Silver St. Cloud

Silver St. CloudIn the new sneak peak for tonight episode of GothamStrike Force, we see that young Bruce Wayne is trying to express his gratitude to the new “hero” in town, this season’s big baddie Theo Galavan…but he ends up meeting the man’s niece, Silver St. Cloud, portrayed by Natalie Alyn Lind. The name is certainly not a new one to the comics’ readers (quite the opposite), but her role in the show is certainly a surprise…especially considering it seems dear Galavan is using his fascinating pre-teen niece to manipulate the naive and credulous Bruce. We still don’t know much of Silver’s role on the small screen, but it’s quite plain that she’ll have a big part in her uncle’s plan to take over the city…in the meanwhile, let’s see who she is in the comics.

Silver St. Cloud was part of the privileged Gotham City: born from a wealthy and well-heeled family, she didn’t have to worry about anything in her life, and she reached adulthood spending most of her time between studies and parties. Gifted with a natural good heart, however, Silver didn’t grow up as spoiled and snob as most of her friends, and despite being known mainly for being one of Gotham’s most popular socialites, she also spent time and resources in charity, and she even found a job as an event planner to live of her work instead of her family’s wealth. During a party (ruined by the unfortunate villain Dr. Phosphorus), she met billionaire playboy Bruce Wayne, and the two started flirting. What was born as something anything but serious grew to become something more, as they discovered they actually liked each other. Silver and Bruce began dating, but the girl soon realised her new boyfriend was constantly hiding something from her, and something important. His continuous and sudden disappearances put her patience to the test, but Silver knew they were part of Bruce’s big secret, and she just wanted to understand what it was. When silverstcloudcomics1Bruce Wayne was replaced by the deranged psychiatrist Hugo Strange, who used prosthetics to look exactly like him, Silver was the only one to understand something was wrong (even Bruce’s butler and tutor, Alfred, had been fooled), and she warned her boyfriend’s protege, Dick Grayson, that something was wrong with Wayne. The moment Grayson realised Silver was right, he donned his Robin costume and defeated Strange, freeing the real Bruce who was at the time captive of the psychiatrist. Silver’s relationship with Bruce, in the meanwhile, had wearied because of the man’s many mysteries and secrets, until the girl started collecting all the pieces of evidence she had, and guessed her boyfriend was the masked hero Batman. She even called out Bruce’s name during a battle between Batman and Deadshot, and the vigilante briefly turned around…thus giving Silver the final proof she needed. She was the first woman to ever deduce Batman’s secret identity…she just had to decide if she loved the Dark Knight as she loved Bruce Wayne.

After a bloody battle between Batman and The Joker, Silver just realised she didn’t want to spend her life worrying about her man’s life every single night, fearing for him anytime a deranged psycho threatened Gotham (and that happened quite often…). She confronted Batman, and she told him that she knew her secret…then she left him, asking him not to look for her ever again. Silver started traveling the country, using her job as an event planner to constantly move. She briefly came back to Gotham to organize a convention, but the moment she realised the people attending to the convention wanted to conquer the city, she tried to stop them…only to be severely injured in the process. She left Gotham with the intention of never coming back, and she moved to Washington D.C., where she met Senator Evan Gregory, a good and honest man she fell in love with. She became Gregory’s fiancée, and when silverstcloudcomics2he decided to run for Governor, she accompanied him in his campaign…only to end up in Gotham City again. In her hometown, Silver found out Gregory’s opponent in the campaign was none other than The Joker. Plus, she had the chance to meet again Bruce Wayne, and the two rekindled their relationship, to the point that Bruce was ready to renounce to his life as Batman, and Silver to break up with Evan to be with him. The Joker however intervened, kidnapping Silver in order to force Gregory to abandon the campaign. The heroic senator tried to free his beloved on his own, but he lost his right arm and leg in the maniac’s traps. Batman saved Silver, but he asked her to stay with Gregory until the end of the campaign, since the senator needed her more than ever, while the two of them would have had time after his recovery and election. Furious for being “loaned” to another man, Silver stayed at Gregory’s side in the following days, until the senator died for his wounds, and then left Gotham City and Bruce Wayne for good. At least, this was what she thought…

Silver St. Cloud is a good woman, a privileged child of Gotham who tried to do something of her life without laying down on her wealth. Cunning and intuitive, she’s a good enough detective to deduce that Bruce Wayne and Batman are the same person (something very few people managed to do), a knowledge that left her with a neverending doubt on whether she wants to spend her life with the man she loves or not.


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