Patty Spivot

Patty SpivotLast character appearing in The Flash trailer, another recurring one: Patty Spivot, who’ll be portrayed by Shantel VanSanten. In the show, she’ll be Joe West‘s new partner, replacing the late Eddie Thawne, and she’ll also be Barry Allen‘s new love interest. Apparently, she’ll also develop some metahuman ability early in the series… and that’s quite a twist from the original version of the character, since she’s always been a normal human in the comics. She won’t be too traumatized by the mutation, though, since she always wanted to have means to fight the metahuman criminals of Central City. As always, waiting to see what this new character will bring to the show, let’s take a look at the original one together.

Daughter of Jim and Andrea Spivot, Patty was born in Central City. Pretty smart and always curious, Patty became interested in science as a girl, and studied enough to transform her passion into a job. As a university student, she obtained a part-time job in the Central City Police Department Crime Lab, where she became the lab assistant of police scientist Barry Allen. Working together with Barry, Patty developed romantic feelings for him, but she fully realized that the man had only one thought in mind: to solve the mystery surrounding the death of his mother Nora and to clean his father Henry from all accusations. Feeling that there wouldn’t have been place in Barry’s life for love, Patty preferred to leave him space and time to move on with his life, waiting for the right moment to declare her feelings for him… unfortunately for Patty, the right moment came, but it was another girl who took it: Iris West, who would have later become Barry Allen’s wife. Resigned pattyspivotcomics1never to have what she wanted from Barry, Patty resolved to be her friend and coworker, and nothing more… even if she still had feelings for him. One night, when Patty was working alone in the lab, a massive storm hit Central City, and a lightning struck the lab: the young woman would have been hit and bathed in the lab’s chemicals if it wasn’t for The Flash, who intervened at superspeed and saved her. Patty didn’t know it, but the hero had avoided her the same accident that had transformed Barry Allen into The Flash (he even had some sort of a dream that night, in which he saw what would have happened if he hadn’t saved Patty: she would have become the heroic Ms. Flash, but her inexperience with superspeed would have brought Central City to its destruction). Time passed, and Patty gained the respect and the esteem of all her colleagues: when she finished her studies, she was finally hired as the department’s full-time forensic blood analyst.

Some years after her promotion, Barry Allen apparently died, thus sending Patty into a deep depression. Soon after, Central City Police Department reorganized, and a new director took over the crime lab, David Singh. Singh brought along a whole new philosophy, according to which the number of cases solved was more important than the quality of the investigation, thus resulting in a series of cases closed with superficial and often wrong assumptions and conclusions. Unable to stay in the same workplace she shared with Barry, and intolerant to Singh’s approach, Patty decided to leave her hometown and move to Blue ValleyNebraska (which accidentally was the hometown of another speedster, Kid Flash). Patty’s life in Blue Valley was peaceful and rewarding, and even when Barry Allen turned out to be alive and well, she refused to come back to Central City, preferring to fully embrace her new life. pattyspivotcomics2Once, however, Barry Allen called her to ask her help in solving a case: Ethan Kramer, a 16-years-old superhero going by the name Elongated Kid, had been found dead, but as an old man. Patty didn’t want to get involved, and asked Barry to leave her alone, but while they were still discussing he received a call to another crime scene, and Patty let herself be convinced to join him. On the scene, they found a boy hiding in a container, and they took him in as a witness. The boy refused to speak with anybody but Patty, and only if they were alone. When the kid was left alone with the woman, however, he revealed himself as a de-aged Professor Zoom: he had been experimenting on the relation between Speed Force and aging process, and had killed Elongated Kid and the others to prove his theory. Patty was about to be murdered the same way, but The Flash, Kid Flash and Hot Pursuit saved her at the last minute. After the incident, Barry tried to convince Patty to stay in Central City, and she finally revealed to him her non-reciprocated love. Barry could only renew his friendship for her, and when Patty was about to agree and stay, Iris appeared: this was more than enough for the woman for making up her mind and coming back to Blue Valley.

Patty Spivot is a smart and energetic girl, eager to prove herself and her value. A skilled scientist, she’s specialized in biology and chemistry, and she uses her knowledge and intuition to help police with their investigations. She’s always been in love with Barry Allen, but she also knows that her feelings will never be reciprocated (not in New Earth, at least: in Prime Earth she’s Barry’s girlfriend…), so she’s pleased with a good friendship… maybe.



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