LashIn the meanwhile, also the first trailer for Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season 3 has been released, and there’s one new guy to speak about. When Phil Coulson is speaking about new enemies and threats, there’s a scary (and thorny) guy popping out: that’s Lash, who’ll be portrayed by Matt Willig. In the show, he’ll be one of the new Inhumans born following the dispersion of Terrigen Mist at the bottom of the ocean during the end of the previous season; for unknown reasons, he’ll start hunting down other people who received superpowers just like him, and he’ll clash with Coulson’s newly formed team. Waiting to see more of this new villain (or to see him properly, since he’s only briefly spotted in the shadows in the trailer), let’s see who he is in the comics (there’s not much to say about him, since he’s been created just a year ago, but let’s speak about him nevertheless).

The man who would have later been known just as Lash was born in Greenland, in the hidden Inhuman city of Orollan. He was member of the long lost Lor Tribe, a group of Inhumans who had lost contacts with the capital city of Attilan millennia before, and which was believed to be extinct. In Orollan, not all the Inhumans coming of age were allowed to undergo Terrigenesis, and Lash was one of the very few of his generation to be mutated by the Terrigen Mist, something he considered a great honor. Lash gained a terrifying look and powerful energy-based abilities, and could finally consider himself proud to sit among the “true” Inhumans. Some time after his transformation, however, the life he had imagined for himself changed forever: among the Inhumans living in Orollan there was Thane, the slashcomics1ecret son of the mad titan Thanos, who was now looking for him. In order to face his nearly omnipotent father, Thane underwent Terrigenesis, but with his new powers he unwillingly killed most of the citizens of Orollan, an event that allowed Thanos’ followers, the Black Order, to find him and take him away. Lash was among the very few survivors of the disaster, and helplessly witnessed a war that spread up to Attilan: at the end of it, in a desperate attempt to stop Thanos, the king of Inhumans Black Bolt detonated a Terrigen Bomb right above the city of New York, triggering a massive mutation in the entire population of Earth: everyone who had Inhuman genes was suddenly enveloped in a cocoon and transformed. After the death of Black Bolt, the Inhuman population had rapidly increased in numbers, and Queen Medusa and her Royal Family had to manage hundreds, maybe thousands of new Inhumans…but Lash didn’t want to welcome the new ones among his people: he had always considered the Terrigenesis a honor to be earnt, not a casual mutation accessible to anyone. He abandoned Orollan, and started travelling the world looking for the new Inhumans: he would have been judge of their worth, and, when needed, executioner.

Coming from Greenland, Lash first stopped in Norway, where a young boy, Kristian, had been recently transformed. When from the cocoon emerged a weak and deformed creature, Lash destroyed him without a second thought, judging him unworthy of the gift of Terrigenesis. He then continued his mission around the world, recruiting the ones he deemed worthy and bringing them to Orollan, and killing all the others. He eventually arrived in Illinois, where another young man, Dante Pertuz, had obtained pyrokinetic powers from the Terrigenesis: this time, Lash tried to recruit the boy to his cause, but he was interrupted by Queen Medusa, who battled him and managed to prevent him to take Dante along. Later, Lash moved to Minnesota, where he recruited a boy named Jason. Back to lashcomics2Orollan, Lash introduced Jason (whom he had renamed Korvostax) to the other ones who now composed his own “Royal Family”. Shortly after Jason’s arrival, however, Medusa led a team to Orollan to fight Lash head on: in the following battle, Lash convinced “his” Inhumans (or NuHumans, as the ones transformed after the Bomb were called) to fight against the Royal Family, but eventually he himself was defeated by the combined force of Gorgon and Medusa. The queen left Lash alive, warning him never to cross her path again…obviously an advice the proud Lash would have never followed. Since during the battle against the Royal Family Lash didn’t seem to care much of his people’s lives, shooting blasts of energy to enemies and allies alike, many of his recruits left him to join Medusa, and Lash was alone again…but not for long. In a short time, he started his mission again, killing many NuHumans, and recruiting the strongest and the most useful in a new team he called The Tribe. Along with the Tribe, Lash kept looking for NuHumans and Inhumans ready to join his cause, always ready to battle the “unworthy” queen Medusa, and whoever else was fool enough to cross his path.

Lash is a proud and violent Inhuman, a man who sees his own nature as a privilege only a few should have access to. His Inhuman powers give him the ability to absorb, redirect and manipulate energy from various sources, and this gives him the ability to emit powerful energy blasts (enough to disintegrate a living being) or to create shields; he’s also extremely strong and durable, and an expert hand-to-hand combatant. A fundamentalist and a supremacist, Lash elected himself judge, jury and executioner for the NuHumans, destroying the ones he considers unworthy of their power, and recruiting the others to his cause: a dangerous extremist who only cares of his idea of worth…crushing everything and everyone else on his way.



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