Jeryn Hogarth

The pilot of Jessica Jones has been previewed during the NYCC, and Carrie-Anne Moss‘ mystery role has been revealed…no wonder nobody recognised her, since in the comics her character is a male. The Matrix star in fact will be Jeri Hogarth, the tv show version of Jeryn Hogarth. Just as in the comics, this Hogarth will be a lawyer, and she’ll hire private detective Jessica Jones for help in solving certain cases. Jeri is described as a “no-nonsense” lawyer, a serious and professional career woman who also appears to be a lesbian in the show. Now, waiting to see if she’ll have an important role or not in the upcoming series, let’s see together who her male counterpart is in the comics.

Jeryn Hogarth was a smart and cunning attorney, a brilliant lawyer who managed to make quite a name for himself even in an environment such as New York City (where certainly there’s no shortage of lawyers). He was hired by powerful businessman Wendell Rand as the company lawyer of his firm, Rand-Meachum Inc., and from that day Hogarth became extremely loyal to both his mentor and employer, Rand, and to the company’s co-founder, Harold Meachum (although he had quite a dislike for the latter). When both Wendell Rand and his wife Heather died during an expedition (actually, it was Meachum who killed them), and their son Daniel went missing, Meachum became the only CEO of the company, and Hogarth found himself working for him. Suspecting that something was wrong with the Rands’ disappearance, Hogarth made some investigations on his own, and found out that the boy was alive, albeit kept in the secret city of K’un-Lun, in Tibet. Hoping to see Wendell’s heir inherit the company, Hogarth did his best to mantain Rand-Meachum Inc. in the borders of legality despite the new CEO’s policy, and also kept Danny under surveilance, waiting for the moment he would have wanted to come back home in jerynhogarthcomics1New York. This happened only years later, when the boy had become a man, and had decided to use the intensive mystical training received in K’un-Lun to fight evil as the immortal weapon Iron Fist. Upon knowing of Danny Rand’s return, Hogarth hired the mercenaries Colleen Wing and Misty Knight to confirm the man’s identity; with young Rand’s identity verified, Hogarth directly contacted him, and told him he would have done whatever in his power to assure Danny his rightful inheritance. In that days, Harold Meachum was killed by the mysterious Ninja, so his daughter Joy became the new CEO of Rand-Meachum: it was with her that Jeryn Hogarth organised a meeting, with the intention of granting to Danny Rand his father’s half of the company. Unfortunately, the meeting was abruptly interrupted by the masked assassin Chaka Khan (soon defeated by Iron Fist), but Hogarth kept working for Rand’s rights.

Finally, Jeryn Hogarth managed to find an agreement using Wendell’s will, and Danny Rand was officially recognised as CEO of his father’s company. Danny now trusted Hogarth, and since he needed time to spend as Iron Fist (a secret a few knew about), he appointed Hogarth with the title of financial advisor, plus the usual company attorney role, thus increasing the lawyer’s authority in Rand-Meachum and allowing him to take decisions also on his behalf. From the very first days of administration, it became plain to Rand and Hogarth that somebody had been ripping off Rand-Meachum: the lawyer followed the trails of the various bank operations, and they all pointed to Canada. Hogarth decided to go to Canada in person, and he hired Colleen Wing as a bodyguard…but also the mysterious culprit had hired a powered mercenary, the feral mutant Sabretooth. Hogarth was captured, but Wing managed to warn Rand: Iron Fist arrived in Canada, and while he defeated Sabretooth, Colleen saved Hogarth. Back to the United States, Jeryn Hogarth learned that his friend Luke Cage had been finally cleared of all his charges, and he organised a party to celebrate him. The party, jerynhogarthcomics2however, was violently interrupted by vigilantes Stiletto and Discus, who didn’t believe in Cage’s innocence and wanted to bring him back to Seagate Prison. Danny Rand changed into Iron Fist, while Luke Cage donned his Power Man suit: together, they soundly defeated Stiletto and Discus, teaming up for the first time…and giving Hogarth an idea. Seeing how well the two heroes fought together, Hogarth suggested to them to form a regular team, letting Iron Fist into the Heroes for Hire. Moreover, Jeryn Hogarth introduced himself as the legal representative, and the de facto boss, of the team. Hogarth’s administration of the Heroes for Hire not always met the taste of Iron Fist and Power Man (he even accepted event-promoting contracts, much to the duo’s dislike), but both of them could be sure that the lawyer would have done anything to protect them from the few threats they weren’t able to handle…mainly of legal nature.

Jeryn Hogarth is a smart and cunning lawyer and businessman, oddly honest for the environment he works in. Fiercely loyal to Wendell Rand and his family, he’s become Danny Rand’s friend, advisor, employee and even boss, always protecting him in both his personas of CEO of Rand-Meachum and of superhero Iron Fist (even managing to stop Iron ManS.H.I.E.L.D. and the Mighty Avengers from arresting Rand during the Civil War). A ladies’ man and an amateur journalist, Hogarth is a man full of resources, a precious friend for the Heroes for Hire, bent on saving them from all those situations fists can’t solve.



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