Henry Hewitt (Tokamak)

tokamakfilmLast episode of The Flash introduced a brand new couple of villains, with the first one being also the main one. In The Fury of Firestorm, poor Martin Stein needs a replacement for Ronnie Raymond as a partner for his superheroic alter ego, and there are two candidates: first is the real deal, Jax Jackson (acting as a substitute for Jason Rusch), while the second is Henry Hewitt, portrayed by Demore Barnes. Hewitt is a renowned scientist and apparently a perfect match, but soon he shows a darker character, and by touching Stein he acquires also the power to absorb and emit any kind of energy, becoming the first enemy of the new Firestorm. Also in the comics he’s an old acquaintance of Firestorm, to the point he was a true nemesis for the Raymond/Stein version. Let’s see together.

Henry Hewitt was born in 1945, the same day Hiroshima was bombed, in New York City, even though he lived most of his life in Washington D.C.. Nothing is known about his early life, apart from the fact that, as a certain point, he suffered an accident that forced him on a wheelchair for his life; as an adult, however, he was one of the richest and most influential businessmen in the country, CEO of his own company, the Hewitt Corporation. Power asked for more power, and Hewitt secretly became part of the 2000 Committee, a powerful group of politicians, businessmen, military officers and scientists aiming to take complete control over the United States of America. Increasing his own personal power, Hewitt also increased his influence within the Committee, raising in the ranks until he became one of the directors of the group. tokamakcomics1Always craving power, Hewitt followed other colleagues’ work on superhumans, especially the researches on Firestorm, a hero who harnessed the power of nuclear energy; he also kept pulling the strings of many powers in the States, politics included, in order to obtain total control of the country’s energy market. There was still an obstacle, however, for his Hewitt Industries Bill to be approved: Senator Walter Reilly, who strongly opposed it, knowing far too well that Hewitt was aiming to monopoly. Henry wasn’t a man ready to accept a “no” as an answer, so he had Reilly’s daughter Lorraine kidnapped to blackmail the senator; plus, he had now the perfect guinea pig to test his scientists’ progresses on. The 2000 Committee, in fact, had researched upon Firestorm, discovering the hero’s true identity (identities) and even understanding the accident that had given birth to the Nuclear Man. Hewitt wanted that power for himself, and ordered them to replicate Firestorm’s birth… but in order to test the safety of the experiment, he had them use Lorraine Reilly as a test subject first.

The experiment on Lorraine was a success, and not only she survived, but she also became some sort of female version of Firestorm, whom Hewitt renamed Firehawk. At first, Hewitt brainwashed Firehawk and used her to battle Firestorm, but when the hero managed to break her conditioning, thus gaining a new powerful ally and taking away Hewitt’s trump card for blackmailing Senator Reilly, he decided it was time to go to the next level. Hewitt had his scientist repeat the experiment that gave birth to Firehawk on himself, so that he could confront Firestorm face to face: again, the process was a success, and Henry gained the ability to absorb and emit enormous quantities of energy, as well as regaining the use of his legs; his powers, however, were stronger but more unstable than Firestorm’s and Firehawk’s ones, so he required a special suit built for him by the Committee to avoid a spontaneous meltdown. Despite the risks, Hewitt decided to take on Firestorm himself, and he named himself Tokamak, tokamakcomics2the Living Reactor, and battled the dual hero with his new suit and powers. During the battle, Tokamak proved to be too much for Firestorm to handle alone, but the Nuclear Man was eventually saved by Firehawk, who was now after the man who had kidnapped her: Tokamak proved to be superior to them both, but eventually the two heroes focused their blasts on a single point of his suit, managing to breach it. Unable to handle all the energy he was absorbing, Tokamak went in melt-down and exploded, but it was just an apparent end of Hewitt’s criminal career (and life). Henry, in fact, had survived, but was now far too weak (and sick as a result of the radiations he had absorbed) to resurface. He used his many resources to finance a program of cloning, wanting to replicate the Firestorm’s experience: from time to time, he fused with one of his clones, thus stabilizing his conditions and allowing him to absorb a certain amount of energy to heal. It would have taken time for Tokamak to come back in action, but time was one of the many things Henry Hewitt had plenty of.

Henry Hewitt is an ambitious and determined man, a self-made businessman who only craves for power, wealth and influence. Intelligent and calculating, Hewitt aims to nothing less than total control, and perceives it with the many tools at his disposal. As Tokamak, he’s able to absorb, channel and redirect a nearly infinite amount of energy, even if he needs his battle suit to use it without self-destructing. With the powers of flight, energy blasts, force fields and even merging with his clones, Tokamak is an evil version of Firestorm, a man with all the power of the atom, and none of the morality to use it.


Adam Morgan

Carter GrantFinally, Supergirl has been (officially) aired, and after the first episode a new trailer for the entire season has been released. In it, we briefly see a future recurring character, a young boy who comments on how cool Supergirl is, and who Kara teases a bit for having a crush on the heroine: he’s Carter Grant, portrayed by Levi Miller, and he’ll be the son of Cat Grant. In the show, Cat will “ask” Kara to be Carter’s babysitter, thus making the two of them bond more than the boy did with his workaholic mother. He briefly appeared in a photo in Smallville, living with his grandparents after his mother got a job in Metropolis. In the comics, Cat’s son is not named Carter, but Adam, and, at least at first, he carries the surname of his father rather than his mother’s one, Morgan… and he’s pretty famous for being the protagonist of one of the most shocking narrative twists of the early 1990s. Let’s see together.

Adam was born from the marriage between gossip columnist Cat Grant and media mogul Joe Morgan. His childhood wasn’t exactly a happy one, since during his first years of life the union between Joe and Cat deteriorated, leading them to a quick and harsh divorce; Joe’s psychological abuses towards Cat had led the woman to the bottle, so little Adam found himself without a dad he still adored and with a drunken mother who was trying her best to stay sober for him, often failing and coming back to old habits. Following his mother’s desire to start a brand new life, Adam moved with her to Metropolis, where the woman had gotten a new job in the Daily Planet, one of the most famous (and sold) newspapers in the country. Cat also legally changed her son’s name into Adam Grant, so that he wouldn’t have been linked to his father anymore. Adam’s life with a mother who had now replaced her addiction to alcohol with an addiction to work wasn’t, again, a happy one, and he spent adammorgancomics1
most of his time either alone or with the many babysitters Cat found for him. Unlike most of his peers, Adam didn’t like the local hero, Superman, remarking everytime how stupid he looked and how boring he was (just a way to differentiate himself from all the other children); on the opposite, he was a fan of the new flying hero in town, Superboy, to the point that he started dressing like him even in daily life, knowing that his mother wouldn’t have denied it to him (as anything else, actually, a trait that made him grow up pretty spoiled). From time to time, Adam still visited his father Joe, his only true hero, but despite the brief visits only made him miss his dad even more, he still loved his mother, and everytime he came back to her.

The first true conflict between Adam and Cat started when the journalist, during a self-imposed competition with colleagues Clark Kent and (especially) Lois Lane, tried to infiltrate the criminal cartel Intergang to prove to everybody that she was just as good a reporter as everyone else in the Planet. During her brief adventure, she was helped by Jose Delgado, the masked vigilante Gangbuster, whom she fell in love with. Adam, who still worshiped his father, tried his best to boycott their relationship, refusing to accept anybody in his or his mother’s life other than Joe. Even if Jose, who now worked as Cat’s bodyguard, did his best to relate to Adam, he never allowed him to get close, and eventually Cat chose her son over her boyfriend, breaking up with him. After this episode, Adam grew up with his mother alone, and he even matured into a selfless teenager, who took inspiration from his hero not only in the way he dressed, but even in the attitude. This proved to be his end. When the Toyman went on a rampage (it was later revealed that it was actually one of Toyman’s lookalike robots who had developed a killer personality due to a bug) and kidnapped many children from Metropolis, Adam turned out to be among them. In the adammorgancomics2villain’s lair, the boy soon took the lead of all the prisoners, and tried to lead them to safety. When Toyman realized the children were trying to escape, he began to chase them, and Adam stayed behind to slow him down. After kicking the villain down he tried to escape in turn, but the Toyman grabbed his leg, and told him he couldn’t let anybody leave, otherwise everybody would have known the “game” he was playing. Then, he mercilessly slit Adam Grant’s throat, killing him.

Adam Morgan (or Adam Grant) is a normal boy, who developed some issues coming from a broken family. He loves both his mother and his father, but he put up with the fact they’ll never be together again. Growing up with Superboy as a role model, he changed from being a spoiled, whimsical child into a selfless and brave pre-teen, a natural leader with the making of a hero.

Elsie Grimm

Mrs. GrimmFinally, time for the last character appeared in the disappointing Fantastic Four, another secondary one. When little Ben Grimm is beaten by his brother Jimmy, their mother come to the rescue, letting Ben go and beating Jimmy just as hard as he was doing with his little brother. The woman, credited only as Mrs. Grimm, was portrayed by Mary-Pat Green, and is the protagonist of one of the few truly satisfying scenes (unfortunately, she never appears again). In the comics, Mrs. Grimm is called Elsie, and she doesn’t appear much more in her son’s life. Anyway, let’s see together who she is.

Not much is known about Elsie’s past, not even her maiden name. Her original name, before she legally changed it into Elsie, was Elsi, and she was born somewhere in Eastern Europe. Because of poverty and of lack of perspectives for the future, she eventually left her family and her homecountry and she moved to the United States of America, settling in New York City. In the Big Apple she met Daniel Grimm, a man she fell in love with and whom she eventually married. Life in the States wasn’t exactly an easy one, especially because Elsie was alone and far away from her family: when her mother died, she learnt of it only through a letter, and wasn’t able to come back home even for her funerals. Luckily enough, when she married Daniel she was welcomed as part of his family, elsiegrimmcomics1especially by Sophie, Daniel’s sister, who became for Elsie much more than a sister-in-law. Real problems began the moment Daniel started drinking: they had never been rich, quite the opposite, but her husband’s alcohol problem lowered their income even more, to the point that Elsie was forced to be the one to actually provide something for herself and her husband, rather than the opposite. When her first son, Daniel Jr., was born, Elsie knew she had to take care of him even on her husband’s behalf, something that, at the time, wasn’t easy at all for a woman. Then, when Daniel was a teenager, Elsie got pregnant a second time, and when her second son Ben was born, she realized she wouldn’t have been able to provide food on the table for everyone, despite the help she got from Sophie and the rest of the Grimms… but help came from an unexpected (and unwanted) source.

Seeing himself as “the man of the house”, since Daniel Sr. was an alcoholic unable to take care of his family and Ben was still a child, Daniel Jr. took upon himself the task of providing to his mother and little brother, and Elsie found herself unable to stop him from entering the local Yancy Street Gang, a group of juvenile delinquents Danny gathered and led. Thanks to his “business” with the Gang, Daniel was able to bring home some money, and Elsie couldn’t do anything but to accept it, knowing it was the best income she could count upon. Money still was scarce, but Elsie did her best with what she had, making “cabbage & beans” her specialty of the house; with everything else, the woman took the same care, and she managed to make Ben live happily despite poverty. Knowing far too well what kind of risks Daniel Jr. faced, Elsie did everything she could to keep Ben away from the world of street gangs, but he idolized his brother, and despite her best efforts she just couldn’t prevent him from following Danny in his “adventures” with the Yancy Street Gang. Trying to save Ben from anything bad elsiegrimmcomics2happening around him, however, was futile, as Elsie soon understood: Sophie, who had always helped Elsie in raising her children, was Ben’s favorite aunt, and when he was still a child she got cancer, and she died soon after, a loss for Elsie who was now missing a true sister, and for Ben as well. Things got even worse when Danny, during a brawl with a rival gang, got fatally stabbed, thus fulfilling Elsie’s worst fears: at the police station, where the woman reached Ben (who had witnessed to his brother’s death), an officer asked her of her husband, and she gloomily had to admit that she didn’t know where he was, since he was out drinking as always. Without a family backing her up anymore, and without her older son who had taken care of them for so long, Elsie was now alone in raising Ben, not an easy task in a neighborhood such as hers, with a husband such as hers…

Elsie Grimm is a good-hearted woman who had a lot of bad luck in her life. She deeply loves her children, and she’d like to be able to take care of them properly, but between a drunken husband and a dangerous neighborhood it’s simply impossible for her alone to protect them. Despite so much pain in her life, so much loss and loneliness, Elsie keeps trying, an every-day heroine who doesn’t surrender to a world she wants to save her children from.

Daniel Grimm Jr.

Jimmy GrimmTime for the last two characters still missing from this year’s Fantastic Four (it took a while to find the pics…). Let’s start with Jimmy Grimm, the abusive older brother of Ben Grimm portrayed by Chet Hanks. In the movie, we briefly see him as he bullies his younger brother, “punishing” him for preferring doing his homework rather than finishing a job that most probably was Jimmy’s one. Well, in the comics Ben’s brother is an entirely different character, and not only in the name: Daniel Jr. is the perfect older brother, a warm and paternal figure for Ben who acted as an inspiration for him. Let’s see together.

Daniel was born in New York City, the son of Daniel Grimm Sr. and his wife Elsie. Father Grimm was an alcoholic, and when Elsie gave birth to a second son, Benjamin, Danny realized that his father wasn’t conscientious enough to take care of his family. Feeling responsible for his mother and little brother, Danny took upon himself  the task of providing for them, and he joined the local Yancy Street Gang, a juvenile criminal gang that he tried to reform from the inside. Danny soon became the leader of the Gang, as well as Ben’s idol and role model: he often intervened to take his little brother out of trouble, and used the Gang’s activities to bring back some money that he regularly gave to his mother. Daniel Jr. started clashing more and more with Daniel Sr.: the older man, in fact, was worried for the money’s origin, fearing that somebody might have come to their house to take them back, while danielgrimmcomics1Danny despised him even more, and rubbed in his face that at least he was making some money for the family. His father’s concerns about the money, however, were shared by somebody else as well: one day, Ben broke the windows of a pawn shop for fun, and the owner, Sheckerberg, threatened to call for his parents. Danny intervened, and offered Sheckerberg some money for repaying the window, but the shop owner scornfully refused his “hoodlum money”, thus angering Daniel (he didn’t hit the old man just because Ben offered to work for him during weekends as long as he had repaid the window). Despite the many difficulties, the bond between the Brothers Grimm (as they called themselves) became stronger and stronger with the years, and Ben wanted to become just like Danny.

During a fight with a rival gang, Danny got injured, and limped back home, only to be found by Ben halfway. As Ben helped his older brother walking, Daniel told him that it was important for them to fight for what they had and they wanted to protect, as anybody in the world wanted to take it from them. Following the same spirit, Danny introduced Ben into the Yancy Street Gang, and brought him in a fight against a rival gang: Ben made his brother proud, and Danny announced to the others that nobody would have been able to stand in front of the Brothers Grimm… thus making Ben even happier. There were many gangs challenging Yancy Street’s control over the neighborhood, however, and one of them, the Thompson Avenue Gang, directly challenged them for the control of the area. After yet another fight with his father, Daniel pretended to go to bed, then snuck from his bedroom to gather the Yancy Street Gang and accept the challenge: the “rumble” was set for midnight, and Daniel would have been punctual for it… but he didn’t know that danielgrimmcomics2Ben was following him. When the brawl began, Daniel was momentarily caught off-guard by a member of the rival gang, and when his adversary pulled out a knife, Danny didn’t see it coming, and got stabbed in the chest. Ben, who was already on the scene, saw everything, and ran to his brother, holding him until he died in his arms. Daniel’s life and death deeply influenced Ben, and made him the man (and the hero) he would have become once adult; in the meanwhile, Daniel kept watching over his little brother from Heaven, where he met once again Ben, now The Thing, during one of his (momentary) deaths, finally having the occasion to hug him and say goodbye to him. Until the time would have come, Daniel would have always watched over Ben, as he had always done when he was alive.

Daniel Grimm Jr. is a tough and independent young man, a street-smart boy who knows how to earn the respect and the admiration of people. Caring and dependable, Danny feels responsible for his family, and compensates the lack of attention coming from his alcoholic father by providing the necessary for his mother’s and little brother’s support. Despite being quite disillusioned towards the world and its harsh rules of “eat or be eaten”, Danny taught his brother also a strict code of honor and an unbreakable morality, demonstrating with his life that a man can be tough and good-hearted at the same time, without contradiction.

Dwight Frye (Bazooka)

Even this week’s episode of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. introduced a character from the comics, and it’s been quite a surprise. In Devils You Know, the hunt for the Inhumans (and for Lash in particular) leads both S.H.I.E.L.D. and ATCU to Dwight Frye, portrayed by Chad Lindberg, an Inhuman with the ability to detect others like him, and an accomplish of Lash himself. In the comics, Frye belongs to another reality than the main one (not Earth-616, but Earth-148611, a world called New Universe in which history was the same as ours, until the White Event that gave superpowers to some people); he’s a superhuman, but with a different set of abilities, and he’s not Caucasian but African-American. Let’s see together.

Dwight Frye was born in Pittsburgh, and joined the US Army as a young man. As a soldier, he led a perfectly normal life until July 22, 1986, when a mysterious flash of light (the White Event) engulfed Earth, giving superhuman powers to a limited number of people. Frye realized he was among the ones who were now called the paranormals, with the ability to project concussive blasts of energy from his hands. As most of the paranormals, even Frye was collected by Professor Voigt and brought to the Clinic for Paranormal Research, a facility in Wisconsin in which scientists allegedly tried to help paranormals cope with their new abilities. Inside the clinic, however, Frye clashed with many other inmates, mostly for racial issues. What he was living with the racist inmates was exactly the same other African-American patients were living, and Frye didn’t have the slightest doubt when another paranormal, Dionne McQuaid, asked him to join her new group, the Black bazookacomics1Powers, composed solely of African-American patients. Following the spirit of the Black Powers, Frye renamed himself Bazooka, while Dionne became Indigo; along with them, four other patients joined the group: Lionel “Blindside” Berry, Jerome “Squirm” Walkins, Charlotte “Friction” Beck and Ross “Chill” Wexler. Together, they looked over each other’s shoulder, and formed a force to be reckoned with, a group that could earn, if not the respect, the fear of the other patients. Each member of the Black Powers, Bazooka included, left the respective therapy groups to join the new one, creating quite a disorder… especially because the Black Powers now aimed to expose and punish the racists from the other groups, often arriving to use violence and to force the guards to intervene. Bazooka, in particular, was among the most violent ones, often trying to put up a fight with whoever he felt offended by, clashing most of the times with a rival group, the DDTeens.

Things got serious the moment Chill and Blindside got killed, and Squirm nearly followed them in a series of racist attacks. Both Indigo and Bazooka knew pretty well who was behind the murders: Arthur “Freefall” Benway and Rodney “Tangler” Weigand, two white supremacists who had been targeting the Black Powers for a while. Indigo and Bazooka decided they would have sought justice their own way, and they incited a riot between patients, taking advantage of the following turmoil to target Freefall and Tangler. Bazooka faced Tangler, and managed to blast a hole through him, killing him. The riot was quelled by Leonore “Twilight” Fenzl, who used her powers to sedate all the contenders, but the Black Powers had nevertheless sent a message… even if it wasn’t the one they bazookacomics2expected. Witnessing so much violence and hatred, Friction decided to leave the Black Powers and to come back to her old therapy group, and Squirm soon followed, joining the DDTeens: now, only Indigo and Bazooka remained. The two started feeling a strong attraction one to the other, and they eventually became a couple, the only two remaining Black Powers who formed an even stronger bond than before. The romance ended when the police raided the Clinic in response of claims of unreported deaths and paranormal activities: as always, Bazooka and Indigo answered with violence to the presence of the intruders, and they started a massive battle between the patients and the policemen… a battle during which Indigo was killed. Following the raid, the government shut down the Clinic, and most male patients were sent to the Army to be part of a paranormal strike force. Bazooka was back in the uniform, ready to undergo another training to become more disciplined and ready to take orders… quite a hard task for any instructor.

Dwight Frye is an impulsive and violent man, used to be treated with contempt and brutality and more than ready to answer just the same way. As Bazooka, he has the power to shoot explosive blasts from his hands, sometimes powerful enough to harm his own body as well; he’s also a trained soldier and an extremely strong man. A warrior born who never walks away from a fight, Bazooka is a troublemaker with quite a taste for violence, able to transform even right causes in bloody crusades.

Jeremy Tell (Double Down)

New episode of Arrow, new villain of the week to meet together. In Restoration, the villainous H.I.V.E. hires an assassin to solve the “vigilante situation” in Star City, an assassin who was getting tattoos in Central City when the particle acceleration exploded, and who got powers as a result. Yup, the second metahuman coming to Star City is Jeremy Tell, portrayed by JR Bourne, a professional killer with a card deck tattooed all over his body, that he can turn into razor-edged weapons. In the comics his powers (and attitude) are pretty much the same, but he is not a metahuman, having more of a mystical origin. Let’s see together.

Jeremy Tell’s early life is mostly unknown: he constantly moved between Central City and Keystone City, trying to make a living as a con man, but eventually losing anything he ever earned since he was a compulsive gambler. One night, he participated to a poker match, and he enjoyed a particularly lucky night… until he decided to go all in with a hand he was sure nobody could have beaten. Obviously, his certainty proved to be misplaced, and Tell ended up losing everything to another player, who walked away from the table with a fortune in his pocket. Furious, certain he had been fooled by a cheater, Tell followed the winner with the intention of robbing him, but he ended up killing him in an alley. While he was collecting the money from the body, some playing cards started flying towards him, coming from the corpse’s pocket: it was a cursed deck, a mystical artifact that removed most of Jeremy’s skin, and attached directly to his body as a substitute. Tell realized he had total control over the cards, and that he could move them with his mind alone, detaching them from his own doubledowncomics1flesh. Such a power in the hands of a man like Tell meant only one thing, and Jeremy immediately began using his newfound abilities for his own profit, creating the criminal identity of Double Down and starting with robberies in Keystone City. Keystone, however, was the hometown of the third Flash, and even before starting a criminal career worthy of the name, Double Down was arrested and put into Iron Heights with the other metahuman criminals. In prison, Tell spent most of his time in isolation, playing solitaire with his magic cards, and trying to avoid the unwanted attention of Warden Wolfe… until the day of a massive breakout that, for a gambler like him, was just the right occasion to be exploited.

A psychotic criminal, Murmur, organised a riot in Iron Heights, releasing the Frenzy Virus to incapacitate the guards. Double Down tried to escape as well, but he was confronted by a reformed Pied Piper: at first, Tell incapacitated his enemy by sealing his mouth with one of his cards, but then the Piper forced his pipe into the criminal’s mouth, punching him in the stomach afterwards. The resulting shock wave knocked out Double Down, who was brought back to his cell… but he eventually managed to escape Iron Heights nevertheless. Trying to exploit his potential, Tell reinvented himself as an assassin for hire, and was soon after hired by the crime boss Penguin to create a new criminal ring for his organization in Keystone. Double Down was partnered with Girder, but despite their combined strength they got defeated by Flash and Nightwing, thus ruining Penguin’s expansion plans. Still trying to make a name for himself, Double Down joined The Top and his doubledowncomics2New Rogues in the war against Captain Cold and his original team, but he once again got defeated. When he was still thinking about his future, many supervillains started disappearing (they had been kidnapped and exiled on planet Salvation, the last resource to manage the metahuman threat); trying to avoid the same fate of his “colleagues”, Double Down hid in the backseat of a car driven by Pied Piper and Trickster, and he threatened them with a knife to bring him to safety along with them. During the trio’s run from the law, at a diner, they got tracked down and ambushed by the Suicide Squad, and while Trickster and Piper managed to escape, Double Down got captured. Sent to Salvation, now Tell had the chance to prove his true worth… the only thing he had to do was surviving.

Jeremy Tell is a man who never did anything good with his life: a criminal born and raised, he is simply unable to think to make out a living without harming or tricking others. As Double Down, the mystical card deck attached to his body responds to his force of will, and he’s able to direct the razor-sharp cards at incredible speeds against his targets (being the cards of magic origin, they’re able to cut even through Superman‘s skin). A bad guy with an awful sense of humor, Double Down is a loser in whatever he does, but that doesn’t make a man without a moral or remorse like him any less dangerous.


HollyOk, I’m quite struggling to keep the pace of all the comicbook-based series in these days, so forgive me if I’m always late with the updates. Last episode of The Walking Dead introduced yet another character, albeit very briefly (she dies immediately…): Holly, the wounded woman portrayed by Laura Beamer. We see her only when she’s unconscious, stabbed by a member of The Wolves and brought to Denise Cloyd‘s hospital, only to die for internal bleeding moments after. While in the series she’s a shooting star, more mentioned than seen, in the comics she has a bigger role, and she accompanies the survivors for a longer time. Let’s see together.

As many of the other survivors, who Holly was before the Outbreak began is left mostly to guesswork. She most likely lived in or near Alexandria, and she possibly worked as an architect or an engineer (or even a surveyor or something like it). Being it in a way or the other, when the zombies started hunting for the living, she managed to join a group and to survive the first waves of the dead’s attacks. After some time, she ended up in the Alexandria Safe-Zone, a residential area that had been transformed into a shelter for survivors by Douglas Monroe, a former politician. Holly was welcomed between the Alexandrians and, as everybody else, she was assigned a specific task to help the community grow and survive. She joined the construction crew along with Bruce, working under Tobin‘s orders and supervision. Apart from building new houses and taking care of the old ones, the construction crew soon received the task of expanding the Safe-Zone’s walls, so that it would have been possible for Douglas to welcome even hollycomics1more survivors in the community. Tobin was a good supervisor, and the works went smoothly for most of the time, until the accident that killed Barnes and Richards, two members of the crew who got killed by walkers because of Tobin’s cowardice (he essentially let them die, following the protocol to the letter and refusing to put at risk his own life or others’ one to save them). Barnes’ and Richards’ death obviously shocked Holly and the others, and it also put at risk the crew’s entire work, since they were now too few to continue their job. Luckily enough, the recruiter Aaron came back with another group of survivors, one big enough that Douglas assigned a member from it nearly to any work group in the Safe-Zone. The construction crew gained a new, strong and capable member, Abraham Ford, a former soldier who would have proved to be a pivotal part of Holly’s life.

During the first day the construction crew came back to work, an unusual amount of walkers forced them to retreat… unfortunately, Holly stayed behind, and she found herself completely surrounded by zombies. Tobin, again, used the protocol as an excuse for his cowardice, and forbid anybody to try and save the woman, leaving her to her destiny… luckily enough, Abraham had other ideas, and after pushing Tobin away, he single-handedly saved Holly and brought her to safety. Holly, angered at Tobin, kicked him in the groin when he tried to explain her his actions, and she angrily walked away from the construction site. Holly even wanted to leave the group, but as soon as she knew that Tobin had left the leadership to Abraham, she agreed to stay. Being saved by a knight in shining armor was quite a defining moment for Holly, and she grew closer to Abraham in the following days… until they started an affair, obviously without Rosita Espinosa (Abraham’s girlfriend) or anybody else knowing it. Holly kept working in the construction crew, happy to see that even Tobin had hollycomics2changed attitude: now that Abraham was in charge, he even helped killing the zombies that from time to time entered the site. Then, a humongous herd approached the Safe-Zone, and put the walls so much to a test that they crumbled down: Holly and the others ran back to Alexandria to warn the others, with only Tobin staying behind to buy some time (and to redeem himself for his previous acts of cowardice): when she came back with Abraham and the new Alexandrian leader Rick Grimes, Tobin had been killed already, and the herd was marching to the Safe-Zone. As most of the Alexandrians, Holly climbed a roof and watched in horror as the zombies destroyed the community… but seeing Rick and Michonne fighting with all their strength to keep the herd away from the hospital inspired her, and she eventually joined Abraham, Nicholas, Aaron, Rosita and the others to repel the invasion. Although exhausted, Holly managed to survive the battle: now, with the other living members of the Safe-Zone, she could rebuild the place she had learnt to call home.

Holly is a proud and smart woman, who gained strength by learning how to survive in a world inhabited by zombies… and by men. Impulsive and passionate, Holly is often overwhelmed by anger, a trait that distinguishes her among many of the Alexandrians (and that gave her quite a fame). Strong and independent, she easily gains the esteem and the admiration of men (and the envy and the hostility of women…), as well as imposing herself as one of the most reliable members of the Alexandria Safe-Zone.