Jessica Campbell Jones (Jewel)

Jessica JonesIn the trailer we didn’t see much (anything, actually), but soon after we got some promotional images from upcoming Marvel/Netflix show Jessica Jones, and this time we have a clear look at all the main characters. Let’s start from the protagonist, Jessica Jones, portrayed by Krysten Ritter. In the show, she’ll be a former superhero who retired due to post-traumatic stress disorder following a tragic event in her life; she then opens a detective agency, Alias Investigations, in Hell’s Kitchen, putting at her clients’ service both her detective skills and her super-strength. Apparently, the tv version will be pretty close to the original, even in the most disturbing details…let’s see together what these are, as well as everything else there is to know about Jessica Jones’ origins.

Daughter of Dave Campbell and his wife, Jessica was born in New York City, and as a teenager she attended Midtown High School. She had a crush on one of her schoolmates, Peter Parker, the most unpopular guy in school; she gathered the courage to speak to him during a field trip, but when she tried to approach him the boy (who had just been bitten by the radioactive spider that would have transformed him into Spider-Man) ran away. That same night, while she was fighting with her younger brother Phillip, Jessica received from her father some good news: his boss, Tony Stark, had given him four tickets for Disney World, so the family was about to have a trip altogether. Apart from the constant fights with Phillip, the vacation was quite a nice one…until it ended tragically. On their way home, the Campbells’ car had an accident with a military convoy transporting radioactive chemicals. Everybody died, with the only exception of Jessica: due to her severe injures, and to the massive radiation exposure, she fell into a coma, and jessicajonescomics1she didn’t wake up for months. Most doctors believed the girl would have never woken up, but when the Fantastic Four first confronted Galactus in New York, the cosmic energy released from the event interacted with the radioactive residues in Jessica’s organism, and she regained consciousness. Without a family, Jessica was entrusted to Moore House for Wayward Children, and she was later adopted by Mr. and Mrs. Jones, who took her with them. Around the same time, she realised that the accident (and Galactus’ coming) had had some unforseen effects on her, and she had developed powers such as superhuman strength and durability. Jessica came back to Midtown High, where she became the target of bullies like Flash Thompson. Parker, this time, tried to befriend her, understanding what it meant to lose family members, but she mistook his kindness for pity, and angrily chased him away. She then ran out from school in anger…and she flew away without even realising it. Unable to control her flight, she crashed into the Hudson River, and she was rescued by Thor. Some days later, Sandman attacked the school, and Spider-Man fought him to protect the students: that very day, Jessica understood she wanted to do something good with her powers as well.

Inspired by Spider-Man, Jessica decided to become a superheroine herself: she tailored a white and blue costume and donned a purple wig, then she started patroling the streets naming herself Jewel. Despite some time passed since her accident in the Hudson River, Jessica was still quite inexperienced with her powers, and her superheroic career wasn’t exactly stunning: the only good thing she managed to do was accidentally crashlanding on the Scorpion, thus knocking him out and preventing him from robbing a bank. Always trying to do the right thing, she intervened to stop some men fighting in a restaurant…only to discover they were mind-controlled by the Purple Man, who was calmly eating in there. Purple Man used his pheromones on Jewel as well, and forced her to take care of the police while he finished his meal. After that, he took the girl along, and kept her prisoner for eight months, jessicajonescomics2during which Jessica became one of his many sexual slaves and his unwilling partner in crime. When a newspaper article angered him, the Purple Man sent Jewel after Daredevil to kill him: Jessica obeyed, and she flew in search of the hero. Confused, with her mind completely turned upside down by months of mind-control, Jewel ended up attacking the first hero dressed in red she saw: the Scarlet Witch. The other Avengers, upon seeing one of them assaulted, attacked in turn, and the young heroine was defeated (and nearly killed) by the excessive response of the Vision and Iron Man. The fight nearly costed the girl her life, and Jessica fell into another coma. The Scarlet Witch, however, had perceived her confusion and her fear, so she called Jean Grey from the X-Men to help her awaking Jewel. When she emerged from the coma, Jessica was shocked, angry, humiliated and wounded…but she was alive, and free from the Purple Man’s control. She was asked to join the Avengers and S.H.I.E.L.D. as some sort of reward for what she had gone through, but she refused. Somewhere inside her, a part of her mind kept longing for the Purple Man, in some twisted version of a Stockholm Syndrome. The only thing Jessica knew was that she had had enough of being a heroine, and that she wanted to create a whole new life for herself…far from the horrors she had to suffer, but not far enough that she couldn’t help anybody going through the same things.

Jessica Jones used to be a naive and cheerful young woman, eager to help others the best she could, but her tragic life changed her attitude and hardened her character, making her a strong and edgy woman, often defensive even in her aggressiveness. Only months of therapy with Jean Grey allowed her to tell her thoughts from the Purple Man’s ones, and from that moment, she suffers from a deep post-traumatic disorder that never truly leaves her. As Jewel, she possesses a fair amount of superhuman strength and stamina, and a limited ability of flight (ability mostly limited by her tendency to get airsick); thanks to Jean Grey, she also developed a certain resistance to mind control; she’s also an experienced detective and a good hand-to-hand combatant. Bent but not broken, Jessica Jones is a woman who has seen Hell and survived it, and is ready to put herself back together in order to do what she wants the most: helping the ones who cannot defend themselves.



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