Patricia Walker (Hellcat)

Trish WalkerThird character seen in the Jessica Jones promotional pics: Patsy Walker, portrayed by Rachel Taylor. In the show, Patsy will be Jessica Jones‘ best friend, a former child star and model who’s now a radio host in New York City. Her look slightly changed from the comics, and the fan-favorite red-hair has become a blondie; it’s still uncertain if in the show she’ll go super-heroic as in the comics, but it’s pretty unlikely considering what we know up to this point. Patsy is one of Marvel’s oldest female characters, created in 1944 for romantic comics; she showed up again to become a superhero in the 1970s with a different backstory, and from that point she returned to stay, even if as a secondary character. Let’s see together who the original Patsy (or Trish) Walker is.

Patricia was the daughter of Joshua and Dorothy Walker. When Patricia was a teenager, her mother, a comicbook writer, started a series fictionalizing her daughter’s real life, using her (renamed “Patsy”) as the protagonist, and all her friends as secondary characters…as well as love interests, much to real-Patsy’s embarrassment. Her best friend (and roommate for a while) Hedy Wolfe, her brother Mickey, her high school boyfriend Buzz Baxter, everybody became a character for Dorothy’s comic series, and after a decade of love stories involving her fictionalized counterpart, it’s no surprise Patsy was more than relieved when the series ceased publication. In the meanwhile, as a reaction to her mother’s work, Patsy had developed a love for the kind of comics Dorothy despised the most, superhero ones, and she even had a crush for Reed “Mr. Fantastic” Richards for a while. When she finished high-school, however, Patsy stopped with any kind of comics, and she married Buzz Baxter (quite ironic, considering that was the future Dorothy’s comics had foreseen for them). Buzz, in the meantime, had joined US Air hellcatcomics1Force, and the newlyweds spent their first years of marriage traveling from a military base to another. After fighting in Vietnam, Buzz changed personality completely, and Patsy’s marriage became far less happy than she had imagined. The two moved to New Jersey, where Buzz worked as a security officer in Brand Corporation. While they were there, tension between Patsy and Buzz grew, until their marriage came to an end, and they divorced. In Brand Corporation, however, the woman had met and befriended one of the researchers, Hank McCoy, and she started working with him as his assistant; close to him, Patsy found out McCoy was actually the mutant hero Beast, and she promised to keep his secret in exchange for his help to become a “superheroine” like she dreamed as a teenager. What was born as some kind of joke, however, became serious after the divorce: alone and looking for a new (old?) purpose, Patsy came back to her friend, and asked him to keep his promise. Beast was at the time a member of the Avengers, but he wasn’t sure that was enough to allow him to help his friend, so he just offered her to help him with some investigations inside Brand Corporation…but things turned a weird turn soon enough.

It turned out that Beast’s suspicions were well-founded, since the Corporation was actually involved in many illegal projects. When the mutant hero called for his teammates, the leaders of Brand decided to solve the incoming emergency the hard way, and locked the building with all the occupants inside: among the prisoners, there were many Avengers, chief of security Buzz Baxter (who was actually an accomplish), and Patsy Walker. Looking for a way to free the captive heroes, the woman found the costume Greer Grant (the Avenger Tigra) used when she was The Cat: with the costume increasing her natural athletic skills, Patsy presented herself to the villains as Hellcat, defeated her ex-husband, and freed the Avengers so that they could save the day. Patsy believed she had gained her hellcatcomics2place among the Avengers, but not all the heroes agreed: especially, the alien Moondragon insisted she needed more training before joining Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. Eventually, Patsy accepted Moondragon’s judgment, and followed her to Titan. Here, Hellcat was trained extensively in martial arts, and she even developed some minor psionic abilities. Finally, Moondragon deemed her to be ready to be a heroine, and the two women traveled back to Earth, where Moondragon had heard a psychic call for help from Doctor Strange. Hellcat and Moondragon assisted Strange in his battle, and following that, he offered them membership in his team, the Defenders. Finally able to prove her worth, Patsy agreed, and became a core member of the Defenders (basically a less-organized version of the Avengers) for years. She befriended her teammates, especially the Valkyrie and Kyle “Nighthawk” Richmond, but she grew particularly close to another one: Damion Hellstrom, also known as Hellstorm the Son of Satan. After helping Hellstorm to regain part of his human nature, Hellcat realized she was actually in love with him…and that he reciprocated. The two of them started a romantic relationship, and eventually they got married. With that, Hellcat had finally taken her distance from the Patsy Walker of her mother’s comicbook, and was ready to create a whole new life more similar to the person she felt to be…

There are actually two different Patsy Walker(s): one is the romantic, easy-going and cheerful girl her mother has created in her comics, a smart yet skittish girl whose main ambition is to be the star of the school ball; the other is a strong and determined young woman, a fighter at heart who tries to prove her true self and her true value out of the cheesy and pink world created by her mother. As Hellcat, she’s an extremely skilled athlete and martial artist, and in combat she uses steel alloy claws protruding from her gloves and boots; she also possessed limited psionic abilities, but Moondragon took them away from her when she judged her to be inefficient in her usage. With a strong personality and a heroic attitude she wants to show the world, Patsy Walker is somehow still trying to convince her mother she’s not the girl she’s been writing about, even years from Dorothy’s death.



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