Hunter Zolomon (Zoom)

ZoomIn the new trailer for The Flash‘s next episode, Flash of Two Worlds, we finally get a look at this season’s big baddie, Zoom, who’ll be voiced by Tony Todd (no official casting for his portrayal yet). In the show, Zoom comes from Earth-2, where according to Jay Garrick‘s words he’s killed quite a number of people…and is now determined to kill The Flash from Earth-1 for unknown reasons, blackmailing heroes and villains from his dimension to do his bidding. In the comics, Zoom is actually a Reverse-Flash, but not Barry Allen‘s one, since he targets one of his most popular successors…with quite an odd reason, that puts him on a completely different level from any other Flash villain, and gives him quite an ambiguous nature. Let’s see together.

Hunter Zolomon suffered from quite a traumatic childhood, since he (unknowingly) was the son of a brutal serial killer. Hunter only knew that his parents didn’t get along well, and that they barely spoke to each other…or even to him. One day, coming back from school, Hunter found his house surrounded by police: his mother had found out that her husband was the killer of the six missing young girls the news spoke about, and told the police about it; as a result, Hunter’s father killed her, and then assaulted the policemen, who killed him in turn. Now orphan, Hunter left for college, continuing to live alone as he had always done…but he was now obsessed with understanding the criminal mind, unable to explain to himself why he hadn’t realised who his own father was. Hunter studied psychology and criminology, and he became a criminal profiler, the same work his girlfriend Ashley (who later became his wife) zoomcomics1chose. Together, Hunter and Ashley joined FBI, where Zolomon proved more than once his worth. While following a case, however, Hunter made a mistake in his profile, believing that the man the FBI was pursuing was unable to “face his adulthood”, and thus incapable of using an “adult weapon” such as a gun; the killer, on the opposite, was more than able and willing to shoot, and as a result Ashley’s father got killed. The tragedy obviously put to the test the marriage of Hunter and Ashley…a test they did not pass together. Ashley left Hunter, and he fell into a deep depression. As a result, Hunter lost also his job in the FBI, and in the last case he followed he was injured to a knee, a wound that forced him to walk with a cane from there on. Broken and alone, Hunter decided to start a brand new life, and resumed his studies, specialising in the profiling of metahumans. With his new references, he got a new job in Keystone City, where he was hired as a profiler by the local police and assigned to the Department of Metahuman Hostilities.

Zolomon became a formidable force for good, helping the police to solve a number of crimes, and he even befriended the new Flash, Wally West. His only regret came from the fact that, due to his injured knee, he was forced to work from behind a desk, instead of participating to the action as he wanted. When Gorilla Grodd organised a massive breakout from Iron Heights, however, Zolomon decided to join the police forces on the field despite his leg…and, as a result, he was injured once again, and this time the consequences put him on a wheelchair. Having as a friend a time-traveling superhero can be an advantage…but not this time: Hunter asked Wally to use the Cosmic Treadmill to go back in time and prevent Grodd from maiming him, but the hero refused, telling him that manipulating the timeline was far too risky. Disappointed in his friend, Zolomon decided to do it by himself: he broke in the Flash Museum and tried to use the Cosmic Treadmill…but obviously it didn’t work, and it resulted in an explosion that zoomcomics2destroyed the museum. The treadmill’s radiations modified Zolomon’s organism in an unexpected way, and he didn’t only regain the use of his legs, but he was also detached from the regular timeline, continuously shifting through time (as a practical result, he could manipulate his speed in a certain instant, thus giving the effect of super speed). Now a metahuman himself, Hunter meditated on his friend’s refusal to help him, and he came to the conclusion that Wally West wasn’t a true hero yet: unlike his predecessor Barry Allen, in fact, West never faced a personal tragedy in his life, thus he didn’t grow up to his full potential. Hunter Zolomon, on the opposite, had suffered many tragedies, and each one of them had made him stronger and more determined. In order to help his friend, Hunter decided to don the mantle of Wally West’s Reverse-Flash: taking inspiration from Allen’s nemesis, Eobard “Professor Zoom” Thawne, he became Zoom, and started targeting the new Flash trying to bring tragedy in his life, so that he could grow up as a man and as a hero. During his first attack, Zoom nearly killed Wally’s wife, Linda Park, but only caused a miscarriage that killed Wally’s unborn twins. This was just the beginning of Wally West’s worst nightmare…

Hunter Zolomon is a deeply disturbed man, a brilliant profiler with a cracked mind who gained an indomitable will from the tragedies he had to suffer, but also a questionable morality and an ambiguous sense of justice. As Zoom, he is able to slow down his personal time, thus giving the illusion of super speed (actually, he is not going faster, it’s just the world around him going slower); affecting time, he’s also able to create powerful shockwaves moving the air around him at abnormal speeds, even just by snapping his fingers. Hunter believes that only through tragedy a man can fulfill his full potential, thus, as Zoom, he makes the life of Wally West a living hell in the effort of making him a better Flash: as the hero will learn, a deranged man driven by good intentions can be far more dangerous than any evil maniac…



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