Werner von Strucker

Werner von StruckerNew episode of Agents of S.H.I.EL.D., new character introduced, and quite a surprise this time. Grant Ward is trying to rebuild HYDRA from ashes, and he approaches the son of late Wolfgang von Strucker, the last head that was cut: Werner, portrayed by Spencer Treat Clark. At first, it seems Ward only wants his bank account codes, but later it’s revealed he’s aiming to something else… This is not Werner von Strucker’s first appearance: he was a secondary villain in tv movie Nick Fury: Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D., where he was one of the two heads of HYDRA along with his sister Andrea; he was completely dominated by Andrea’s will, and he acted as a pawn in her plan to resurrect her father Wolfgang…and to conquer the world, obviously. Anyway, this new Werner seems to be more of a strong character, and he’ll certainly have quite a role in the future of the new HYDRA…in the meanwhile, let’s see who the original one is.

Werner was the oldest son of Wolfgang von Strucker, the World War II criminal better known for founding and leading the terrorist organization HYDRA for decades. Werner was born from Wolfgang’s first marriage, and he was raised in Germany, where his tutors granted him the best education money could buy (and, considering his father’s world-wide criminal empire, money wasn’t surely a problem). Thanks to the Baron’s fortune, Werner could afford for himself a life of luxury and privileges, but Wolfgang never quite trusted him, and the boy was painfully aware, since he was a teenager, that he would have never met his father’s favor, especially after his second wife, Elisbeth, gave him other two heirs, the twins Andrea and Andreas, who were also powerful mutants. When Wolfgang apparently met his end at the hands of S.H.I.E.L.D. (he actually survived thanks to the Death Spore Virus), Werner believed his occasion had finally come, and he took control of HYDRA as the rightful heir of the Baron. In order to live up to his father’s legacy, Werner formed a New HYDRA, and resumed the Baron’s wernervonstruckercomics1plan to use the Gnobians, a peaceful alien race crash-landed on Earth during World War II, to destroy S.H.I.E.L.D. and conquer the world. Using the Gnobians, Werner created a new, unstoppable and hive-minded Death’s Head Squadron, and unleashed it on N.A.T.O., starting a carnage. The demonstrative attack had its effect, and soon S.H.I.E.L.D. was on von Strucker’s trails. Werner, however, managed to capture some key agents: Al MacKenzie, Alexander Pierce and Network Nina. He brainwashed Pierce and used him against Nick Fury, while he used Kree technology for a final assault on N.A.T.O….unfortunately, Network Nina had managed to connect with the Gnobian Mother (some sort of hive queen), and she controlled through her all the Gnobians, who regained their free will, destroyed the Death’s Head Squadron and ruined Werner’s plan. With the Gnobians against him, Werner retreated, and his New HYDRA met its first failure.

After failing in taking out his father’s nemesis, Werner decided to aim a little lower, and used his influence to participate to a massive criminal meeting held in Las Vegas, attended by The MaggiaThe Hand, the Secret Empire and many other organizations, who discussed about how to divide among them the territory of the fallen Kingpin. The meeting was obviously a hard one, as every participant wanted the biggest slice of cake, and things got even worse the moment Werner found two spies in his New HYDRA, men who claimed to be the Secret Empire’s Four and Eight (actually, they were Microchip and Mickey Fondozzi, two allies of The Punisher). Werner didn’t want to be involved into an open war with the Secret Empire, so he decided not to kill the two men. However, the real Four and Eight were in fact missing, thanks to the Punisher, so the Secret Empire leaders believed they were in Werner von Strucker’s hands…and they didn’t trust them enough to think they would have not revealed important secrets to the enemy. In order to avoid vital informations to be wernervonstruckercomics2revealed, the Secret Empire sent one of their best superhuman assassins, Chainsaw, along with his Praetorians, to kill every single attendant of von Strucker’s meeting. It obviously resulted in a massacre, an all-out war in which all the criminals involved deployed their best hitmen to subdue the enemy…or just to make it out alive. Werner managed to survive the assault, alone with Snakeskin, the man who had been his counselor and assistant since the birth of New HYDRA. Defeated again and alone, with his entire army wiped out by Chainsaw, Werner fell on his knees in an alley…and only in that moment Snakeskin revealed his true identity: he was Wolfgang von Strucker, his not-so-dead father, who was extremely disappointed with his son, and claimed back his role as the one and only leader of HYDRA. Without pity, without the slightest parental affection, Wolfgang used his Death Spores on Werner, killing him in a gruesome way, and taking back his organization. Just a few moments later, one of Werner’s eyes was collected by the crazy vigilante Terror Inc., who absorbed it to gain information on HYDRA and on the Vegas meeting. Nothing else remained of Werner von Strucker.

Werner von Strucker is a man doomed to live under his father’s shadow, a heir who struggles to prove himself worthy of the apreciation of a parent who always despised him. A cunning tactician, a capable leader and a proficient hand-to-hand combatant and swordsman, Werner studied all his life to take up the mantle of Baron Wolfgang von Strucker, but deep inside he knows he’ll never reach his model, and will always fail to please his father, either during the latter’s life or after.


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