’Challa had to recover the Heart-Shaped Herb (a mystic plant used in the ritual to link the Wakandan king to the panther goddess Bast), stolen by the terrorist organization A.I.M.. The young prince defeated his enemies and came back with the Herb; with a solemn ceremony, he was linked to Bast, gained the superhuman powers of the Black Panther and was recognized as the one and true king of Wakanda. His adopted brother, Hunter, had in the meanwhile become the White Wolf, leader of the secret police Hatut Zeraze: knowing the grudge Hunter held towards him, and the threat he represented for the peace of the country, the new Black Panther blackpanthercomics2disbanded the Hatut Zeraze and exiled its leader; he then proceeded to sell some amounts of Vibranium to various trusted scientific institutions all around the world, earning a fortune from it and using it to transform the country in one of the technological leaders of the planet. Wakanda was still engulfed in tribal wars, and in order to ensure peace within the borders T’Challa chose as his personal guards as well as ceremonial wives the Dora Milaje, a group of women composed of the finest warriors from every rival tribe in the country. Once Wakanda was pacified, the new king had to protect it from outside threats, the first being Klaw, who had replaced his missing hand with a sonic cannon and was coming back to exact his revenge. In order to test himself before facing the supervillain, Black Panther invited the Fantastic Four in his homecountry, and single-handedly defeated them all. During their battle, however, T’Challa learnt to appreciate them as potential allies, and after making proper amends, he became friends with them, with Mr. Fantastic helping him defeating Klaw. Black Panther later helped the Fantastic Four in battling Psycho Man, renewing the alliance and the friendship with the heroes. T’Challa had learnt that from the outside not only enemies and threats, but also friends and allies could come… he just needed to be wise enough to tell the ones from the others.

T’Challa is a proud and just king, a honorable warrior and a brilliant scientist, gifted with the wisdom of a true ruler and with a genius-level intellect. As the Black Panther, his strength, speed, agility, stamina, reflexes and senses have been brought to peak human levels by the power of the goddess Bast, who also gave him the knowledge and the experience of the previous Black Panthers; he’s also a superb martial artist, a skilled acrobat, an inventor and a scientist, a strategist and a hunter, the ruler of the jungle and the wildlands of Wakanda as well as the head and manager of its labs and industries. Strong-willed and fiercely protective over his country, the Black Panther will defend Wakanda at any cost, from anyone, ready to sacrifice even personal friendships and connections for the greater good of the country and the people he’s been entrusted with.



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