Lucy Lane

Lucy LaneAnother official pic has been released from the upcoming Supergirl, and it shows one of the recurring characters: Lucy Lane, who’ll be portrayed by Jenna Dewan Tatum. In the show, Lucy will be Jimmy Olsen‘s ex girlfriend, and this will likely put her at odds with Kara Danvers, who has a crush on him. The character first appeared in the Supergirl movie, portrayed by Maureen Teefy: in this version, she was a schoolmate of Linda Lee, and her first human friend. She also appeared in a couple of episodes of Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman, portrayed first by Elizabeth Barondes and then by Roxana Zal; she had quite a bad luck with men, ending up dating the supervillain Metallo. She most notably appeared in Smallville, portrayed by Peyton List: in the show, she shared quite a rivalry with her sister Lois, and she proved to be quite a hothead, trying to con Lex Luthor out of his money. This version of Lucy will likely be more mature, but we can expect quite an attitude from her. Anyway, let’s see together who she is in the comics.

As for many DC characters, there are at least two main versions of Lucy. In the first one, she was the daughter of farmer Sam Lane and of his wife Ella, and she lived in her family farm in PittsdaleIowa. She grew up under the shadow of her smart and popular older sister Lois, and when the latter decided she would have studied journalism, Lucy preferred to follow another path entirely, so that she could be sure she would have avoided further confrontations with her. She eventually obtained a job as a stewardess, a role that had her travel inside and outside the country continuously. From time to time, however, she also ended up in Metropolis, her sister’s new city of residence, and gladly hanged out with her, finally free of her inferiority complex, but nevertheless quite competitive with Lois. It lucylanecomics1was during one of these visits in Metropolis that Lucy first met Jimmy Olsen, a photographer who worked with Lois: Jimmy was immediately smitten by Lucy, and everytime he met her he courted her trying to win her heart. Eventually he succeeded, and he and Lucy started a romantic relationship. Lucy obtained a transfer in Metropolis, but obviously her job kept her away from the city, so her relationship with Jimmy was a long-distance one nevertheless. After some months of this on and off dating, however, Jimmy realized he wouldn’t have been able to live a love story like this, and he decided to break up with Lucy. The girl understood she cared of Jimmy much more than she had expected, and she decided to leave Metropolis entirely after their break-up. Lucy ended up moving back to Iowa, where she met a man she fell in love with. The two eventually got married, and they even had a baby. Tragedy, however, was ready to strike, and Lucy’s new family was targeted by a group of terrorists, who kidnapped and killed the infant. Lucy’s baby’s death was related to a case of missing children Lois was following for the Daily Planet, and it was her sister’s effort into solving it that eventually mended the relationship between the Lane sisters, even if at such a high price.

This version of Lucy was erased from existence during the Crisis on Infinite Worlds, and she was replaced by a new one. This time, Lucy was still the little sister of Lois Lane and the daughter of Sam and Ella Lane, but Sam was a general of the U.S. Army, and the Lane sisters grew up as army brats, with a strict education and a hard discipline. Despite Lois was known to be the troublemaker of the family, Lucy wasn’t much different from her, but being the youngest child brought some advantages, and Sam Lane used on her a lighter discipline than the one he reserved to Lois. As a result, Lucy grew up pretty spoiled, and sure she would have been able to get away with anything. Refusing the military career her father had planned for her, Lucy left her house and obtained a job as a flight attendant, and moved to Metropolis… the same city her sister lived in working as a reporter. Some months after, due to some unknown intoxication consequence of a terrorist hijacking, Lucy became blind, and she lost her job: this brought her to a deep depression, and she resolved to commit suicide jumping off a roof. She was saved at the last moment by lucylanecomics2the first Bizarro, an imperfect clone of Superman, who flew her to safety: the two became unlikely friends, and Bizarro realized the substance his body was covered with had an unforeseen effect on the girl’s health. When Superman tracked down his retarded clone, the latter allowed himself to be destroyed, so that his pulverized remains covered Lucy’s eyes, giving her back her eyesight. Moved by her friend’s sacrifice, Lucy regained a positive look on life, and could embrace a new start. She met Daily Planet‘s photographer Jimmy Olsen and fell in love with him: the two started dating, and their story lasted for a couple of years, but they eventually broke up. Metropolis wasn’t exactly the safest place to live in, and Lucy soon realized this as she was kidnapped by Sleez, a telepathic dwarf from Apokolips, and even seriously wounded by mercenary Deathstroke. She however knew happiness once more, as after a brief rekindling of her relationship with Jimmy, she started dating another Planet reporter, Ron Troupe. She even got pregnant, and she decided to keep the baby; Lucy eventually married Ron just some weeks before giving birth to her son Sam Troupe (the name was an attempt to have her conservative father accept her family despite the very non-conservative way she built it up…). Finally, Lucy could know the serenity of a family… one definitely different from the one she came from.

Lucy Lane is a stubborn and lively girl, with quite a strong character and a determined will. She has quite a relationship of love/hate with her older sister Lois, and the two are extremely competitive with each other; despite this, they truly love each other and care one for the other, and Lucy was Lois’ maid of honor during her marriage with Clark Kent (and Lois was Lucy’s when she married Ron Troupe). With a military training behind and a natural temper, Lucy is particularly defiant towards her authoritative father, but she loves and respects him nevertheless, to the point she names her son (conceived before marriage with an Afro-American man, much to her father’s dislike) after him. Strong-willed and with a rebel heart, Lucy, whether she likes it or not, turns out to be just her father’s daughter, with the same personality… just applied to a different kind of values and contexts.


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