Jason Peter “Jay” Garrick (The Flash)

flashifilmNew trailer for Season 2 of The Flash, new characters to speak about! First one, let’s see the one who’ll be Barry Allen‘s mentor in this season, Jay Garrick, portrayed by Teddy Sears. In the show, Garrick will be The Flash from Earth-2 (the parallel world now accessible thanks to the singularity opened in the previous season’s finale); he’ll come to Earth-1 and he’ll teach the younger Flash something more about his powers. This is not Jay’s first live action appearance, as he had a cameo in Smallville already: in the episode Absolute Justice, Jay briefly appears, portrayed by Billy Mitchell; a former member of the Justice Society of America, he’s now a retired superhero and an active researcher, forced to leave his helmet and costume because of the politics adopted by the government in the 1970s with masked heroes and vigilantes. This new version looks remarkably younger than the comics’ one, but he may be quite similar nevertheless; waiting for the pilot, let’s take a look at the original one, the very first Flash ever.

Jason Peter Garrick, “Jay” for everybody, was born in Keystone City, the son of workman Joseph Garrick and his wife. A brilliant student, he entered Midwestern University, studying both chemistry and physics. During his years as a student, he met his best friend Elliot Shapiro and the girl who would have become his girlfriend and later his fiancée, Joan Williams. During one of his experiments, aimed to purify hard water from residual radiation, the cyclotron he was working with broke, and one of the tubes containing hard water spilled: as a result, Jay inhaled the fumes, and only Elliot’s intervention prevented him from dying from excessive exposure. Jay fell into a coma, and reawakened only a week after the accident. Soon, the boy realized his metabolism and his entire theflashicomics1organism had been highly accelerated by the radioactive vapors, and that he was now able to move at incredible speeds. At first, Jay used his powers to become the most popular football star of Midwestern University, but later he realized he could have done great things with his speed, and decided to use them for the common good: he tailored a red and yellow costume, and donned the helmet used by his father during World War I, adding wings to it so that it resembled the one belonging to Roman god of speed Mercury. Naming himself The Flash, Jay became one of the first superheroes of his time, making his debut by stopping single-handedly the Faultless Four, a group of criminals who had stolen an atomic bombardier. In order to protect his secret identity, Flash learned to vibrate, so that he could confuse his features despite being maskless (to the point that not even Joan could recognize him). As most of the heroes of his generation, Jay entered the Justice Society of America, and underwent a spell cast by Extant that slowed his aging, allowing him to prolong his fight against crime and injustice. When World War II started, the JSA actively helped in the conflict, starting a good relationship with the government that wouldn’t have lasted long.

In the meanwhile, Jay Garrick continued his civilian life as well: he married Joan, and he became a renowned scientist working at Chemical Research Incorporated; later, he left his first job to found Garrick Laboratories, a research firm that became one of the most influential in the country. During the 1950s, the House of Un-American Activities Committee investigated the JSA looking for possible communism sympathizers (the investigation was actually started by Per Degaton, a time-traveling supervillain). The JSA members were asked to reveal their secret identities to the government, but each one of them refused, and were therefore forced to abandon their superhero careers and to “retire”. As well as his teammates, Jay lived a civilian life for years, seldom coming back to the costume for emergencies (usually caused by his nemesis The Shade); among the other members of the theflashicomics2JSA, Jay kept seeing Alan Scott, the Green Lantern, who had become one of his best friends even outside the crime fighting. An aged Jay decided to come back donning the costume and helmet of The Flash when a young man, Barry Allen, became a new incarnation of the hero: the older hero decided to help the younger one mentoring him and teaching him what he knew about the Speed Force, the mysterious energy they both had access to and they took their powers from. The surviving members of the JSA took example from Jay, and soon retired heroes came back to the scenes to help and tutor the younger ones in the Justice League of America (the most active ones, apart from Jay, were Alan “Green Lantern” Scott and Ted “Wildcat” Grant). After Barry, many other speedsters were born, and Jay Garrick took it upon himself to mentor them all: the third Flash Wally WestJesse Quick and Kid Flash were all among Jay’s “students”. During a fight with evil speedster Professor Zoom, Jay’s leg was broken, and he had to renounce running for good… or at least, so it seemed: it would have taken more than a broken leg or ninety-years of age to stop the first Flash.

Jay Garrick is a righteous and honest man, an old-fashioned hero who knows no compromise in his crusade against crime and injustice. A brilliant scientist, he’s an expert in physics and chemistry, with a remarkable natural genius. As The Flash, he has access to the Speed Force, which grants him several abilities: he can reach (and surpass) the speed of sound, he has accelerated healing and perception, and his mass and durability are modified and increased to sustain his speed; he can use his speed to phase through solid objects and even to fly for short distances; the counter-effect of a magical attack from wizard Extant allows him to grow old at incredibly slow rate, making him look like he’s in his late 50s rather than in his 90s. A father figure to many modern heroes, Jay Garrick is the relic of a past age, who still has much to teach to the new generation of fighters for justice.



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